Oral presentation – The Movie of my Life

Oral presentation – The Movie of my Life
Movie title:
1. Setting
 The story takes place in (the past, the present, the future), in (what
country, city….)
Describe the time and place.
2. Plot
 This film is about a person who…
 Then…
 Next…
 Finally…
3. Main character
 Who’s the actor?
 Describe the main character: how old, physical description (if it’s
important), occupation, aspirations, problems…
 What can you say about this character’s personality?
The film and you
Why is this movie important or special for you?
Do you identify yourself with any character? How?
Would you recommend this film to your classmates?
5. Favorite scene
 Briefly describe the scene and explain why you like it.
6. Find your favorite scene on the Internet and send me the URL by e-mail
[email protected] I’ll post it on the blog so that other people can comment
on it.
Sample activity – The Movie of My Life
By Daniela Duarte
Movie: Midnight in Paris
Talking about the story:
1. Setting
 The story takes place in the present and in the past in Paris.
2. Plot
 This film is about a writer who goes to Paris with his fiancée and finds
inspiration for his new story. He has the chance to visit the past and meet
all his favorite writers and artists who lived in Paris in the 1920s. The
1920s in Paris is his ideal time and place for artistic inspiration and he is
very happy to be there. However, by the end of the story, he realizes that
each person has a different idea of the perfect time and place to live and
that even when it’s difficult, we have to accept reality and live it the best
way we can.
3. Main character
 Owen Wilson plays Gil Pender, a successful Hollywood script writer who
wants to start a literary career. He wants to find inspiration for the book
that he is writing and he believes Paris is the perfect place for that. He is
in conflict between living in an ideal past or accepting the real present.
4. The film and you
 I saw this film in one of my few free afternoons that I could use for
myself. I went to the movies on my own and enjoyed every moment of it.
I identify with the main character because I love reading and writing and
many of my favorite artists appear on the film. Also, like Gil Pender I find
it difficult to deal with the present sometimes and I am often nostalgic like
him. I would highly recommend this movie for my students. It is funny
and it tells a lot about literature and arts.
5. Favorite scene
 My favorite scene is when Gil Pender meets Gabrielle and decides to live
the present instead of the past. I think that’s when he realizes how
important it is to enjoy the present.
6. Send me the URL of your favorite scene.
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