Manisha Anantharaman - Department of Environmental Science

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Manisha Anantharaman
University of California, Berkeley, College of Natural Resources, USA
Ph.D. Candidate Environmental Science, Policy & Management: August 2009 – Present
[Dissertation Title: When Do Consumers become Citizens? Behavior Change, Collective Actors
and the New Middle Class of India]
University of Oxford, Department of Zoology and Plant Biology, UK
M.Sc. Integrative Biosciences: September 2007, Graduated with Distinction
University of Madras, Stella Maris College, Department of Biology, India
B.Sc. Plant Biology: June 2004, Graduated with Distinction and Honors
Professional and Research Experience
Graduate Researcher, Department of Environmental Science Policy and Management, UC
Berkeley (May 2010-present)
 Conducting dissertation research on sustainable consumption practices in Bangalore
and Hyderabad, India
 Research seeks to understand the individual and institutional factors that enable and
constrain the spread of eco-friendly consumption behaviours in emerging economies,
using theoretical frameworks from social psychology and political science.
Research Assistant, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Energy and Resources Group,
UC Berkeley (July 2009- Present)
 Investigated compositional and functional shifts in soil microbial communities in
response to experimental warming in Niwot Ridge, Colorado.
Program Officer/Research Associate, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the
Environment (ATREE), Bangalore, India (November 2008- July 2009)
 Responsible for publications and outreach of the Centre for Conservation Science
 Coordinated the Workshop on Valuation of Regulating Services, as part of the
SCAPES research consortium, led by the University of Liverpool, UK.
 Worked on a research project quantifying and valuing carbon storage and
hydrological services in the Western Ghats of India
Graduate Researcher, Department of Biochemistry and Plant Sciences, University of Oxford
(January-September 2008)
 Designed and led a project testing dynamic resilience in complex biological
networks. Member of UK Fungal Network and CABDyN interdisciplinary research
 Worked on a project investigating gene expression in bacterial chemotaxis
Team Lead, Water Analysis, Stella Maris College, Chennai, India (August 2006-March 2007)
Conducted physical, chemical and bacteriological analysis to determine potability
standards for water. Established water contamination in reverse osmosis plant due to
presence of E. coli, an indicator organism for groundwater contamination
[email protected]
Scholarships and Awards
Institute of International Studies Dissertation Fieldwork Grant
University of California, Berkeley, USA (July 2011-June 2012), 10,000 dollars
Global Developmental Challenges Fellowship on Emerging Normative Regimes
Bergen Summer Research School, Bergen, Norway, June 2011, 2,000 dollars
Chang Lin Tien Graduate Fellowship for Environmental Sciences
University of California, Berkeley, USA (August 2010-June 2012), 32,000 dollars
Graduate Division Pre-Dissertation Summer Fellowship
University of California, Berkeley, USA (May 2010- August 2010), 3,000 dollars
INLAKS foundation scholarship for Graduate Studies
University of Oxford, UK (October 2007- September 2008), 23,000 pounds
J.N. Tata Scholar for Graduate Education
University of Oxford, UK (October 2007- September 2008)
Best Outgoing Student and Silver Medal Holder Class of 2007
Department of Biology, Stella Maris College, University of Madras, India
Community and Outreach
Program Officer, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE),
Bangalore, India (December 2008- March 2009)
Responsible for publications and outreach of the Center for Conservation Science
Elected office bearer, Cultural Secretary, Stella Maris College Students’ Union, 2006-2007
Organised national-level collegiate cultural festivals, intra collegiate competitions and
events. Undertook marketing of college events and obtained sponsorship.
Coordinator, Service-Learning Scheme, Stella Maris College (November 2005- April 2006)
Programme to educate underprivileged women living in urban slums about the efficacy
and affordability of herbal medicine for common ailments.
Student Resource Person, Ford Foundation (August 2006)
Environment awareness outreach programme for university students in Tamil Nadu, India
Treasurer, Environment Club, Stella Maris College, India 2004-2005
Organized water conservation seminars, garbage segregation drives, undertook door-todoor canvassing to educate local community and enlist their support for these initiatives
Paper titled “India’s green consumers: scope for sustainable consumption?” presented at the
2011 China India Consumer Insights Conference organized by the Centre for Consumer Insights,
Yale University at New Delhi, India (July 2011)
Poster titled "Dynamic resilience in microbial networks" presented at Master's Symposium,
Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, UK. Won Best Poster award (September 2008)
Paper titled "Detection of groundwater contamination using microbial cultures" presented at
the National Seminar on Bio-Geo Challenges at University of Madras, Chennai, India (March
2007). Paper published in conference proceedings.
Manuscripts in Preparation
Anantharaman, M. “Bike The Talk: Bicycling Advocacy in Bangalore and San Francisco”
Anantharaman, M. “ ‘Sustainable’ Consumption and the New Middle Classes of India”
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