Populations are made up of living organisms with the same type of animals
that live together in the same area. An example would be a lion pack also
known as a pride. Lions hunt, eat, and live together at all times. When they
hunt they team up together around their prey and attack at the same
time. The picture below shoes how the two female lions attacked some kind
of animal together to feed their babies.
The type of scientist that studies animals populations or living style is called
an ecologist. Ecologists study how organisms move from one place to another.
They also study how animals interact with one another in their same
environment. An example could be, an ecologist was studying how bison move
from one place to another. They run together as a pack. Whenever one is
attacked all help (or run). The picture below shows how an ecologist is
experimenting how the pig reacts to humans, or other life.
Ecologists also ask questions. One may be, How does blank effect ___
effect ___? ( Research Question )Ecologists who study like that are
studying community. Community is organisms living in the same
ecosystem. The marine community is made of populations of different
types of animals like sharks, whales, sea turtles, starfish, etc. In the
picture below it shows the shark eating a seal, which may effect the
population of the seals, since sharks are using them as food and prey.
Here are some examples of an organism, population,
community and ecosystem.
Limiting Factors
The limited factors in nature are, food, water, living space, mates,
nesting sites, and many other resources are very limited. A limted
factor is something that doesn't allow a number amount of animals or
organisms in population. Limiting factors include living and non-living
things in an ecosystem. Limiting factors can effect more than one
population in a community. Like lack of rain can effect plants or animals
that need mud for their nests.
Nesting Sites
Carrying Capacity
The largest number of animals of one specie that an environment
(ecosystem) can support over a long period of time. As the enviroment
gorws with population (carrying capacity) animlas wont have enough
resources. The animals could die or be forced to move somewhere else.
Animals Being Forced to Human Area
1.What is Populations?
2. What is Community?
3.Why do we need to help animals enviroment with carrying
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