Richard P - Integrated Production Resources

Richard P. Ortiz
Natural Resources Manager and Minerals Consultant
3940 Cynthia Drive
Casper, Wyoming 82609
307-234-1697, FAX: same
Email: [email protected]
Bachelor's Degree in Geology; Univ. of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Some post graduate work in sciences
Continuing education and seminars in
geochemistry, environmental science and project
management, Westinghouse management courses, computer applications
28 Years Mineral Exploration and Development Program Management
Includes 25 years in in-situ mining evaluation and Management
2 Years Experience as Mineralogist/Petrologist and Laboratory Supervisor
7 Years Highway Engineering experience mostly as Testing Supervisor and Project Chief Inspector
Environmental Consulting Since 1988; Project Management
U.S. Census Bureau 1999-2000; Manager of Field Operations for North Half of Wyoming LCO 3148
New Mexico State Highway Commission; supervised crew of 18 to 12 technicians and highway engineering and
construction inspectors
Lucius Pitkin, Atomic Energy Commission services contractor; supervised 4 Mineralogists and Technicians
American Nuclear Corp., Chief Geologist of mineral exploration program. Staff consisted of 8 to 16 Geologists,
Surveyors, Landmen, Technicians, and Clerks. Activities included land acquisition, exploration planning, drilling,
geotechnical surveys and drill site restoration.
Westinghouse Electric, Wyoming Mineral Division; Regional and United States Manager of Exploration; managed 15
to 30 Geologists, Landmen, Technicians, Clerks, and site restoration crews. Activities included, Management
Committee Member for Outside Projects, Manager for Special Projects Evaluation, submittal property evaluation,
prospect development, land acquisition through joint ventures, claim staking, leasing; exploration planning, drilling,
geotechnical surveys, mine development support, land inventory management, environmental permitting, and drill
site restoration.
Richard P. Ortiz; Natural Resources Manager and Minerals Consultant
Sierra Blanca Geo-Services, President and General Manager; managed 12 to 30 Geologists, Technicians, Landmen,
Technicians, Computer Consultants, and Clerks. Activities included land acquisition, exploration planning, drilling,
geotechnical surveys, environmental permitting, mine development support, pilot in-situ mine, and site restoration.
Employed as many as 15 drilling and coring rigs, probe trucks for delineation of resources on one large development
U.S. Census Bureau, Field Operations Manager for Casper Census Office responsible for North Half of Wyoming
Air Defense Intelligence - U.S. Army 1961-1967
Honorable Discharge; Jan. 31, 1967
Started Consultant business in August 1978
Professional Associations:
American Institute of Professional Geologists 1978-1992
Wyoming Professional Geologist 1992-1998
Consulting Geologist in mineral exploration and development since 1978
Consulting Geologist in environmental services since 1988
Westinghouse Electric Co.: Regional Geologist: Exploration Division
Special Projects Manager: Acquisitions and Evaluations
American Nuclear Corporation: Chief Geologist, Prospect Evaluation; Manager of Acquisitions
For Tennessee Valley Authority Joint Venture with American Nuclear
Lucius Pitkin, Inc. - Atomic Energy Commission Contractor
Uranium Mineralogist-Petrologist Western United States
Petrology Lab Supervisor
New Mexico State Highway Commission: Field Materials Geologist and Inspection Crew Supervision, Chief
Inspector for Soils, Asphalt, Concrete, Bridges
Richard P. Ortiz; Natural Resources Manager and Minerals Consultant
Residence: Born in New Mexico, lived in Colorado 2 years, Wyoming resident since 1970
Citizenship: Unites States of America since birth, Parents and Grandparents were born in New Mexico
Languages: Fluent in English and Spanish
Volunteer Work: March of Dimes, Muscular Sclerosis Society, Natrona County Darting Association
Volunteer speaker at schools on geology topics and Hispanic culture
Publications: Uranium Exploration Technology, In-Situ Well Design, Construction and Testing
National Chairman: In-Situ All Minerals Symposium, SME-AIME, Casper; May 1989
National Registration Chairman: Am. Inst. Professional Geologists Meeting, Jackson, 1985
Computer Experience: MS Word, MS Works, Lotus 1-2-3, Autocad, Surfer, Ventura Publisher, BASIC, MSDOS, MS
Windows, Quicken, PCMaps; 530 hours classroom training in computer applications.
Hobbies: darts, golf, hunting, fishing, Western Hemisphere History, Rio Grande Cuisine
William is Engineering Project Manager for US Dept. of Energy in Albuquerque (Sandia Labs)
Carla is Human Resources Manager for Seattle-based management firm
Steven is a Registered Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor in New Mexico
Daniel is an editor and writer for WY newspaper
- mineral resource evaluations, inventory
- data acquisition for very large mineral projects
- In-situ mining feasibility studies
- mineral property due diligence investigations
- regional studies for mineral resource potential
- geologic and hydrological investigation
- project management, mineral exploration and development
(drilling, coring, permitting, restoration)
- data acquisition, management, and analysis
- land inventory management, records management
- Liaison with industry, regulatory agencies, upper management, partners
Richard P. Ortiz; Natural Resources Manager and Minerals Consultant
Various projects in Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, South Dakota, Nebraska
Arizona Public Service Company; 3 years
Malapai Resources Company; 6 years
Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, 1 year
Coal Creek Ranch; Highland Uranium Project, 4 years
Pathfinder Mines Corporation (COGEMA), 3 years
American Nuclear Corporation (NUCHEM), 4 years
Boner Ranch, Converse County, WY 3 years
Uranerz USA, Inc.
High Plains Uranium Resources
Uranerz Energy Corporation
Power Reserves Group
Integrated Production Resources
Other Confidential Clients at present
Partial List of Projects:
Powder River Basin Exploration Projects, Converse, Campbell, Johnson, Sheridan Counties; Wyoming
Cleveland Cliffs Properties, Powder River Basin; 12,000 Drill Holes
Christensen Ranch Delineation Drilling and Evaluation, 18,300 Drill Holes; PRB Wyoming
Christensen Ranch In-Situ Mining Evaluation, PRB Wyoming
Christensen Ranch Mineral Resource Estimates
Monitor Well Construction and Testing; CR Project
Monitor Well Construction and Testing; IR Project
CR Project Willow Creek Pilot Plant Program for In-situ Mining
Brown Ranch and Cleveland Cliffs Acquisition Evaluation, PRB Wyoming
Charley Project Evaluation and Core Drilling; PRB Wyoming
CR Project Development Program, 8500 Drill Holes of Delineation Drilling
Irigaray Ranch Project Acquisition Evaluation, 2000 Drill Holes; PRB Wyoming
IR Project Cased Well Integrity Testing Program, 1400 Wells
Electricite d'France Due Diligence Investigation, CR Project
Electricite d'France Due Diligence Investigation, Irigaray Project
Agate Flats, Beaver Rim, and Gas Hills Exploration Project, WY
Peach Project Acquisition Evaluation, Gas Hills WY
Peach Project Evaluation Drilling Program; Gas Hills, WY
Peach Project In-situ Mining Feasibility Study; Gas Hills, WY
Green River Basin Reconnaissance and Exploration Project, WY
Uranium Potential in Phosphoria Formation; Afton, WY
Red Desert Basin Analysis and Exploration Project; WY
Richard P. Ortiz; Natural Resources Manager and Minerals Consultant
Palo Verde Uranium JV Project Monitoring, Green Mountain-Red Desert WY
Palo Verde JV Evaluation; 18,000 Drill Holes, Kerr-McGee Operator
Peterson Project Acquisition Evaluation, PRB Wyoming
Peterson Project Mineral Delineation Project, PRB
Peterson Project Exploration Drill Hole Sealing Project, PRB
Peterson Project Annual Assessment Work
Royalty Interests; Boner Ranch
Lower Chadron Exploration; Eastern Wyoming and Western Nebraska
Reno Ranch Uranium Project Evaluation, PRB Wyoming
Browns Park Uranium Exploration Project, Carbon Co., WY
Goshen Hole Uranium Exploration Project, Platte Co., WY
Southwest Black Hills Uranium Reconnaissance Project, WY
Powder River Basin, WY; Mineralogy of Uranium Deposits-Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
PRB Petrographic Study; Identifying and Characterizing Tertiary Formations-AEC
Shirley Basin, WY; Mineralogy of Uranium Deposits-AEC
Gas Hills, Wyoming; Mineralogy of Uranium Deposits-AEC
Red Desert-Green Mountain, WY; Mineralogy of Uranium Deposits-AEC
Copper Mountain Uranium Prospect Evaluation, Owl Creek Mountains
Uranium Potential of Fort Union Formation; Great Divide Basin
Mineralogy of Iron Sulfides in Wyoming Uranium Deposits-AEC
Petrographic Studies Of Uranium-bearing Sediments, WY, TX, NM, UT-AEC
Heavy Mineral Studies Of Uranium-bearing Sediments, WY, TX, NM, UT-AEC
South Texas, Mineralogy and Petrology of Uranium Deposits-AEC
Original Mineralogy and Petrology Studies; Cutler Formation Deposits, Utah - AEC
Holiday-El Mesquite Project Acquisition Evaluation; Hebronville, Texas
Electricite d'France Due Diligence Investigation, Holiday-El Mesquite Project
Development Drilling Program for Homestake Properties, South Texas
Big Bend Uranium Reconnaissance Exploration Project, Texas
Keota and Grover ISL Projects Management Committee; Weld County, Colorado
Colorado Plateau; Mineralogy and Petrology of Uranium Deposits in Colorado, Utah, Arizona,
and New Mexico
Uranium Mineralogy and Petrology of New Host; Cutler Formation, Utah - AEC
Mount Taylor Exploration Projects; shallow and deep, New Mexico
Edgemont Uranium Exploration Project; South Black Hills, South Dakota
Burlington Northern-Westinghouse Uranium Venture Management Committee
Homestake Hauber Mine Uranium Project Evaluation, Black Hills, WY
TVA's Edgemont Project Evaluation, South Dakota
Western Nebraska Uranium Exploration Project, Morill County
Crow Butte Uranium Project Evaluation, Nebraska
Slim Buttes Uranium Reconnaissance Project; North Dakota
Alvord Desert Uranium Reconnaissance Project; Oregon
Idaho Uranium Reconnaissance and Drilling Project, Idaho
Basin and Range Uranium Reconnaissance Project, Nevada
Richard P. Ortiz; Natural Resources Manager and Minerals Consultant
State of Chihuahua Uranium in Volcanics Project, Mexico
Western United States; Uranium Potential in Granitic Rocks
Western United States; Uranium Potential in Volcanic Rocks
Western United States; Mineralogy and Petrology of Thorium-bearing Rocks
Uranium Reconnaissance Project, Kansas
Uranium Reconnaissance Project, Texas Panhandle
Uranium Reconnaissance Project, Western Oklahoma
Uranium Potential, Kotzebue Peninsula Hard Rock Project; Alaska
Eastern United States Uranium Reconnaissance Project, Virginia
Coal Creek Ranch, Royalty Holdings on Highland Project, PRB
PNC Uranium, In-Situ Mining Feasibility Study - Alemand Ranch SWPRB
South Morton Ranch; PRB WY; In-Situ Mineable U3O8
Moore Ranch Uranium Feasibility Study, South Texas
Peach Property, Gas Hills, WY; Preliminary In-Situ Feasibility
Platinum Group Metals Prospect Evaluation; Snowy Range, WY
Gold Prospect Evaluation; Seminoe Mountains, WY
Survey of Limestone Deposits of Kaiparowits Plateau, Utah
Uranium Potential of Kaiparowits Plateau, Utah
Land Management Programs; Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, S. Dak.
Environmental Permitting and Site Restoration; NM, WY, SD, TX
Oil and Gas Well Geologist; Montana, Wyoming
Raw Exploration Program; Eastern Wyoming and Western Nebraska
North Platte Project Uranium Resources Study, SPRB, WY
Raw Exploration Project, SE Utah
Raw Exploration Project, Washakie Basin, Wyoming
- professional environmental services
- commercial property site assessments and audits
- soil and ground water contamination investigation
- remediation methodology evaluation
- water well location, construction, aquifer testing
- monitor well construction and sampling
- soil and ground water sampling and analysis
Richard P. Ortiz; Natural Resources Manager and Minerals Consultant
- underground storage tank closure and disposal
Rocky Mountain Federal, 3 years
Resolution Trust Corporation
US Small Business Administration, 3 years
WY Dept. of Envir. Quality 1989-1995
Private Industry, various clients; since 1988 to Present
Wyoming Industrial Park, 46 Lots: Natrona County Commission
Green River Construction Warehouse, Rocky Mountain Federal
Newcastle 7-11 Conoco Station: Nelson Oil and Gas
Pinedale Shopping Center: Rocky Mountain Federal
Pinedale Apartment Complex: Rocky Mountain Federal
Pinedale Garage and Station: Rocky Mountain Federal
Big Piney Oilfield Water Disposal Facility: RTC
Cheyenne Apartment Complex: Rocky Mountain Federal
Cheyenne Agricultural Research Station: USDA
Wheatland Industrial Shop: USBA
Mountain Vista Subdivisions Acreage, Casper: Private Owner
Mountain View Car and Truck Wash, Casper: USSBA
Gearhart Industries Shop, Casper: Ameritrust Realty Corporation
Baker Tool Industrial Shop, Casper: Private Owner
Guiberson-Dresser Shop, Thermopolis: Lessee
Industrial Shop, Worland: Rocky Mountain Federal
Old K-mart Building, Casper: Owner
Oils and Lubricants Warehouse, Casper: Owner
Brake Supply Industrial Shop: Murane and Bostwick, Attys.
Bessemer Hot Spring Sediments: Spence, Moriarity, and Schuster, Attys.
Big Horn Visitor Center: Water Well Location, Drilling and Completion
Monitor Well Sampling and Analysis Project; Sheridan, Bighorn: WDEQ
Monitor Well Sampling and Analysis Project; Newcastle, Moorcroft: WDEQ
Monitor Well Sampling and Analysis Project; Sundance, Lusk, Gillette: WDEQ
Campbell County Farm Acreage: Rocky Mountain Federal
Veterans of Foreign Wars; Building Post 991 Casper
In business since 1978 as geologic consultant to the mining industry. Firm was incorporated in Wyoming in 1985.
Staff size has varied from 2 to 20 Professionals and Technicians. Environmental work was accelerated in 1989 but
firm still performed mineral appraisals and consulting. In 2004 redirected projects to minerals consulting.
Richard P. Ortiz; Natural Resources Manager and Minerals Consultant
Arizona Public Service Co., Randy Debes; Phoenix, AZ 602-240-2348
IR Energy, Tom Nicholson; Casper, WY 307-234-5019
Myron K. Beck, Businessman; Long Grove, Illinois, 708-913-9881
John Wold, Businessman; Casper, WY, 307-265-7252
Big Horn National Forest, Sheridan, WY and Custer, SD
American Nuclear Corporation: Bill Salisbury, 307-234-6059
Professional Services:
Technical Manager, Industry Liaison, Staff Acquisition and Organization, Geological, Hydrological, Exploration,
Drilling, Coring, Submittals for Analysis and Metallurgy, Environmental Permits, Land Acquisition, Land Inventory
Management, Computerization of Project Data; Measured, Indicated, Inferred, and Potential Resource Estimates,
New Prospect Generation, Project Information Organization and Trades
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