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Fladbury Parish Council
Construction and change of use of riverbank for boat moorings, slipway
and hard standing.
As Fladbury Parish Council will be lodging a detailed objection to this major
planning application, it requests that the decision be elevated to the Development
Planning Committee and not delegated to officers of WDC.
This application has a major effect on the village of Fladbury, its conservation
area and Millennium Wood, and also could set a dangerous precedence for the
whole of the River Avon. It is also noted that the Environmental Agency have
issued major concerns and potential breaches of planning policies etc which
supports the objection.
A full objection will be filed both by 'Web-form' and by email due to the 'web-form'
not being truly suitable to the volume of text involved. Could you please ensure
that the correctly formatted email attachment version is also made available on
the web site?
Fladbury Parish Council strongly objects to this application for the following
reasons:1. Visual Impact. This stretch of the River Avon and the water meadows on
the eastern bank are unspoilt and together with the two historic and listed
mills adjacent to the lock and weir represent a landscape of particular
aesthetic value and importance. This development would represent a
significant an adverse visual change.
The construction of 12 moorings each up to 20 metres in length, steps,
hard-standing and the associated equipment such as cranes and other
equipment and vehicles will create a huge visual impact on the river bank
and the immediate hinterland. In addition, when any craft are out of the
water, they would represent a considerable visual impact.
The Design and Access Statement points out that ‘there is (sic) no other
moorings available on this pound between Fladbury Lock and Chadbury
Lock.’ The applicant and her agent fail to understand that this is entirely
deliberate and that this is because recommendations were made to
County and District Planning Officers in 1974 as follows:
That there should be no further commercial mooring development
either bank-side or off-bank on the Lower Avon, or sailing /boating
club development.
That three areas of the river(Chadbury – Fladbury; Cropthorne –
Wyre; Tiddesley Wood – Eckington Bridge) should be very carefully
That where existing moorings were near locks, there should be no
increase in numbers of craft.
Source: To Maintain and Improve – The History of the Lower Avon
Navigation Trust (published in 2000).
2. Conservation Area. The site is overlooked by the Fladbury Conservation
Area and the Millennium Wood. The latter was provided to increase public
access to the river and its views, and to provide an area for tranquillity. For
it to overlook these proposed moorings and their associated infrastructure
would be extremely detrimental.
3. Flooding. It is well known that the river floods regularly at this point. What
is perhaps not so well known is that the site of the proposed development
floods from both the river and the ‘issue’ at the eastern boundary of the
field. As a consequence any escape route is likely to be neutralised very
early in any flooding event. The consequent risk to those on the site could
be severe.
It should also be noted that the Environment Agency have objected to this
proposed development on the grounds of flood risk although the
applicant’s agent states that the EA are ‘in favour of this scheme.’
4. Biodiversity. This unspoilt stretch of the river bank would be severely
impacted by the proposed development and the varied species that use
the site compromised. The Planning Application form states that there no
trees on the site; there is, in fact, an elder tree situated exactly where the
concrete slipway is proposed.
5. Footpaths. The Definitive Map indicates that footpath 525 traverses the
site, contrary to the assertions of the Design and Access Statement.
6. Highways. The access to the site via the track, the entrance to which is
just beyond Jubilee Bridge, would present a danger to the highway users
particularly when large vehicles were attempting to enter or exit the site.
The suitability of the track and the crossings it includes must also be
7. Supervision. The Design and Access Statement states that the applicant
will be able to ‘keep a close watch on this area’ and would be able to
‘quickly communicate with occupants of the boats’ in the event of a
flooding event. It should be pointed out that the applicant’s residence does
not actually overlook the site.
8. Access to the Village. The Design and Access Statement suggests that
the boat owners would be able to ‘walk up the street to the butchers and
facilities in the village of Fladbury.’ As the ferry is in private ownership, the
walk via the access track, across Jubilee Bridge and to Fladbury is a
considerable distance and therefore these proposed moorings would
represent little or no benefit to the businesses in Fladbury.
9. Fladbury Canoe Club. Fladbury boasts an important and world famous
canoe and kayak club. This stretch of the river represents a straight 500
metre course for training and competition. Moorings on the east side
would negatively impact on this facility.
Filed for and on behalf of Fladbury Parish Council by the clerk Mr R J Coles.
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