NOAACWriteUp - National Breed Clubs

November 28-December 3, 2005
By Mary Karbiner
Following the Amateur Championship, specialty show, activities, meetings and gatherings, Sunday evening
kicked off the Open Championship with dinner, introduction of the judges and the calcutta at the clubhouse.
Each judge brings a wealth of bird dog knowledge to this stake. Tom Honnecker of Ohio, Gary Cowell of
Missouri and Bob Reynolds also of Missouri who replaced the scheduled judge that was hospitalized. Their
credentials speak for themselves. They rode for five and a half days, always alert and observing the action that
the dogs and handlers generated. Connie Cowell and Katherine Reynolds also joined us this week, visiting and
finding quaint places to shop.
From the field of sixty three starters the 2004
National Amateur Champion Just Call Me Roy
emerged the winner. Roy is a six year old well built
male, handled by Ben Lorenson and owned by Tom
Ettinger of Vermont. Roy moved across the ground
like the breeze that graced our faces. He ran in the
second brace on day two, his hour created a buzz
that lasted the rest of the stake. Roy was sired by
Piney run Sam who was the 2000 National Amateur
Champion out of Mark’s Pride of Savannah, she was
sired by 1992 National Open Champion Aux Arc’s
Mark. Second place was awarded to Ajax Diamond
Dyna-Mite, owned by John and Judy Marinelli of
Michigan and handled by Chad Holman. Dyna is a
four year old female and a strong finisher. Dyna was awarded the Christy's Feather Duster trophy for the
highest placing bitch in the Open Championship. Her pedigree is loaded with field champions plus her
grandsire being 1985 National Open Champion Franklin County Bandit. Pushing the winners was 2X National
Open Champion Diamond Hill Dan owned by Paul Pollock, handled by John Kline garnered third. Fourth
place was to CH Jayhawker’s Tequila With A Twist. Taryn also won the Dual Dog Award. She won the
Field Trial Bitch Class at the specialty show the week before, amassing the most points toward this award. She
is owned by Jessica Carlson and Ed Tillson who handled her to the fourth place.
The American Brittany Club is grateful to be one of the original recipients of Purina’s sponsorship to the
sport of birddogs. The world’s largest manufacturer of dry dog food since 1920. Their research is continuing
and extensive to pet owners around the globe. They supplied product for the participants and winners. TriTronics is also a sponsor to the American Brittany Club with equipment to the winners. They introduced their
first remote trainer in 1968. Their innovative approach to training has made strides in many facets of training
not only bird dogs but also search and rescue dogs, guide-dongs, police dogs, hearing-ear dogs, protection dogs
and more. We are proud to welcome a new sponsor this year. Tracker Radio Location Systems. The
popularity of this device has grown by leaps and bounds. Those who want to insure the safety of a temporarily
lost dog are insured of a quality product along with instructional help from the company. The American
Brittany Club is very proud to be associated with leading manufacturers of products relative to the sport of
John Rabidou, newly appointed AKC Director of Performance Events, was in attendance over the weekend
and rode with us the first two days. He is known to many having trained German Shorthaired Pointers and
judging many championships for other breeds. Meals were served by the Bearcat Too. Jake Tabler and his
crew welcomed us with tasty food, good service and smiles. Sunday evening the weather was forecast to be
thunder showers with possible tornado conditions. It rained off and on thru the night. Monday dawned partly
cloudy, very breezy with no precipitation in the air. Tuesday evening the 2004 National Open Champion
Diamond Hill Dan and his owner held a celebration party. Paul Pollock made the phone calls while Lisa
Podraza and Darlene Dow organized the menu, decorations and the music. A birddog man of many talents,
Dale Poole, Who placed third in the Amateur Championship the previous week, was here with his group who
entertained into the wee hours for all to enjoy. During the running, Chairman Ed Tillson, Ron Zook, Tom
Milam, Ed Kerr, Tom White and the “go-fors” did extra duty to insure that everything ran smoothly. We thank
them for their input and many hours in the saddle. Larry McAnally and Red Bailey were on hand to drive the
dog wagon, giving assistance where needed.
The Running:
The weather was to be in the 40’s, sunshine with a show of the fall colors on the mountain sides.
Keystone’s Double Shot (Lorenson) and Shady’s Tia Maria (Berneathy) Both dogs slow to start, Shooter
ranging wider. Shooter was heading to the front along an edge on our right when point was called at 15. He
stood loftily as birds were flushed for him. Tia has settled into a hunting mode working the areas thoroughly.
Point is called at 32 for Shooter. We ride a distance to him as he stands along an old fence line on our right.
Extensive flushing and lengthy relocation could not produce any game. Crossing the field heading toward the
old double gate corner we observe that this area has been cleared nicely, giving a better view thru the brushy
places as to where a dog may have traveled. Tia has been using the terrain in her search for game. At 45 point
is called for her as she stands at the edge of a large briar thicket near the road grader. Relocated, no game could
be produced. Shooter had taken the left side of the cotton fields moving along the river extending his range. He
came toward the handler just before a tree line where he pointed at 52. A single was produced from the thick
grass in front of him as he stood intensely through flush and shot. Continuing on, we made the hairpin turn
back to the left at the bridge with both dogs finishing forward along the river.
Sniksoh Corkey was declared in season and dropped down. Lane’s End We-Be Clean (Holman) ran as a
bye. A nice forward opening cast for Webe. He used the edges in his search for game. We turned into the back
loop on course two. Webe headed for one of the several motts in the bottom. Point was called at 29. Birds
lifted before the handler arrived. Tapped to relocate, birds lifted, whoed, handler fired and the dog was taken
on. Webe continued to hunt the cover. We started into the 540 loop on course two, Webe was working the left
edge. Point was called at 50. Birds lifted as we rode to the dog, handler fired over him and he was sent on.
KT’s Artic Gladiator (Winnen) and Bouncin Betty (Gorrow) Both dogs were wide from the start. Each
needing a bit of scouting. Max had an absence, coming to the front at 12. Betty continued her use of the edges
and not being shy of the ground cover. Another lengthy absence mid way in the hour for Max and the tracking
device was called for. Betty came off gas well hill through the bottom, crossing to the left side. She headed
toward the cut in the tree line that we pass through. She turned back at the dry creek bottom and pointed into a
brushy tangle. She stood rigidly through flush and shot. We headed toward the beaver slough with Betty
making some good moves. Point was called for her at 50. She stood at the edge of a briar tangle with nice
style. A large covey was flushed with all in order. She finished the hour strong, hitting the cover running to the
Terra’s Cabo Wabo (White) and Keystone’s White Label (Lorenson) After lunch the sky had cleared
somewhat, wind about the same as the morning. Hank was coming to the front along a brushy finger. He
pointed into the cover with nice style at 15. Sammy moved in for a well mannered back. A covey was flushed
with all in order. We crossed Lick Creek and watched as Sammy moved along a brushy mott where he pointed.
As the handler approached, birds flushed from the heavy cover. He was fired over and taken on. Again,
moving laterally along an old fence line he had another find at 38. We caught the front where both dogs
continued working to find game. Hank ran to likely places looking for more game. Both dogs made the turn
before the bridge and finished along the river.
Ajax Diamond Dyna-Mite (Holman) and Clyde’s’ Micro Breeze (Kline) This pair started off well. Both
passing through the tree line headed along the edges near Ribblin Knoll. Crossing lower old 109 we head
toward the Parrish Field making the turn, heading for the back loop. Mike was the wider of the pair. Dyna
moved on thru the loop and Mike was out of pocket. We came out of the back loop and looked for Mike,
shortly he was sighted making a wide forward move at the far tree line on our left, and he continued to come to
the front through the Parrish Field. Dyna had taken the outside edge on our right swinging along upper old
109. She had a covey well located at 43 and she stood with great intensity through flush and shot. Both dogs
continued forward Mike on our left and Dyna on the right. As we went into the 540 loop Dyna moved along a
long brushy mott toward the front. She turned and pointed at 49. A large scattered covey was flushed from the
tall grass as she stood loftily. Sent on she continued to make bolder moves. Mike had stayed on the left edge,
coming around to the gallery at the culvert on the back side of the long mott. He stopped in the heavy grass,
pointed, moved to the right, in doing so a single quail flushed from the grass and he wanted a closer look to be
sure. Dyna came out of the woods and moved thru the field on our left, finishing her hour past the bridge
headed into the next bottom.
Red line’s Tequila Smoker (White) and Kid’s Kid Lone River Moose (Burchette) Both of these dogs
started strong and hunted the cover. Smokey was out of pocket at 23’ and not returned to judgment. Moose
continued his snappy way of going. He had an absence as we headed toward the beaver pond where he returned
to the front out of the bottom. He finished the hour with out bird contact.
POSTED DOGS MONDAY: Keystone’s Double Shot, Bouncin Betty, Ajax Diamond Dyna-Mite
Fade To Black (Holman) and Saint Joseph Ori (Trimble) Away under partly cloudy skies, temperatures
in the low 40’s and windy conditions. Both dogs started with some nice casts. Joey was out of pocket just
before the Lick Creek crossing returning shortly. Mac ran to the likely places for birds. About midway into the
hour Joey seemed to become confused, perhaps being handled by someone new. He was leashed at 45. Mac
was not rewarded with game for his efforts.
Shambo’s Dark Shadow (John) and Just Call Me Roy (Lorenson) This pair was off with gusto each using
extended parts of the country on course two. We crossed lower old 109. At 18 Shadow pointed in tall grass
near the edge of the road. He was relocated but nothing could be produced. Roy continues on our left, sailing
far along the edge of old 109, as we come to the Parrish Field he made the swing to the right coming across the
far side of the field toward the back loop. At 27 Shadow had a covey pinned in the shoulder high grass near the
turn into the back loop. Both dogs make sweeping casts around the right side of the back loop. As we near the
turn headed to the pond, Roy had taken the outside through the thick cover showing on the ridge in the woods to
our right. We approached the exit of the back loop when point was called at 39 by the handler for Roy. He
stood high and tight near a mott of shoulder high growth. A nice covey was flushed in front of him. Both dogs
rimmed the Parrish Field crossing old 109. Shadow pointed in the tall blue stem at 49. Extensive flushing and
relocation could not produce game and he was leashed. Roy continued his sweeping casts around the 540 loop
going through the woods and rimming the outside edge of the field nearing the end of the hour. At pick up time
handler rode toward the tree line and through it where he had last seen Roy. Judges moved across the field
where Roy is spotted standing in a ditch line and birds leaving the scene. Point is called by the judge. Returning
on the far side of the tree line the handler rides to Roy and a deer is spooked from the tangled cover. Roy is
fired over maintaining his grand style through all.
Lane’s End Jess in Time (Down) and Birchwood's In The Nick of Time (Burchette) This pair started at
moderate range. Nick could not get lined out and was leashed. Jess made some nice moves searching for game.
We last saw Jess at the turn to gas well hill. She was not returned to judgment.
TJ’s Apache (Tillson) and Gambler’s Wild Card (Holman) After lunch the sky was clear and the wind
still blew. Bandit started with strong moves while Mickey was slow to start. Mickey just couldn’t get lined out
and was leashed at Lick Creek. Bandit moved across the field on our left. He pointed near a mott. Extensive
flushing could not produce any birds. Bandit was in and out of pocket during his time on the ground, being
leashed at 50.
Gunrunner’s Lady’s Man (Berneathy) and Tee-Bone (Johnson) This brace was off to a flying start, with
good moves by the dogs on course two. At 15 Tee pointed along the edge of lower old 109. He was relocated
with nothing produced. He continued along the edge about a 100 yards, pointed, having a small covey flushed
for him. Farther up the same edge on old 109 Lute had a nice find. Birds lifted before the handler arrived with
others flushing later. Lute was fired over and taken on. Heading along the Parrish field Lute is on our left. The
long thicket with a feed strip is where he pointed at 23. A covey was put to flight from the grass at the edge.
He was fired over with all in order. Forward on the same feed strip at 25 Tee pointed with style. Extensive
flushing in the heavy briar tangle cover could not produce any birds. We headed into the back loop. Lute is out
of pocket. Tee pointed into the tall grass on the right just after our exit from the loop. Nothing could be
produced and he was leashed. Lute was still out of pocket as we crossed upper old 109 when the tracking
device was called for.
Bourbon XIII (Gorrow) and TJ’s Thunder (John) Al was slow to start. Thunder started at moderate
range. We saw Al near the tree line that leads us to Mario’s Hill at 16’. Thunder is having a time maintaining
the front. At our turn to gas well hill Al has not returned to judgment. Thunder finished the hour without bird
Harling’s Breton Smith (Holman) and Hi Point I Believe I Can Fly (Downing) Wednesday dawned with
temperatures in the low to mid 20s, heavy frost, no breeze with sunny skies. Bret started slow and Jammer
headed for the woods at our first turn on the course. Bret continued to hunt the area. Jammer was not returned
to judgment. At 25 Bret had an unproductive in the cotton field. He was leashed shortly after.
Brisco Buddy Boy (Trimble) and Make My Day Dude (Tillson) These dogs were off with a flourish, each
starting with strong casts still under frosty conditions. At 12 Brisco went to the right along an old fence line,
turned into and through it, roading in for a closer look causing a large covey to scatter. Dude took the same
fence line but to the left of the path. At 13 point was called by the scout as he stood in tall grass. A covey lifted
from the heavy growth in the old fence line. He was fired over and taken on. At 25 Dude pointed at the edge of
a tree line. Extensive flushing and relocation could not produce any birds. He continued his search using the
edges. We crossed the bridge at 38. Passing the Ribblin Knoll the rear gallery called point at 52. Riding back,
the gallery stated that birds left and with a closer look they saw the dog standing staunchly in the tall, heavy
blue stem and that more birds lifted before the judges arrived. Dude was fired over and taken on finishing his
hour across lower old 109.
Ajax or Better (Holman) and Sadie Fair Lady (Johnson) After a short break we headed through the
Parrish Field under sunny skies with a light breeze. Jax was making some wide swings, moving thru the back
loop where he was out of pocket. Sadie came through the back loop heading toward upper old 109. She headed
toward the corner and was sighted crossing the next road to the front. Jax had not returned to judgment as we
crossed old 109. Sadie took the outside edge coming out of the 540 loop, crossing the brushy ditch and gravel
path where point was called at 39. She stood with excellent manners as a nice covey was flushed from the tree
line. We crossed the bridge to the usual course three. Sadie continued at moderate range to finish the hour.
Chancey Jack Pot Lotto (Tracy) and Mo Dan’s “Believer” (Cross) After lunch, under sunny skies,
pleasant temperatures and a light breeze. Chancey started strong, making wide casts. Buddy moved out to the
likely places for birds. We crossed Lick Creek and just ahead Buddy pointed at the edge of a long thicket with
Chancey moving in and backing on his own at 19. Extensive flushing could not produce birds, handler thought
perhaps an armadillo? Both dogs were sent on. Chancey continued to range wider. At 47 Buddy pointed in the
thick grass just past the road grader. Nothing could be produced and he was leashed. Chancey was not returned
to judgment.
Wichita (Wild) and Rebel Jack’s Hammering Dandy (Holman) We put down at the Ryan field, parallel
to the river, well before the bridge. This pair started strong. Jack was out of pocket as we crossed the bridge.
Jake made the crossing nicely. Going forward Jake took to the left side of the course before the dam crossing.
Jack caught the front where he pointed at 25 with nice style at the edge of an old fence line just off Ribblin
Knoll. Birds were in the area this morning. An extensive flushing and lengthy relocation could not produce any
game. We continued across lower old 109 and Jake was still out of pocket and the tracking device was called
for. Just up the course, Jack pointed in the heavy grass. A lengthy relocation could not produce game and he
was leashed.
Royal Reverend (Lorenson) and Havapal’s Renegade Billy Boy (Burchette) After a short break we
headed toward the Parrish Field. Both dogs made the turn into the back loop. Luke ran the outside edge of the
loop on our right. Billy was out of pocket when we came out of the back loop. Luke pointed with intensity at
the edge of a sumac thicket on our left in the Parrish field at 20. Nothing could be produced. Billy was brought
out of the loop across the Parrish Field. Luke was out of pocket before the bridge with another absence causing
a separation of judge and gallery. Billy made the bridge crossing into the next field where he was last seen. His
handler continuing forward. The hour ended with Billy returning to the bridge area with the rear judge, where
both dogs were picked up at time.
Tequila Jack II (Tillson) and Dogwood’s Gem Nicole (Johnson) Ground conditions were a bit better this
morning. It was about 34 degrees with a breeze. There was some precipitation during the night, drying by
daylight. This pair started strong making moves to the right places. At 24 Nicky had a find in the tree line
before the cotton field. She stood nicely through the flush of a reluctant covey. Jack continued to make some
nice casts, being out of pocket from time to time. Nicky continued hunting for game. At 53 she was credited
with a stop to flush at a cut in the fence line that we pass through. Jack was out of pocket at time and Nicky
was sighted on our right in the field just before the bridge to end the hour.
Go Man (Katzel) and Early Times (Tracy) This pair was far flung from the very start. Earl showed first
and continued to move across the course. We crossed lower old 109 headed to the Parrish Field with out any
sign of Zak when the tracking device was called for. It probably was not even warm in the handlers hand when
he showed from the front at the right hand turn. Earl took the left side along the thicket. We’ve had deer chases
but this was a little different. Three horses came out of the back loop exit toward us at full gallop. Earl spotted
them and went to heeling them, circling through the Parrish Field. The horses went toward upper old 109 and
we continued into the back loop. Earl entered the loop but was out of pocket on our exit and continuation
around the Parrish field where the tracker was called for at 40. (At lunch it was speculated that the horses were
Larry’s remuda)
Billy’s Random Task (Holman) and Le Grand Tank Du Fayette (Gorrow) Both dogs worked at
moderate range hitting some likely places for birds. At 53 Tank pointed in a feed plot. Billy coming along the
edge turned and backed him. Tank was relocated and Billy taken on. Relocated again nothing could be
produced for Tank and he was leashed. Nearing time, Billy pointed in an old fence line. A lengthy relocation
could not produce any game into the grace period.
Majestic’s Sassy Lady (Johnson) and Bluewater Guns A Blazen (Down) We were away after lunch under
sunny skies with a light breeze. Sassy has a fast and snappy way of going. Gunner started his hour with some
good casts. At 20 Sassy went around the long thicket on our left just after the Lick Creek crossing. She was
pointed with nice style. A small covey flushed in front of her and she took a hop to see them better. Gunner
has slowed his application and was leashed at 40.
Make It A Bud Light (Tate) and Lane’s End Bowtie Annie (Holman) We put down at the Ryan Field
where both of these dogs started with smart moves searching the terrain, Buddy being the wider of the pair. We
crossed the bridge at 12 heading along Ribblin Knoll toward lower old 109, across, toward the Parrish Field.
We sight the horses standing at the back loop exit. They do not approach but turn and head back in to the loop.
We were puzzled as to where they disappeared to because not a sign was found. Annie worked the hour
looking in all the likely places. Neither dog was rewarded for their efforts.
Ramblin Man (Gorrow) and Dakota Alley Cat (Tracy) Randy had a hard time getting untracked and was
leashed at 20. Tiger had several lengthy absences and the tracking device was called for at 45.
TJ’s Single Shot of Scipio (White) and Smokey’s Magic (Holman) Sunny skies, light frost and a moderate
wind. The temperature was 25 degrees at daylight, warming to the low 50s by midday. Both dogs started with
purpose. Emme went looking for birds and Jag hit the far edges. At 10 point is called. As we traveled the path,
we round a tall, fully leaved tree and see Emme standing up ahead at the edge of a sumac thicket on the next
knoll. Upon approach Jag is farther in the thicket also pointing. Birds are flushed, both handlers’ fire and the
dogs are sent on. Jag was making some wide moves covering a lot of ground. At 32 Emme pointed in tall grass
at the edge of a brushy tree line. Extensive flushing and relocation could not produce game. Later she had
another unproductive in a tree line and was leashed. Jag had slowed his application as we made the hairpin turn
before the bridge, traveling into the Ryan Field when the hour ended.
Choc Talk’s Diamond (Winnen) and Blueridge Major Adventure (Downing) Dee was wide from the
start. Major was forward in his moves. At 10’ the judge sighted birds leaving then the dog standing with good
manners in the high cover near the woods line just off Ribblin Knoll. Major maintained his staunchness for the
shot. Dee’s application was a bit erratic having absences. Major had an unproductive at 18’ as he stood in the
heavy grass on our right just before the Parrish Field. Both dogs continued to be a handful. We went into the
540 loop where both dogs went straight as we made the turn to head out of the loop toward the bridge. Both
were out of pocket at the end of the hour.
Breton’s Castle Rocket (John) and Tequila Joker’s Jose Cuervo (Berneathy) After a short break at the
bridge both dogs started wide needing to be scouted. Rocket continued to be a handful and was leashed as we
approached gas well hill. Jose had several absences with the most lengthy before gas well hill where the
tracking device was called for.
Ortho Acres Booker T (Tracy) and Diamond Hill Dan (Kline) After lunch, skies are still sunny and
temperatures have warmed. The wind is not as gusty as it was in the morning. Both dogs started strong showing
their heels. They made casts with seemingly effortless movements. Booker had headed to the right side of the
course. Dan headed forward through the cotton field. Judges became separated as Booker was out of pocket.
At 35 Booker pointed, handler called birds. Judge did not see any so the handler relocated the dog, though not
producing any game. Booker’s scout riding to the site called point for Dan as he stood along a tree line some
distance away. A marshal was sent forward for Dan’s handler. A long ride to the location ensued. Handler
flushed a small covey for Dan standing with excellent style through all. Continuing on both dogs headed to the
edges. We saw the dogs take the river’s edge after they crossed the Ryan Field and thru Hayden’s Camp. They
stretched out for a good finish. Booker was sighted just before the bridge and Dan had crossed the bottom and
was sighted at time in the field on our right as we approached the bridge.
Kolicko’s Cuervo Joker (Berneathy) and Shady’s Windancer (Winnen) Both of these dogs had their
turbo’s charged. They were a handful. CJ was out of pocket from time to time. Windy didn’t always make the
necessary turns to maintain a forward race but she had “wheels”. We went into the 540 loop where both dogs
apparently went straight when we made the turn. They were out of pocket at the end of the hour and not
returned to judgment.
Smarteyes-Joker (John) and Sunrise Dot Com (Tracy) We left the bridge on course three. Both dogs
were somewhat erratic in their application causing absences. We came off gas well hill where Jordan went
forward on course and Bill took a left turn down a shortcut from the earlier part of course three. We waited for
his return. Shortly the scout came forward calling “point”. Riding to the location, we rode up several birds
from the grass as we sight the handler about 150 feet ahead. The dog stood in thick briar cover. Flushing and a
long relocation produced a large scattered covey from the briars. At 48 Jordan had a find just before the beaver
slough. His style was very staunch. His race had not been smooth to this point. He crossed the big sandy
bottom to end the hour. Bill had exited the sandy bottom and was sighted near the road to camp at pickup time.
The weather has been typical fall in Arkansas, cold one morning and then nice. Saturday morning it was 47
degrees with sunny skies and a light breeze for the final braces of the 2005 National Open Championship.
Hi Points Disappearing Act (Holman) and Traveler’s Reign of Terra (White) Both dogs started at
moderate range. At 11 point was called for Ghost. He released himself during the flushing attempt and was
leashed. Terra continued to hit the edges gaining range. Before the double gates now nicely cleared for further
visibility she was out of pocket. We waited and watched, shortly she returned from the front looking for her
handler. Terra continued to make strong moves during her hour but was not rewarded with any game.
Jayhawker’s Tequila With A Twist (Tillson) and Sniksoh Corky (Burchette) Corky was dropped down
from the second brace as she was in season. She immediately hit the cover. Taryn was slow to line out but as
the hour progressed she took the edges to the front. At 33 she had a find near the pond in the back loop as we
neared the exit. She stood with classy manners through flush and shot. Corky continued to dig into the cover
causing her to be lateral from time to time. She took some time coming through the back loop. Taryn ran the
outside edge along the woods on our right, crossing upper old 109. We continued into the 540 loop where Taryn
was out of pocket at the turn. Her handler rode forward to the outside edge of the loop and along the woods
turning left at the woods corner calling to Taryn. We cross the last ditch line before the bridge. The handler
rode through the field on our left where Taryn appeared from the far side of the big woods. Corky caught the
front at this point but had no game contact in the hour. Taryn finished the hour going forward past the bridge
toward the next bottom. We rode to the clubhouse to await the announcements.
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