May 2009 - Pinecrest Cluster

Pinecrest News
May 2009
The Pinecrest Board
Currently only two people serve on the Pinecrest
Board. The board could use the help of
homeowners that would be willing to give some
of their time to serve on the board. The board
meets four times a year. Generally, we meet
once every three months. Please consider
joining the board.
Inspection Letters
Southgate Community Center
Southgate Community Center is open and has
many activities to offer for both youths and
Some of the current on going activities include
after-school activities for youths as well as a
game room and indoor basketball court for all
ages free of charge.
An inspection was performed early this summer
by TWC and violation notices were sent to the
homeowners. If you have any questions
regarding the violation, please contact TWC at
703) 437-5800.
Last year they had classes for people that
needed to learn English. They may still be
holding classes for this purpose. Give them a
call to find out what the Southgate Community
Center offers.
Volunteers Needed
Southgate Community Center is located at 12125
Pinecrest Rd. The phone number is 703-8600676, TTY 711 or you can visit their website at:
At one time Pinecrest had block representatives
that worked with the board. Everyone wants their
individual block to look the best.
We need people that would be willing to work on
a landscape / plant committee. It would give you
a larger voice in what happens in the community.
If you would consider volunteering for the a plant
/ landscape committee, or to help get a design
committee started please call TWC and give
your name to Kim Hendon. We do have
someone in the community that would be willing
to assist on a committee that would help in
beautifying each block.. Kim will put you in touch
with that person.
We also need a people that would be willing to sit
down and review the design standards. It needs
to be updated. If you would be willing to
volunteer some time to review and update
Pinecrest’s standards ( I believe ROA would
help) this would be a huge help. Again, please
call Kim Hendon at TWC so we can get this
Trash Pickup
Regular trash pick-ups for household trash and
recycling are included in your homeowners fees.
However, bulk items and construction materials
are not included. For such items it is the
homeowners’ responsibility to contact AAA
Recycling to arrangement for their removal.
Please call AAA Recycling at (703) 818-8222.
Trash pick-up is Mondays and Thursdays – only.
You are required to use trash cans for pick-up,
not plastic bags on the curb! Please place trash
on the curb after 6 p.m. the night before and
return the trash can behind your house (or fence)
by Monday or Thursday evening. Proper trash
storage can help keep our community clean while
preventing rodents and pests from finding an
easy food source. Violation of these rules can
result in a fine up to $50. If you would like to file
a complaint against any resident who violates
this rule, please complete a violation form and
Visit us at
submit to TWC. The form is also located online
on the Pinecrest cluster website.
Noise Complaints
Please note that between the hours of 10 PM
and 7 AM residents and guests shall keep noise
levels low so that their neighbors are not
disturbed. However, the noise ordinance is in
effect at ALL TIMES. If you wish to report the
complaint, you can contact Fairfax County Police
(non-emergency) line at (703) 691- 2131.
Home Improvement Reminders
Remember to check with Reston
Association [RA] when making
improvements to the outside of
your home.
Certain doors,
windows, and colors may not be
approved. To avoid violations and possible
costly corrections, contact Reston Association
Covenants Department. Responsibility for our
cluster is now with Mike Walsh. His direct
telephone number is 703-435-6578, his email
is [email protected] If you have other
suggestions for changes, contact a BOD
Leash Laws
It is a Fairfax County ordinance that all dogs be
on a leash, cord or chain when off the owners’
property. If anyone observes an unrestricted
dog, whether it is aggressive or not; they should
call the police non-emergency number 703-6912131, an animal control officer or police officer
will be dispatched to the scene.
Playground Hours of Operation
be called for anyone resident or not who
trespasses. Residents are requested to call the
police, who do not ask for personal information, if
you see anyone in the playgrounds at night. The
police non-emergency phone number is: (703)
691-2131. You are also requested to contact the
police to report any suspicious activity.
Reston Factoid
Reston has over 1,350 acres of open space.
1. Trash Pickup days are Mondays and
Thursdays. Recycling pickup is Thursday only.
2. Please Remember That Noise Rules Are In
Effect From 10:00 PM Until 7:00 AM Every Day.
3. Please keep our community beautiful. Do
not leave trash on the side of the road and make
sure that your children do not leave trash such as
popsicle sticks and candy wrappers outside.
4. Please keep your dog on a leash and Clean
Up After Your Dog.
5. Do not park large commercial vehicles and
commercial vans in the parking lot.
6. Please do not work on vehicles in the
parking lot. It is against environmental laws to
change your car’s oil.
Pinecrest Board of Directors
Vice President…Neil Guttler (703) 476-6897
Vice President…Dave Barker ([email protected])
Treasurer…….… We need you
Secretary…….… We need you
Important Phone Numbers
TWC, Kim Hendon……………….….(703) 437-5800
AAA Recycling……………………....(703) 818-8222
Battlefield Towing………………..….(703) 709-7723
Fairfax County Police
(Non-emergency)………...(703) 691-2131
The five playgrounds and one tot lot located
around Pinecrest are paid for and maintained by
you: the residents. The costs to remove trash
and graffiti have been a significant burden on
you: the resident. To help protect these
resources and to better ensure public safety, all
playgrounds are closed at 8 p.m. The police will
Visit us at
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