Software Engineer Control Team –EMC (RecoverPoint, Beer

Software Engineer Control Team –EMC (RecoverPoint, Beer-Sheva)
General Summary:
The “control” team is a leading team in the Algorithm group which develops the
heart of RecoverPoint’s product. This team is responsible for the control and data
flows of the system. These algorithms actually perform the replication, in the sense
of managing the data sequences that flow through the system. The work in the
team is very interesting and challenging. It involves architecture of state of the art
algorithms for handling huge data structures and multi-threaded high performance
programming as well as decision making algorithms.
The algorithms are written in C++.
Mandatory Qualifications:
SW Engineer with B.Sc. or higher degree in Computer Science/ SW Eng/
Mathematics with high grades.
1-3 years of software development experience
Experience with high concurrency systems.
Familiarity with multi-threaded and multi-processor design and
Experience in data structures algorithms
Experience in C++ and STL
Graduate from IDF technology units
Quick learner
Takes initiative
:‫קוח בציון שם המשרה בנושא המייל נא להעביר למייל‬
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