ViNA Board of Directors Meeting - Victory Neighborhood Association

ViNA Board of Directors
November 5, 2014
Present: Directors Ann Kaari, Diane Spector, Duane Atter, David Younk, Matthew Kunkel (via conference
call), John Lampson, and Staff Member Debbie Nelson
The meeting was held at the ViNA Office and was called to order at 7:03 by Chair Diane Spector.
The Board requires all committees to document current membership, note members attending committee
meetings, and identify the meeting date/time/location on each committee’s monthly minutes.
The Agenda was approved.
The Minutes from the October 1st meeting were approved.
Treasurer’s Report – Ann Kaari supplied the report. Debbie received and filed it.
Business Committee: N/A
Events Committee: N/A
Environment Committee: N/A
Livability/ Housing Committee: N/A
Community Volunteering & Fundraising Committee: No committee at this time.
Staff Report: Received and filed
Unfinished Business
Holiday Lighting Contest Awards: Consensus was to award gift certificates for first place of $100 for Victory
44, second place of $50 for the Goddess of Glass third place for $25 for Victory’s Image, and $25 for ‘best
effort(?)for Emily’s. Funds for the GC from Goddess of Glass and Victory’s image should come from NRP
Events funds and for Victory 44 and Emily’s from our unrestricted funds.
New Business
Committee Goals and Strategies: Environment has 10 goals (“American Gothic your garden” photo contest).
Ryan Lake Plaza is probably going to open next year. Expansion of Tiny Fields. Submit other committees goals
for distribution to other groups.
2015 Calendar: Open for discussion to be included to be voted on next board meeting. Business committee
correction to 8 am instead of 8:30. Diane suggested dropping Feb and August meetings. General consensus was
yes, but TBD.
2015 Budget: Community Participation contract goes through 2016. 1/3rd is given each year in the amount of
$39,392. Contract amendment happens every year. Occupancy costs cover rent and utilities. Communications
and Outreach includes newsletters, e-mail newsletters. Supplies and Materials, Meetings (Board/Community),
Development for Board Training, Staff Training was bumped to $1,000. 2015 CPP Funding is what will be sent
to city to request funds. NRP Programs are projections of expenses for welcome packages, youth corps, home
security, Ryan Lake Plaza. Business Node Improvements. Nothing for Block Club Assistance. Neighborhood
Priority. Uncontracted amount of $61,000 in budget. It is planned but goal is to contract that amount. $10,000
for Bikes Belong Ryan Lake Trail. Business Façade Improvement has a surplus. Home Security. Budget is for
review and approval at the December meeting.
Letter in Support of Homeline: A letter will be sent to continue HOME line Tenant Hotline. John brought a
motion to authorize sending positive response. David seconded. All were ayes.
Sidewalk Replacement: There is a map with sidewalk repairs. Assessments will be made to property owners.
Proposal to have Dan Bauer from the city at January meeting. Looking for average assessment amount from
city. Homeowners are paying 50% of the costs; the city, the rest.
Loring School Programs: $6,000 is available for youth activity. Loring principal requested support for
afterschool programs: drama, archery, Spanish, Irish dance, and is looking for a chess coach. Proposal is to
contribute $3,000 over the school year to the principal and those responsible to disburse to staff for programs.
Duane brought the motion, which was seconded, and passed. School is requesting $100 to apply towards props
and costumes for Holiday on 44th production . Duane will be donating money on behalf of The Warren.
Business/ViNA Partnership Funding: $14,999 is uncontracted and the Business and Environment committee
will be collaborating to use funding to go towards things like benches, green, banners. David is going to supply
a budget.
Staff Vacation and Annual Review: After a review of time off for staff, board voted to allow Debbie to carry
over vacation amount. A review and adjustment of the personnel policy will be discussed at the next board
3927 Vincent: Jay Isenberg is looking to develop a green home at this address and states there is a problem with
the funding. Each developer must choose a high priority property. Earl Pettiford is requesting to come to next
board meeting to discuss another proposal for this address. Board discussed in advance that there would be a
green home proposed in this location and that the plans from Earl do not appear to initially fit the character of
the neighborhood. The board will communicate to Earl that they are giving a recommendation to the city to go
with another proposal, which includes a green home that will maintain the character of the existing housing
Webmaster: Jesse Ross ([email protected]) is moving out of the neighborhood and will no longer be the
webmaster. John will work with Jesse to transfer to a reliable hosting provider, which
the board will pay for, and will talk to Soni Froyen about maintenance of the site beyond the technical
capabilities of ViNA staff.
Farmer’s Market: Lara Bollweg received a community award of $1,000 for the farmers market. Proposal is to
use it for expansion of the existing market. EBT Machine will be on the list of expansion items.
December 10th Community Meeting: Holiday treats potluck! An e-mail came in from a Carlson school
student. She is interested in having a discussion regarding transit issues. Debbie will contact her to schedule.
Also want to discuss Ryan Lake Plaza. Debbie has statistics for Snow Emergency and towing for previous
winter. 244 cars towed in Victory last winter.
Agenda items for next Board Meeting:
 Review and approve budget
 Review committee goals
 Review and adjust personnel policy
 Staff Review
 Review and approve calendar
The next Board Meeting will be on December 3rd at the ViNA Office at 7pm
Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
John Lampson, Secretary
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