KC24 Assessment Report in respect of Kinship foster carers

Form updated on 8th April 2011
KC24 Assessment Report in respect of Kinship
foster carers (connected persons).
(Care Planning, placement & case review regulations 2010, section 24)
Children & Young People’s Social Care
Viability Report
S.24 temporary fostering approval
The KC24 report will form Part 1 of the full assessment required to approve a Kinship foster carer under the
fostering regulations 2011.
What makes a good Kinship Care Placement?
Points to consider when undertaking your assessment.
Does the child have an established relationship with the carer?
Is there sufficient/appropriate space in the house for this particular child and their belonings.
This child must have its own bed and should NOT be sharing (either room or bed) with an
Smoking is not usually acceptable if the child is under 5 years.
Age of prospective carers should be considered carefully in respect of a particular child eg
young adults without child care experience may not be suitable and older carers may not be
suitable for very young children. (How old will the carer be when the child is reaching
Do they have sufficient practical support. Are there any financial constraints/debts?
Is the prospective carer on any regular medication, if so what, and what is it prescribed for?
Why do they want to care for this child – is it about the carer or the child?
Inform carers that it is OK to say no to taking the child.
Who will actually be caring for the child?
Are there any initial support needs ie nursery places etc?
Does the prospective carer have good knowledge of the child, their likes/dislikes/routines
How many outside commitments does the carer have e.g. work, other caring commitments
Does this person actually have time to look after the child?
Is there someone who can be a backup in an emergency?
Are there any other children in the household, if so where does this child fit in i.e.
older/younger, will the child have to fight for attention?
If the carer works full time, it would not usually be appropriate to place a young baby as the
baby will need to make good attachments with the carer.
A Basic information
1 About the prospective carer(s)
1st applicant
Date of Birth
Current Address
(Please give details of addresses for the past 10
At Address Since
2nd applicant
Form updated on 8th April 2011
Previous Address 1
Dates from and to
Previous Address 2
Dates from and to
Current Telephone Number
Ethnic descent
Primary language
Marital Status
2a About the child(ren)
Ethnic descent
Ethnic descent
Language spoken
Language spoken
Legal status
Legal status
Ethnic descent
Ethnic descent
Language spoken
Language spoken
Legal status
Legal status
2b Date Child Placed
2c Court Date for report
2d Relationship of child(ren) to prospective carer(s)
2e Child’s current address
2f Is the child placed in a
Local authority foster placement
Independent fostering agency
Residential placement
3a Details of adults and children who already live in the prospective carer’s household:
Relationship to Prospective Carers
Form updated on 8th April 2011
Details of any children of either applicant living away from household.
Relationship to
How often do they
visit the
3b Details of other adults who are not members of the household who are likely to have regular contact with
the child(ren) to be placed: eg close friends to household members
Relationship to
household / child
How often do they
visit the child?
How will this be managed/ supervised?
3c Details of other significant relatives and their relationships with the child / ren and the applicants; eg
cousins, grandparents
Relationship to
household / child
How often do they
visit the child?
4 Provide dates of visits undertaken for the assessment & details of person(s) seen on each visit.
5 Provide details of all enquiries made as part of the assessment, e.g. child protection, local police check,
health etc.
Child Protection
Police local check
Health / GP
Form updated on 8th April 2011
Please specify.
6 Have all persons in the household been checked on ESCR?
Please record details.
7 Do the prospective carer(s) reside in a local authority area other than
8 Provide details of any current or past involvement with probation.
9a Does the prospective carer know of any reason(s) why they should
not be considered as carers for the child(ren)?
Include any particulars of criminal offences of which the applicants or household members have been convicted or in
respect of which they have been cautioned.
9b Is there any current or previous domestic violence between members
of the household, including the connected person(s)?
If yes, provide details.
10 What is the current care plan for the child(ren)?
Include care proceedings, any findings sought or made at a finding of fact hearing, & timescales.
11 Why is the assessment required?
Give a brief outline of the case & the reasons for undertaking this assessment.
12 Is there a pre-existing relationship between the prospective carer(s) &
the child(ren)?
Please describe.
Include frequency of contact & details of any recent contact.
13 Have the prospective carer(s) previously cared for the child(ren)?
Please describe.
Include the circumstances & dates if yes.
14 Is there a pre-existing relationship between the prospective carer(s) &
the child(ren)'s birth family?
Please describe.
Include the nature of this relationship & the frequency of contact.
Form updated on 8th April 2011
15 Comment on the applicants neighbourhood & what resources are available to support the child and foster
B Family & environmental factors
Note fostering guidance on accommodation. Ideally, a child should have their own bedroom. Sharing is possible, but a risk
assessment must be undertaken. No child should share a bedroom with an adult. Girls & boys over five years old should not share
a room. No more than two children should share a room at the point of registration. Kinship Care arrangements may not meet these
guidelines. Any exceptions should be discussed with the team manager.
16 Is there adequate space for the child(ren) within the prospective
carer(s)'s household?
Please provide details, e.g. where would the child(ren) sleep & with whom would they be sharing a room?
17 Are conditions in the home of a reasonable standard?
Date of inspection
See health & safety checklist.
Please discuss any concerns.
18 Are there any health & safety issues?
If yes, please provide details.
19 Do the carer(s) have any pets?
If yes, please provide details.
20 Provide details of the carers' past & present employment or occupation & current work commitments, &
explore any implications on caring for the child(ren).
21 What are the child(ren)'s views of being placed with this family?
22 Description of each applicants’ childhood & upbringing including the strengths & difficulties of their
parents or other persons who cared for them.
23 Description of each applicants’ relationship with their parents and siblings.
24 Description of each applicants’ educational achievement and any specific learning difficulty or disability.
Form updated on 8th April 2011
25 Description of applicants’ relationship including strengths and vulnerabilities.
26 A chronology of significant changes or family circumstances (e.g. separation, death of family member,
start of new relationship, birth of child, major health events).
Applicant 1
Date started
Date finished
Date finished
Applicant 2
Date started
27 Description of applicants’ employment history and sources of income.
28 What are the prospective carers' own family's views of the child(ren) being placed with them?
29 What are the birth parent(s)’ views of the child being placed with this family?
30 Please give details of family or friends who could support the prospective carer(s) with the fostering task.
31 Is anyone in the household a smoker?
If yes, please note that Leeds City Council adopts the advice from BAAF - foster carers caring for children under
five should not smoke. Prospective carers will be given advice regarding where to access help to stop smoking.
C Parenting capacity
Form updated on 8th April 2011
32 What knowledge do the prospective carer(s) have regarding the child’s current situation, & what is their
view of the circumstances in relation to the child(ren) becoming looked after?
33 Have the child(ren) sustained any injuries relating to the referral?
If yes, are the prospective carer(s) aware of the injuries and any concerns regarding future protection?
34 Has there been any social care involvement relating to the carers' own
child(ren) due to concerns of neglect, abuse, domestic violence etc.?
If so, please provide details.
35 How can the prospective carer(s) ensure the child(ren) are protected?
Please address the proximity to any family members who may pose a risk to the child(ren).
36 What experience do the carer(s) have of caring for or working with children & young people?
D Development needs of the child(ren)
37 Discuss the Leeds City Council policy on discipline. What are the carer(s)'s views on managing
behaviour & appropriate sanctions?
38a Provide a summary profile of the child(ren), to include physical needs, including health & dental care,
learning & development, emotional & behavioural needs, cultural & religious identity & leisure interests.
38b Please state how the carer(s) will meet the child(ren)'s immediate needs.
This includes the health, educational, emotional & behavioural needs recognised above.
39 Are the carer(s) able to attend medical appointments, assessment
visits & local authority care reviews?
If no, please explain.
40 Comment on the prospective carers' abilities to maintain contact as outlined by the care plan for the
child(ren). Do you or the carer(s) anticipate any difficulties with contact and how will this be managed?
E Additional information
Form updated on 8th April 2011
41 Date CRB disclosure application given to each member of the
household over the age of 16.
42 Date completed applications sent to Merrion House.
43 Are the prospective carer(s) aware they are required to have a
44 Please state any significant health problems of the prospective carer(s) or any of their family members.
Include physical & mental health.
45 Please give details of the prospective carers' GP(s).
1st applicant
2nd applicant
GP name
Surgery name
Post code
46 If approved to care for the child(ren), outline any support the carer(s) would require in order to maintain
the placement.
47 Provide details of any professionals involved with the prospective carer(s) & their family.
48 Provide contact details of two referees.
These should be people who have known the applicants for a substantial period of time and can comment
on their parenting skills. Both should be willing and able to be interviewed.
1st referee
Post code
Relationship to
49 Checklist: have you done the following?
Select yes or no. If yes, state the date it was actioned.
- Explained that a full kinship fostering assessment will be undertaken by a
fostering officer if this viability assessment is positive.
- Obtained details of the prospecive carers' GP.
- Obtained the contact details of two referees.
- Obtained a signed consent form enabling statutory checks to be
completed (KC24B). Please attach a copy to the report.
- Initiated the CRB checks on all household members over 16.
- Carried out an inspection of the prospective carers' home.
2nd referee
Form updated on 8th April 2011
- Explained the legal processes (where appropriate). Include the fact that
this report or any subsequent report may be made available to the court, &
explain the implications of this.
- Obtained a signed consent form regarding the disclosure of information
to the court (form KC24C). Please attach a copy to this report.
- Explained the support available to prospective carers, including financial
- Explained the roles of the different people involved when a child is
fostered. For example the child(ren)'s social worker, supervising social
worker, guardian, family support worker etc.
- Explained other care arrangements, e.g. residence or special
guardianship orders, including financial arrangements.
- Explained that long-term plans may include alternative arrangements for
the child(ren).
- Discussed confidentiality & working co-operatively with various
- Provided the prospective carer(s) with the following leaflet:
- Kinship care in Leeds
If there are any issues or concerns regarding any of these points, please provide details.
50 Please provide a social work analysis of the information gathered in this report.
51 Please note this assessment must be shared with the applicants, add any comments from the
prospective carer(s) in respect of this assessment.
Social Worker’s Name
Job title
Tel no.
Date assessment commenced
Date assessment completed
1) Regulation 24 placement
2) Positive viability assessment
Form updated on 8th April 2011
Signed by Social Worker
Signed by Team Manager
Signed by Applicants
Signed by (Children’s Services
Delivery Manager)
to the placement of
To commence
For a period of no more than 16 weeks ending on
Head of Service
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