19th International SPELTA Conference

19th International SPELTA Conference
The Open World of English
November 15 – 16, 2003
The Conference is supported by
the British Council, St. Petersburg,
English Language Office, American Embassy, Moscow
Venue: SPb State University, Faculty of Philology
11 Universitetskaya nab.
Preliminary Programme
Saturday, November 15
11.00 – 12.00
Registration Book exhibitions, Networking
12.00 – 12.50
Conference Opening, Kinozal
 Vitali Ashkinazi, SPELTA President
 On behalf of The British Council
 Terrence Graham, Director of Saint Petersburg office of American Councils
 Margarita Mudrak, English-Speaking Union
 Irina Larionova, Unversity of Pedagogical Mastery (to be confirmed)
 Jan Stanbury, Russian Resettlement Program
 Lydia Tsyganova, Teachers' Book Club
 Pavel Brook Union of Translators of Russia
13.00 – 13.30
Tamara Kazakova (St. Petersburg State University) Russian Folklore in Translation
13.30 – 14.00
Natalia Vassilkova (Longman) Dictionary of Contemporary English - The First Living
14. 00 - 14.40 Break
14.40 – 15.40
Parallel Sessions (60 min.)
(1) Books, Skills and Strategies in your Classroom
Evgenia Vlasova (St. Petersburg, Russian Academy of Sciences)
Teaching Russian Culture course at a High School, Mass., USA
Natalia Votte (St. Petersburg, school # 264)
Teaching language skills through Home and Extra Reading
Tatiana Zhury (St. Petersburg State University)
Teaching Pronunciation in a General English Course
(2) Cultural Identity and Cognition, Chair – Tatiana Ivanova
Elena Mendzeritskaya (Moscow State Lomonosov University)
Cognitive Strategies for Journalistic Discourse Teaching
Inga Slessarenko (Tomsk, State Technical University)
The cognitive context of speaking in debate.
Tatiana Ivanova (St. Petersburg State University) (topic to be confirmed)
(3) Skills and Strategies in your Classroom, Chair – Tatiana Sallier
Olga Tuzova (school # 550) Global Virtual Classroom Project
Vitali Ashkinazi (IFL) Distant Learning – Internet in the Classroom
Irina Nuzha (St.Petersburg State University) Teaching ESP writing through Internet (project)
15.50 – 17.50
Parallel Workshops (90 min.)
Jan Stanbury Controversial issues – do they have a place in the EFL Classroom
Gabriel Skop (English Language Fellow, Saratov)
Re-Viewing Sinatra /Ol’ Blue Eyes as Culture Emissary and Lexical Theme Builder
Feedback from sessions and workshops
Sunday, November 16
10.00 – 10.30
Registration Book exhibitions, Networking
10.30 – 11.00
Plenary, Kinozal
Galina N. Chirsheva (Cherepovets State University) English in Young Russian Children
11.00 – 11.20
11.20 – 12.50
SPELTA Household matters
Parallel Workshops (90 min.)
Maggie Berg (English Language Fellow, St. Petersburg)
Questioning the Stereotypes of "Multiculturalism"
(2) Adair Mathers (English Language Fellow, Moscow)
Quizzes, Tests, and Exams Workshop Proposal
(3) Ben Gray (British Council) (to be confirmed)
12.50 – 13. 30 Break
13.30 – 14.30
Parallel Sessions
(1) ESP, Chair – Ludmila Kuznetsova
Tatiana Sallier (St. Petersburg State University)
Translation from Russian in the framework of ESP: techniques and materials.
Oksana Ksendzenko (Moscow State Lomonosov University)
Why and How to Teach Advertising English: Objectives, Strategies, and Methods
Olga Artemieva (Tambov State University) The Use of Projects in Teaching ESP
(2) Cultural Identity and Culture Dialogue, Chair – Elena Petrova
Natalia Bespalova (SPb University of Telecommunications)
Culture Shock: Disease or Recovery?
Galina Startseva (St. Petersburg State University) “Telling” Proper Names – the translator's
Yulia Sergayeva (Leningrad region State University) Collective Nouns: What do they Say about
14.40 – 15.20
Parallel Workshops
(1) Svetlana Serova (school #83) Motivation and Interactive Method in ELT
(Workshop 45 min.)
(2) Elena Shamina (St. Petersburg State University) Teaching Phonetics (45 min)
(3) Elena Malysheva ((Pushkin, Leningrad Region State University) Ways of Presenting a
Literature Text to English Majors(Anthony Burgess. Clockwork orange
15.20 – 15.50
15.50 – 16.50
Parallel workshops (60 min)
(1) Katerina Severtseva (St. Petersburg State University)
Using Video in Teaching Language through Classical Literature
(2) Ludmila Kuznetsova (St. Petersburg State University)
On EFL/ESP teacher self-development.
Closing-up. Feedback from sessions. Raffle.
Registration - free for SPELTA members, 120 rbls for non-members. You can join SPELTA at the
conference, and SPELTA members are welcome to pay membership dues