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Scholarly | Academic | Refereed | Peer Reviewed |
Usually a journalist, may or may not be an expert
Author is usually a scholar in the field; usually indicates affiliation
Mostly “popular” topics but may include academic
topics written for the layman.
Mostly “academic” topics, but may include popular topics, written for
the academic or professional.
Topic: Nonverbal communication
Topic: Nonverbal communication
How body language can win business. By: Hanson, Sarah. Director,
May2005, Vol. 58 Issue 10, p32-32.
Transparency, communication and mindfulness. By: Ucok, Ozum. Journal of
Management Development, 2006, Vol. 25 Issue 10, p1024-1028.
Abstract: Features Mary-Louise Angoujard, founder and CEO of
Rapporta, and the importance of communications to the success
of a business. Importance of body language during business
meetings; Ability of pay attention to what other people are
experiencing; Ability to recognize and respect other people's
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to introduce the idea of transparency of
understanding from a communications perspective, and mindful listening as a mode
of communication to achieve it. Design/methodology/approach – Provides a
discussion and Analysis. Findings – Practical methods to achieve mindful listening are
described. Transparency of understanding is publicly and interactively achieved
through carefully orchestrated visible and audible behaviors. Drawing on spiritual
traditions and language and social interaction research, the author suggests that our
active and verbal input, our receptivity and embodied presence, including body
orientation, facial expression, and eye behavior are significant factors in creating and
displaying transparency of understanding. Originality/value – The author suggests
that if we could actually be present to listen to each other in the workplace with close
attention we might minimize much misunderstanding and confusion, and maybe
reduce the amount of time and energy we spend in repairing what we might have
missed or misunderstood because we were not really paying attention?
Usually no references
General public
Many ads, often in color
Edited by one or more employees of the publication
Usually includes references and notes
Scholars, academics, professionals
Few ads, or only those for books or academic items
Outside scholars often review articles (peer reviewed.)
Often the word “journal” is in the title, but not always!
Often at newsstand
General interest; news; articles often brief
Usually available by subscription
Usually topics are specialized; based on research; articles often long
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