Phospholipids Having Antimicrobial Activity With or Without the

Licensing Opportunity
from the University of Rhode Island
Phospholipids Having Antimicrobial Activity With or
Without the Presence of Antimicrobials
Description of Invention: A pharmaceutical formulation for stimulating growth of Gram-positive Bacilli
and increasing the acidity in vagina comprises sucrose and/or maltose, optionally with other sugars, viscous
base, and anti-fungal and/or anti-bacterial agents.
Potential Areas of Application:
1) Phospholipids are used as carriers of various medically active substances and serve either as
vesicles for the slow release of, e.g., an antibiotic, or as coating agents for protecting an active
substance from, e.g., acid degradation in the stomach.
Main Advantages of Invention:
1) This is the first time that phospholipids have been used as antimicrobials or as enhancers of
antimicrobial activity.
Lead Inventor:
Paul Cohen et al, CELS
US Patent application 09/196,354 filed November 19, 1998 issued as US patent 6,165,997 on December 26,
Phospholipids Antimicrobial USPTO Website Link
Publications (with links):
Category: Biological, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences
Licensing Status:
Available for licensing
Reference #:3461
Please contact David R. Sadowski or Raymond Walsh - Division of Research & Economic Development, University of Rhode Island,
75 Lower College Rd. Suite 001, Kingston, RI 02881; 401-874-4807 or Fax 401-874-7832
Rev. 01-14-10
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