A guide to booking the right business speaker.

Speaking internationally on marketing, management and business innovation
A client’s guide to...
Donald Cooper, MBA
1) What you should be looking for in a great business speaker:
Selecting the right Keynote speaker, Workshop presenter or Boot Camp leader for your next
business conference or event is critical to delivering real, bottom-line outcomes. Please take a
few minutes to read the following information about how Donald Cooper can help you create an
outstanding event and real, lasting value.
You should be looking for four things in a presenter. You need all four…and you should not
Requirement #1: Bottom-line business content that will…
- create a significant competitive advantage,
- improve management effectiveness…and,
- increase profitability, now and in the future.
Whatever the theme of your Conference, this is what business people really want to hear.
Requirement #2: The effective delivery of that material with a style that is clear, compelling,
energizing, entertaining and uplifting.
Requirement #3: Real take-away value including…
- realistic, effective and do-able ideas,
- handouts that capture the main points, facilitate learning and assist with implementation,
- ongoing value in the form of a free, monthly Management Newsletter that reminds, encourages
and facilitates effective, ongoing action....not a so-called Newsletter that constantly flogs the
speaker’s “stuff”.
Requirement #4: Finally, Conference Planners need Speakers who are easy and professional
to work with, from start to finish.
2) How Donald can help:
Simply put, Donald transforms businesses! He’s a bottom-line business speaker, respected in
over 40 industries throughout the world as both a thought leader and passionate visionary. He’s
an excellent fit for any company, association or community group that wants the “straight goods”
on how to solve every businesses three biggest challenges…
1. How to create, deliver & communicate compelling customer-owning value that will ‘grab’ their
target customers, clearly differentiate them from their competitors and grow their bottom line.
2. How to create an internal business environment that…
- attracts, challenges and keeps the best people at every level of the organization,
- generates clarity of purpose, creativity, commitment and accountability.
3. How to Visualize and create a sustainable and more profitable future by developing a clear
and measurable Business Plan that will inform, focus, challenge and inspire everyone on their
team as to where the business is going.
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3) There are lots of business speakers...why Donald?
Donald’s unique value is in the credibility of his experience, his compelling content and his riveting
and engaging presentation style.
Donald’s unique experience: Today’s business owners and managers want to hear from speakers
who have actually done it…and done it well. Donald has done it! Winner of 7 Awards of Excellence
for marketing, service and business innovation, he has been both a leading manufacturer and
He started his business career at the age of 6, sweeping the floor in the family business for 5 cents a
day. Long days and low pay…excellent early training for an entrepreneur!
Donald earned an MBA from the prestigious Ivey Business School at the University of Western
Ontario, followed by 18 years at Cooper Canada, the family business. From humble beginnings,
Cooper Canada became a world leading maker of sports equipment and a Canadian Brand icon.
In 1981, he reinvented himself, becoming a retailer of ladies fashions and gifts. He fundamentally
redefined the retail experience for which he was named Canada’s Outstanding Innovative Retailer.
Since 1991 Donald has been helping business leaders in over 40 industries throughout the world to
create compelling customer value, clarity of purpose and long-term profitability. Whether he’s
talking about product and service innovation, creating a clear vision for the future of the business or
finding and keeping great staff, his real-life experience and “lessons from the trenches” create
credibility and an immediate bond with CEO’s, managers and front-line staff alike.
Donald’s exclusive and compelling bottom-line content: Based on his extensive experience and
ongoing study, Donald has developed exclusive and compelling content that litterly transforms
businesses! His clear, no-nonsense insights reveal what’s really wrong with business today and what
needs fixing. Then, he delivers real take-away value in the form of clear, do-able and effective
solutions that work.
Donald’s unique presentation style: Today’s demanding audiences want to hear from speakers with
superb communication skills. Speakers who can inform, entertain, challenge and uplift! Blending
wisdom, reality, edgy humour and humanity, Donald tells profound truths and brilliant stories in way
that truly “grabs” people’s minds, and hearts. There are no buzzwords, convoluted concepts or
For his transformational content and outstanding delivery, Donald has been awarded the prestigious
Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest earned designation in the competitive
world of professional speaking. He has also been inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall Of Fame.
Here’s what some recent clients have said about Donald’s presentations…
- "Brilliant, thought-provoking and to the point."
- "You have made it clear and simple as to how to reinvent my business."
- "This was the most challenging presentation I've attended in 40 years. Thank you!"
- “Donald’s management ‘Boot Camp’ has delivered the best take-away value of any program that
we’ve attended. He delivers effective tools that will have a profound impact on any business.”
- “I've heard at least 50 presentations over the years and you are the best speaker I've ever heard!"
- And, finally, to quote the Editor of Profit Magazine…
“A compelling bottom-line business message…brilliantly delivered!”
Our commitment to ongoing value:
Not even a great speaker can change the world in just a few hours, so everyone who attends Donald’s
presentations has the opportunity to sign up for his highly acclaimed, idea-generating FREE monthly
Management E-Newsletter.
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