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Bronwen Heathfield, Director, Participation Branch
8 July 2013
Subject: New 2013 – ACFE e-Mentor Project: Invitation to participate
I am pleased to advise that the ACFE e-Mentoring initiative will continue until December 2013. This
initiative has been offered to the Learn Local sector over the past five years and has enabled
participating organisations to introduce or further the use of e-learning in their training delivery and
E-learning and information communication technologies (ICT) have become important components
of learning programs and tools across the education sector in Australia. The ACFE Board is
committed to supporting Learn Local organisations to develop the knowledge and skills necessary
to benefit learners and providers. As per previous years, CAE has been engaged to lead this
Opportunities for Learn Local Providers in 2013
Expressions of interest for this project are now being sought from Learn Local providers. This
initiative offers an opportunity for organisations who wish to introduce e-learning to their
organisations for the first time or for those who would like to further the use of e-learning in their
programs. No prior e-learning ability or experience is required.
What does the project involve?
Participating organisations will be supported by and work with a regional e-mentor and e-champion
for a period of approximately 3-4 months to develop a work based project focusing on e-learning
and learner engagement.
Each participating provider will, with the help of their e-mentor, develop a business / project plan to
clearly articulate the benefits of e-learning to their organisation. The plan will result in trialling an elearning tool with a group of learners.
Participants will:
 learn many new IT skills and be exposed to a range of e-tools and resources
 become part of a wider Learn Local e-learning network
 in consultation with their e-mentor, develop a firm rationale for e-learning and articulate the
benefits for the organisation, teachers and learners
 participate in a series of online and face to face PD sessions
 trial an e-learning tool / approach with a group of learners – focusing on learner collaboration
and participation.
This project will require a contribution from each organisation in the form of participants’ time.
Participating organisations will have the opportunity to negotiate their project and customise its
complexity according to the capacity and availability of its staff. As a guide, projects require a
commitment of at least 2-3 hours per week.
Each participant will be linked to an e-mentor and supported by an e-champion. The e-mentors
and e-champions will be available to:
support participating organisations in the development of e-learning project plan and the design
and development of an e-learning trial as part of this program
provide face-to-face training and mentoring to Learn Local personnel (managers, coordinators,
tutors and information technology staff) in the development of the skills and knowledge needed
to integrate e-learning options into their training delivery
organise regional PD sessions - online and face-to-face, including regional meetings
liaise with regional office staff as required.
How can you apply?
The project is currently taking applications online at:
The closing date for applications is 5.00pm Thursday 1st August 2013. Successful applicants will be
notified in the week commencing 5th August.
If you would like to discuss your application or for any other queries in relation to the 2013 ACFE EMentoring Project please contact Josie Rose, Project Leader on 9652 0710 or email
[email protected]
Director, Participation Branch