T 3 Week Review Qs

T- 3 Weeks Review Questions: Volcanoes
1. Describe three ways in which volcanoes are destructive.
2. Describe three ways in which volcanoes are constructive.
3. Think for a minute. Why would people choose to live in an area of volcanic
Volcanic Dangers
1. Describe how an erupting volcano can affect the atmosphere. Explain how this
could contribute to global warming.
2. From this article, what are described as the dangerous short-term effects from a
volcanic eruption? What are the dangerous long-term effects?
3. Explain how magma under the surface can create seismic tremors.
How Volcanoes Work
1. How would a scientist explain the presence of sedimentary rock in the Earth's
mantle? What does this have to do with subduction?
2. Tectonic plates move very, very slowly. Explain why they move.
3. Explain how the eruption of molten rock onto Earth's surface is part of the rock
Mt. Pinatubo
1) Volcanic activity often occurs near the boundaries of tectonic plates. Explain why this
may be.
2) What is a stratovolcano? Describe the magma within a stratovolcano.
3) According to this article, what is meant by an “explosive” volcano?
Mt. Pinatubo Eruption
1) An earthquakes strikes the Phillipines, describe the conditions surround Mt. Pinatubo
that might follow.
2) How does a volcanic eruption impact each of the four spheres?
3) What efforts were made by scientists to save lives prior to/during the Mt. Pinatubo
One Year After
1. List one long-term effect from the eruption of Mt Pinatubo upon the lithosphere
2. What effects has the volcanic eruption had on the economy of Luzon?
3. You are a villager living on the island of Luzon one year after the eruption of Mount
Pinatubo. What might you be afraid of?
Five Years After
1. Fertilization of soil is a long-term effect to the _________ caused by volcanic
a. lithosphere
b. hydrosphere
c. biosphere
d. atmosphere
2. Describe one way in which the atmosphere may impact the lithosphere after a volcanic
3. True or False: The eruption of Mount Pinatubo has only affected the island of Luzon.
Provide reasons for your answer.
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