Dear Students and Parents, Welcome to the Noblesville High School

Dear Students and Parents,
Welcome to the Noblesville High School Vocal Music Department. This handbook
will serve as a guide for you while you are a member of the NHS Vocal Music
Department. We expect that both the parents and the students will take time to
read this handbook as it outlines the policies in our department as well as those of
Noblesville Schools. If you have a question, refer to this handbook first.
We’re excited about what this year holds. We have great things planned and
are glad that you are a part of it! You are an important part of the puzzle that makes
up the NHS Vocal Music Department. The successes we’ve experienced in the past
are attributed to the hard work and dedication of the performers and parents.
If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us. To contact Ms.
Resler’s email is [email protected] Mr. Michael Douce is
[email protected] Our phone number for the Main Campus is 317-7734680 X 12244 and the Freshman Building phone number is 317-776-5913 X14241.
Please understand that with traveling to different campuses, an immediate response
is difficult. Email is the easiest way for us to respond. Once again, we’re excited
about this year and our possibilities. Welcome to NHS Vocal Music!
Ms. Angie Resler & Mr. Michael Douce
Noblesville High School Choral Directors
The foremost goal of the Noblesville High School Vocal Music Department is to
provide each student with the finest musical experience possible. We believe that in
each student there lies unlimited potential to achieve both individual and group
goals. It is the realization of these goals through positive motivation that will ensure
the success of vocal music at Noblesville High School.
The coming year will prove to be an exciting one as the music program takes on new
challenges. We strongly encourage all parents to become involved as we are
creating an exciting, new parent committee group. Your active participation
indicates to the students that you are supporting their efforts to achieve their goals.
The success of the vocal music program at Noblesville High School is due in no small
part to the participation of parents. Behind every successful student organization
stands a parent support group willing to serve the students and the director/s of
that organization.
We will need chairpersons for committees and parent representatives from each
choir. Expertise is needed in every possible area from making phone calls, sewing,
building back-drops, gluing rhinestones, nurses/medical staff (prefer to have one at
every event, including show choir clinic), costumes, and even social coordinators!
We also need parents during the concerts to be able to be security/chaperones
The goals of this organization are as follows:
 To promote parental understanding of student activities and
opportunities as well as the purpose and objectives of the choral
 To provide greater communication between parents, students, and
the choral director/s
 To promote music in our community through attendance of concert
performances and public support of choral activities.
 To assist in raising funds necessary for realizing the objectives of the
Noblesville High School Vocal Department.
Ms. Angie Resler – Vocal Music Director
Mr. Michael Douce – Assistant Vocal Music Director
Mrs. Pat Rozeboom – Instructional Assistant and Accompanist
Choir Concert and Contest Etiquette
As a choral director, it is wonderful to look at the audience during a
performance and see smiling faces of those who have come to enjoy the fruits of our
labor! The students and I appreciate the support you’ve shown with your presence.
We want to encourage you to continue to be involved in the life of your child by
attending their choir concerts. Family members make the best audiences!
Our concerts are the culmination of hours of rehearsal. Our students strive
to perform to the best of their ability while on stage. In order to make the moment
as special as possible for everyone, we would like to suggest the following audience
etiquette guidelines:
 Be on time. Avoid distractions by arriving a few minutes early.
 Applause is the ONLY formal way of showing support to the performers. Be
enthusiastic, but do not detract from the most important part of the concert,
the students on stage.
 Remain seated during the concert. If you must leave, enter and exit only
between songs or choirs.
 Formal choir concerts are not always suitable for small children. If you must
bring a small child, we request that you sit near an exit door so that you can
leave quickly and quietly if the need arises. It’s sometimes difficult to hear
the choir when there is an upset child.
 Remain quiet while a choir is performing; even whispers can be heard by the
people around you during soft passages in the music.
 If your pager, cell phone, or watch has an audible alarm, please make sure it
is turned off or to vibrate. Also, please don’t text. The light of the phone can
disturb your neighbors.
Attendance - Performances and Rehearsals
Every NHS Vocal Music Dept. member is expected to be at every rehearsal and/or
performance that involves ones own group. The reason is simple! We are a group
and your group members depend on you!!! If you miss, you can miss vital
information, choreography changes, changes with vocal score, etc. Excused
absences – those that are excused in the handbook for a school day, an NHS
sponsored sport (not club sport), academic or performing arts
practice/competition, or other director-approved activity. Your
coach/sponsor/director can work together if we know in advance that there is a
*** Make sure that respect is given to ALL performers on stage during a rehearsal or
concert. Speaking badly about people only reflects on those being cruel. We are
together to support each other, not insult or hurt someone.
Please have a parent written note/email to the director/s at least 1 week prior
to the absence.
 Work is NOT AN EXCUSE for missing a performance or rehearsal
 Babysitting is NOT AN EXCUSE for missing a performance or rehearsal
 Lack of transportation is NOT AN EXCUSE for missing a performance or
 If you are NOT at school because of being sick, you are excused from
rehearsal. If you get sick and will miss a rehearsal or performance on very
short notice, your parents MUST call the director/s and leave a voice mail OR
email the director/s ON THE DAY OF THE ABSENCE. Any absence not
reported will be counted as unexcused.
If a student is absent the practice before a competition or performance, the
director/s reserve the right to have the student sit out that performance.
A student may be excused for other reasons but prior approval must be
granted by director/s
For each outside performance or schedule rehearsal missed, the student will
not earn the points provided. If the student had an excused absence, they
will be able to earn the points by an activity determined by the director.
Three or more unexcused absences will initiate a conference with student,
parents, and director/s to determine the direction of the student.
Remember –just because a note, email, or phone call was made to the
director/s, it does not ensure an excused absence.
Also remember, even though an absence is excused, students still need to
earn the points they missed.
Make Up Assessments
Missing a Concert or Contest is much more than missing a test. A test can be made
up in the same form as it is given. We cannot recreate the experience of performing
for a concert or contest. If the absence is excused, they may make up the points by
attending band, orchestra concerts or serving time after school working with the
director in filing, straightening, etc. No papers, written assignments, etc. will be
Cell Phones
Cell phones are to be turned off or on vibrate. You are NOT permitted to be on the
phone or texting during class or rehearsal. You are NOT to have your phone on
stage for ANY reason. Texting on stage has been a BIG problem. NO cell phones are
to be on stage. This is Vocal Music Department policy. Parents will be notified and a
referral will be written.
Choir Property
Please make sure that everything in the choir room or belongs to the Music
Department or NHS is treated with respect. Folders, music, costumes, props, room
equipment (stereo, chairs, tables, etc) and instruments are expensive. If you are
misusing any department equipment or cause damage to our equipment, the
replacement or repair of the items will be at the expense of the student/parents.
It is easiest and most time effective for the director/s to utilize technology. If you
have questions about dates, times, etc., please look at the new website for the music
department: There is also an official Noblesville Choral
Department Facebook page maintained by Ms. Resler. It is there for informational
purposes and will provide calendar updates, rehearsal information, and anything
pertinent to the success of our department. It is not a gripe outlet. If you have a
concern, those need to go to your students’ director. All complaints and
inappropriate comments will be removed.
Not all choirs will have the same costume expenses. Below is a general breakdown
of what the choirs will be required to have. The care of costumes is extremely
important because we use these from year to year. Any costume not returned,
damaged, or stained will be the responsibility of the costume wearer to either fix or
replace the costume. The director/s will determine the appropriate action. Each
performer will need to have in his/her garment bag; spare socks (guys), deodorant,
hair product.
Flesh colored hose
Black Socks
Bra with clear straps/convertible (non Show Choirs)
Black shoes
Bustier for show choir girls
Tan Character Shoes (2” for those that don’t currently have shoes)
Earrings and Barrettes- included in the Choir Fee and purchased through
Briefs – included in the Choir Fee and purchased through department
Hair Piece (Singers only – not in Choir Fee)
Care of Costumes
check in and check out costumes prior to every performance. NO costume
will leave the building at any time unless by specific special permission. Even
show choirs, before and after a competition, will have to check in and check
out their costumes. This way we can better maintain our expensive costumes
and ensure they are ready for the next performance.
Food, gum, trash
NO FOOD OR GUM! Water is allowed and should be a part of rehearsals! If food is
allowed, it will only be in the café or where designated by the school or director/s.
PLEASE clean up after your self. Throw away all trash. If the rooms or rehearsal
spaces we use have trash on the floor, tables, etc., we will start a trash detail and
we’ll ALL stay to clean.
It is very important that every student do his/her part in the fundraising process,
not only for themselves, but for the entire choir program.
As students fundraise, they will earn portions of that fundraiser to put into a student
account to use for various things: dues, contest fees, trip fees, etc. The idea of these
accounts is to help parents offset the cost of dues by student fundraising efforts.
 For Brochure Sales- after the student sells 10 items, on item 11 $1.50
of each item will be taken off of their fees. On item 21 -$2.00 begins to
go into the account. This not only helps the department but students’
family by offsetting fees.
For Patrons- the students will receive 50% of the patron donation
they recruited off of their student fees, unless their fees are fully paid,
and then 100% of the funds will be to the Dept!
For Sponsorships over $100, the student will receive 25% of the
sponsorship off of their fees, unless their fees are fully paid, and then
100% of the funds will be to the Dept.
Other fundraisers will also have potential of lowering fees. They will
be communicated as they are determined.
If you are having trouble with payments, PLEASE contact the director/s for
additional support or extensions for payments.
Since uniformity and appearance is important during performances and public
appearances, we must make sure we look our best.
Girls – Hair pulled back in a barrette. We love the individuality of the colored hair,
however, please make sure that if you have various colors, they are muted for the
concert/contest. Show choir students must be at a single, natural looking color
(except highlights) by competition season. Short hair must be kept out of the eyes
and bangs should be brushed to the side.
Guys - must have neat, clean-cut hair above the ears and out of the eyes. Extra long
sideburns (past earlobe) and facial hair is NOT permitted. Guys may have either of
the previous during off weeks but must be clean-shaven for performances.
All girls will be required to wear make-up on stage and at all performances. Makeup will be determined for the choir by the director/s. This will be determined by the
color costume they have for that year. Show choirs will use fake eyelashes. After the
make-up has been selected, a list of required make-up will be given by the
director/s. Generally, most choirs’ make-up will consist of eye shadow, eyeliner,
blush, and lipstick. Make-up lessons will be given by the director or by a
professional stage make-up artist.
Rehearsal etiquette
Talking in rehearsal, either in class or in an after school rehearsal, directly affects
the process. If you are distracting class/ rehearsal, you will be assigned a class
detention, parent phone call, and then a referral if the actions continue. Consistent
disruptions may cause a suspension from performance privileges! You signed up for
choir- please get to work and sing! If you have an issue and need to speak to your
director/s, please wait until after class/rehearsal to address the issue. If you see an
adult/student leader trying to speak, please quickly get your seats and close your
mouths. This is a sign to get focused. You should only speak by raising your hand.
Do not interrupt anyone who is speaking. Listening is important, too. Pay attention
and follow directions, even when you may disagree with what is asked of you.
Rehearsal Attire for all choir students
Normal school dress code is required for rehearsals. While it may be easier to dance
in dance shorts, for some they are inappropriate. Shorts and tank-tops are allowed,
but the tops must cover everything adequately and the shorts must be long enough
that if there is dancing, the shorts do not rise up. Tennis shoes or dance shoes are
required for dancing rehearsals, even in class. NO BARE FEET OR FLIP
FLOPS/SANDALS!!!! Show choirs are required to have their dance shoes at
every rehearsal.
Required Travel Attire for Show Choirs
Each show choir student will be required to purchase a group specific polo shirt.
They must also purchase khaki pants (please no cargo pants). Make sure they are
more of the tan color than the greenish color. Spirit wear may be worn in rehearsals,
but during competitions, travel attire is required for all day.
Restroom Breaks
Every practice, there will be RR breaks. For class, there will be 3 passes available
per Semester. We have 7 minute passing periods for restroom breaks. After school,
it’s on a needed basis.
School Cancellations
If school is canceled due to weather, all performances and rehearsals will be
canceled for that day unless we are given special permission to come in. If school is
released early because of weather, all performances and rehearsals will be canceled
for that evening.
All girls will be required to have tan 2” character shoes. We purchase ours from Feel free to purchase them on your own. Also, girls may bring
in money when we do an open order, normally in September and February. Boys
not in show choir can purchase normal black dress shoes from any store, as long as
they do not have any other color. They must be solid black.
Staging and Solos
All staging and solos will be determined by the director and choreographer. Accept
where you are placed. Everyone is important and we are working as a group.
Remember that we try to put people who “fit” that solo. If you’re auditioning, make
sure that you sing the solo as you would perform it. We want the “whole picture”.
There are no Divas or Stars! If you don’t get the solo you want, keep auditioning!!!
Don’t get discouraged or upset. Unfortunately, not everyone can get a solo every
time. While a student may be disappointed, please don’t let your frustration or
disappointment affect your behavior in class.
Also, if you have a problem with someone in the group, please make sure you
speak with your director/s. These problems can be cleared quickly if they are made
known. We have to perform/compete with each other and drama/rumors/conflict
can tear a group apart. We are a team. If you are the cause of such problems, a
conference with the student, parent, and director/s will clear up issues.
Please tear off the bottom of this sheet and sign it in acknowledgement of receiving
and reading the Vocal Music Department Handbook.
Student Printed Name
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Student Signature
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