Policy; There is a policy on how employees deal with glass/plastic breakage or in case
of product contamination by chemicals, petroleum, pesticides or other contaminating
Broken glass should be properly handled by placing it in a cardboard box that is
sealed and placed in a secure trash can.
If there is a glass or plastic breakage or any other source of contamination
(chemical, petroleum, pesticide) during the harvesting operation the following action
will be implemented.
1. Supervisor is contacted
2. Produce contaminated will be disposed of and field area avoided
3. Equipment will be cleaned and inspected after contamination.
Should a field sanitation unit leak or spill, workers will cease operation immediately.
Any affected produce will be disposed of through regular disposal avenues typically
used by the farming operation for trash removal. All effort will be made to insure the
contaminated product does not enter the food chain. Workers are instructed and
expected to report such leaks or spills to their supervisors.
You need to be alert for potential chemical hazards such as pesticides, oils, and
fuels. Any type of leak or spill needs to be reported to the supervisor for immediate