Answer Key – Unit 9: Grammar Practice

Answer Key – Unit 9: Grammar Practice
A. Identifying Nouns
Underline each noun in the sentences that follow. There are one or more nouns in each
1. Amanda and her cousin collect stamps.
2. Her cousin has stamps from almost every country in the world.
3. Amanda has an entire book filled with stamps from America.
4. Pen pals send her stamps from their countries.
5. Her favorite stamp is from Zimbabwe.
B. Identifying Common and Proper Nouns
Write whether each of the following words is a common or proper noun. Correct the
capitalization if necessary.
1. zoo - common
2. moscow - proper; Moscow
3. river - common
4. julio - proper; Julio
5. lake michigan - proper; Lake Michigan
6. spaniel - common
A. Forming Plural Nouns
Change each noun in italics to its plural form.
1. I wrapped the glass before I opened the box.
glasses; boxes
2. The elf ran after the wolf.
elves; wolves
3. The chief wanted the knife.
chiefs; knives
4. The army fought over who would get the turkey.
armies; turkeys
5. For some strange reason, he put the tomato next to the vase on top of the radio.
tomatoes; vases; radios
6. I keep the rabbit hutch behind the shed.
hutches; sheds
7. Jerry used his camera to take the photo of the church.
cameras; photos; churches
8. The dancer dropped the mask whenever the band played the waltz.
dancers; masks; waltzes
A. Identifying Possessive Nouns
Underline the possessive noun in each sentence, and write whether it is singular
or plural.
1. I looked in the cupboard for the cat’s food. singular
2. What is your brothers’ favorite movie? plural
3. Did you find the boys’ hiding place?
4. Today is Ms.Mills’s birthday.
5. Are you the group’s new president? singular
B. Using Singular and Plural Possessives
Write the possessive form for each word in italics.
1. I visited my mother workplace.
2. Did you buy the dog food?
3. The team new uniforms were blue.
4. The surfers boards are on the beach. surfers’
5. I combed Bess hair carefully.
6. José new bike is a ten-speed.
7. We watched the soldiers trucks leave. soldiers’
8. Do you still have your cousin phone number?
Have a good day!