Inter American University of P.R.

Inter American University of Puerto Rico
Languages Department
English Program
Bayamon Campus
GEEN 1102 Course Syllabus
Course Title:
Course Code:
English as a Second Language II
GEEN 1102 (EGIN 1102)
3 credits
Required Course
GEEN 1101 English as a Second Language I
II. Course Description
Development of English as a second language. Practice in listening, speaking,
reading and writing skills with emphasis on reading skills. Introduction to paragraph
Requirement: English language laboratory activities.
III. Enabling Objectives
A. By the end of the semester, students should:
1. Develop an awareness of the benefits that English will bring to their
personal, academic and personal growth
2. React to reading in oral and written form
3. Explore background knowledge as a prereading activity
4. Distinguish between main ideas and supporting details
5. Identify the sequence of events
6. Identify cause and effect relationships
7. Distinguish between facts and opinions
8. Discriminate between stated and implied ideas
9. Infer meaning of new words through context and word analysis
10. Extract meaning from context, relating it to personal experiences
11. Write simple, coherent paragraphs
12. Retell selections in their own words
IV. Course Schedule:
First Week
Second Week
Third Week
Introduction and pretesting
Dictionary Skills
Test 1
Question Word Review
Unit 1 Travel Talks – Points to Ponder
Prereading discussion; previewing; vocabulary in context
“The Company of the Sea”
Identifying sequence of events
Application: Locating countries/islands on world map
Language Laboratory: Main Idea I
Fourth Week
Fifth Week
Summarizing: The Cloze Exercise
Structure Cues: word order, the noun phrase, coordinate
conjunctions; punctuation cues
Writing Activity: “My trip to _____”
Focus on: Introductory sentence; What Who Where When
Why How, etc.
Language Laboratory : Main Idea II
Practice using an English/English dictionary
Using contextual cues for meaning
Identifying basic parts of speech to select meanings; learning
common abbreviations
Language Laboratory: Main Idea III
Sixth Week
“Madrid Memories”
Prereading discussion; predicting; vocabulary in context
Identifying cause and effect relationships; identifying sequence
of events; modal: would
Keeping a Journal: “A Bad Trip” or “The Day I Lost My
Focus on: Introductory sentence; verbs in the past tense
Language Laboratory: Reading Comprehension I
Seventh Week
“Flying High, But Feeling Low”
Prereading discussion; vocabulary in context
Synonyms and Antonyms; word analysis: prefixes;
recognizing cognates; identifying supporting details
Assessment Activity: Choose the selection you enjoyed
the most and write a short summary. Tell what you learned
from it. Be specific.
Language Laboratory: Reading Comprehension III
Eighth Week
Unit 2 – Attitudes About Animals – Points to Ponder
“All For the Love of Fritz”
Prereading discussion; vocabulary in context
Answering information questions; identifying cause and effect
Relationships; review of she/he and her/his
Writing Activity: Write about a pet you have had or an
unusual pet. Give examples of unusual behavior.
Focus on: Introductory sentence; supporting details
Language Laboratory: Reading Comprehension IV
Ninth Week
“Can Animals Think?”
Prereading discussion; vocabulary in context
Dictionary kills: facts and opinions; identifying cause and
effect relationships; identifying supporting details
Can/Could; is/was able to _____
Focus on: Providing supporting details
Language Laboratory: Midterm Quiz
Tenth Week
“Anti-Fur Groups Renew Fur Debate”
Prereading discussion; vocabulary in context
Identifying main idea and supporting details;
Locating contrasting arguments by identifying key
conjunctions and through analysis of writing patterns
Internet Assignment: Find information about PETA and write
a short paragraph about this organization
Scanning practice; improving reading speed
Identifying topic sentences; key words
Language Laboratory: Reading Comprehension V
Eleventh Week
Assessment Activity: Choose one of the selections in Unit 2
Write a short summary and tell what you learned from it
Unit 3 – Facing Challenges- Points to Ponder
“86-Year-Old Man in Marathon for 63rd Time”
Prereading discussion; vocabulary in context
Oral practice in reading numbers
“Disabled People Find Challenges on the Slopes”
Prereading discussion; vocabulary in context
Synonyms and Antonyms
Prereading discussion; vocabulary in context;
Introduction to basic terms used in analyzing poetry;
Identifying cause and effect relationships
Writing Activity: Write your own poem by completing
these sentences: Love is a _______________________
that __________________________
Love is a ______________________
that __________________________
Language Laboratory: Using Inference
Twelvth Week
Unit 4 – Brain Power – Points to Ponder
“ Albert Einstein: The Man and the Legends…”
Prereading discussion; vocabulary in context
Identifying main ideas and supporting details;
answering information questions;
Internet Assignment: Find information about Albert Einstein
and bring to class for discussion
Or see the movie “A Beautiful Mind” about the life of John
Nash and talk about it in class
“Do you Know Your Right Brain From Your Left?”
Prereading discussion; vocabulary in context
Identifying main ideas and supporting details
“How Good Is Your Memory?”
Prereading discussion; vocabulary in context
Topic sentences and supporting details; Conditionals
Writing activity: Write about how you remember things
Give specific examples.
Language Laboratory: Word Meanings from Context I
Thirteenth Week
Unit 5 – Climate Control – Points to Ponder
“Climate: A Powerful Force”
Prereading discussion; vocabulary in context
Dictionary practice; Identifying main ideas and supporting
Writing Activity: Write about your experiences during a
Focus on: What When Where, etc.
Language Laboratory: Homonyms II, III, and IV
Fourteenth Week
Unit 6- Food For Thought – Points to Ponder
“Finding the Recipe for Success”
“Genetically Altered Tomato Approved”
“Red, Hot, or Not?”
Prereading discussion; vocabulary in context; facts and
Writing Activity: Write about how to make your favorite dish
Write the recipe and explain how to make it.
Fifteenth Week Chapter 7- “Companies With a Conscience”- Points to Ponder
“Profits with Principles”
“The Scoop on Ben and Jerry’s”
Prereading discussion; vocabulary in context
Writing Activity: Find information about Recycling on the
Catching Up
Assessment Activity: Write a short summary of one of the
selections from Chapter 6 or 7 and tell what you learned from
V. Evaluation and Assessment
A. Written tests (3-4) 100 pts. each
B. Quizzes 20 pts. each
C. Daily Grade 100 pts. Includes:
1. Attendance
2. Class Participation
3. Bringing textbooks and required materials to class
4. Writing activities and assignments
D. Lab grade 100 pts.: 12 lab activities: 60 pts + 40 pts. midterm quiz = 100
E. Final Test 100 pts.
1. Class attendance is mandatory.
There will be no make-ups of tests.
2. Late assignments will not be accepted.
Curve 100-90 = A
89-80 = B
79-70 = C
69-60= D
59-0= F
Pre and posttest
Assessment Activities: Students will write short summaries of their favorite
selections and what they have learned from reading them.
Cloze Exercises: Students will complete sentences by supplying an
appropriate word in a series of predetermined blanks.
Writing portfolio
Lab portfolio
Materials and Resources
For Your Information by Karen Blanchard and Christine Root
Addison-Wesley, 1996
Longman Dictionary of American English
Addison-Wesley Longman Limited
English Grammar Links kpokoy1/grammar1.htm
ESL Café – ESL Web Guide
ESL Grammar Web
Grammar Bytes
Kathy Chareonsup’s ESL Center
Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Studentsìtestlj/quizzes
VII. Suggested Classroom Activities
Oral Presentations
Writing Journal
Class Discussions
Internet Assignments
Working with Maps
VIII. Online Lab Assignments
A. These are the online lab assignments for the semester:
Date Due
Main Idea I, II, and III;
Reading Comprehension
I, III, and IV
week of March 3-7
30 pts.
Midterm Quiz (classroom)
week of March 17-21
40 pts.
Reading Comprehension V;
Using Inference;
Word Meanings from Context I;
Homonyms II, III, and IV
week of May 5-9
Lab Grade Total:
30 pts.
100 pts.
B. Directions:
1. Access the Lab URL address:
2. Find the assigned exercise.
3. Print the exercises in WORD
4. Do the exercises. (Photocopied answers will not be accepted.)
Do not overwrite the answers.
5. Copy the Cover Page. Assignments without cover page will not be
accepted. Make sure that you write the hour of the class.
6. Put the exercises in a folder and hand it in on or before the due date.
7. There will be a 5 pt. penalty for each day after the due date.