Worksheet and Guidance for CEIS Plan

The Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) Plan is a narrative description of the school division’s plan for
implementing CEIS for students K-12 who are not identified as needing special education or related services, but who
require additional academic or behavioral support to succeed in general education (34 CFR 300.226). The plan should be
developed jointly between the special education director, who is responsible for oversight of IDEA funds, and the
superintendent or designee responsible for implementing general education programs. The plan should include the
attached CEIS budget worksheets and describe activities needed to implement CEIS. The plan narrative should not exceed
five pages and is due September 27, 2013.
School Division
Superintendent or Designee and Contact Information
Special Education Director and Contact Information
Required to set aside 15% for CEIS
Voluntarily Participating
 If voluntarily setting aside Part
2014, provide estimate of
B Funds for CEIS for 2013dollar amount.
The following questions must be answered in the division’s CEIS Plan Narrative
1. What is the grade level(s) that will be the focus of this CEIS plan?
Note: 619 and 611 funds should be used based on the allowable age grades as defined in IDEA regulations.
2. What are the academic and/or behavioral areas that will be the focus of this CEIS plan?
3. What is the projected number of students who will receive academic and/or behavioral services and supports?
Academic and/or Behavioral Services, Supports and Monitoring for students identified through screening (34 CFR
Universal Screening (34 CFR 300.302)
4. How will students be screened to determine if they need services and supports? Note: IDEA CEIS funds may not be
used for universal screening.
Academic and Behavioral Services and Supports
5. What academic and/or behavioral supports and services will be provided directly to students? Describe how the
supports and services are research-based or evidence-based.
Progress Monitoring (For each service and support listed in item 5)
6. What measures will be used to monitor students’ response?
How often will progress monitoring take place?
Last Updated 8/14/2013
8. How will results from progress monitoring be used to make decisions about continued student participation in CEIS?
Academic and Behavioral Services, Supports and Monitoring Staffing
9. What are the responsibilities of those implementing academic and/or behavioral services, supports and progress
monitoring under the CEIS program outlined in the budget worksheet?
If using CEIS funds for professional development, complete item 10
Professional development for teachers and other school staff enable personnel to deliver evidence-based academic and
behavioral interventions, including scientifically based literacy instruction, and/or instruction on the use of adaptive and
instructional software (34 CFR 300.226)(b)(1))
10. What professional development will be provided to facilitate implementation and progress monitoring of academic
and/or behavioral services and supports? Who is the intended audience?
IDEA Funds Used for CEIS (Budget Narrative)
11. Which of the activities and personnel (or portion thereof) identified in the preceding answers will be funded with
IDEA CEIS dollars for 2013-2014? The activities and personnel described here must correspond with line items on your
IDEA CEIS budget. (See attached budget form) Note: IDEA CEIS funds may not be used for universal screening or
special education staff.
Program Evaluation for the determination of effectiveness and impact
12. What measurable outcomes does the division intend to achieve as a result of implementing the CEIS plan? At least
one outcome must be student focused.
13. All personnel providing CEIS to students are appropriately licensed to provide the specified services. Yes
14. Paraprofessionals and tutors supporting the delivery of CEIS services do so under the supervision of an appropriately
licensed general education teacher. Yes
15. The Division Superintendent has signed the CEIS Proposal.Yes
16. CEIS Budget worksheets are attached to narrative and CEIS activities will be identified when submitting
reimbursement requests in OMEGA.Yes
Submit CEIS Narrative Plan, Budget Worksheet(s) and Completed Worksheet
By September 27, 2013 To:
Thomas C. Manthey, Ph.D.
Virginia Department of Education, Office of Student Services
P.O. Box 2120
Richmond, Virginia 23218-2120
Denied on: ____________________
Required Revisions:
Approved on: _____________________
Last Updated 8/14/2013
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