Course Code: 04010020 Course title: International Trade Language

Course Code: 04010020
Course title: International Trade
Language of instruction: English
Form of teaching: lecture
Form of assessment: Homework, Presentation, Middle Exam, Final
Exam, Class participation
Credits (ECTS): 3
Class hours per week: 3X40min.
Semester: Spring
Lecturer: Yalin Wang
Title: Associate Professor
Contact method: 025-58318568, [email protected]
Course description:
This course is conventionally divided in two parts: international trade theory and
international trade policy. The theory part examines the determinants of international
trade patterns, the gains from trade, the income distribution effect of trade, and the
relationship between trade and growth. The policy part examines the welfare effects of
tariff and non-tariff measures, the political economy of trade policy,, and the
institutional evolution of the international trading system.
Study Materials:
Pugel, Thomas, International Trade, 14th edition, Published by McGraw-Hill
Education (Asia Co.) & China Renmin University Press,2009
Paul Krugman and Maurice Obstfeld, International Economics: Theory and Policy, 9th
edition, HarperCollins,2012
Robert C. Feenstra, Advanced International Trade: Theory and Evidence, Princeton
University Press, 2004.
Steven Husted & Michael Melvin, International Economics, 5th Edition, Higher
Education Press & Pearson Education,2002
Robert J. Carbaugh, International Economics, 9th Edition, Higher Education
Stephen D. Cohen, Robert A. Blecker, and Peter D. Whitney, Fundamentals of U.S.
Foreign Trade Policy: Economics, Politics, Laws, and Issues, 2nd edition (Boulder:
Westview, 2003).
Perdikis, N., and Kerr, W., Trade Theories and Empirical Evidence, Manchester:
Manchester University Press, 1998.
Edward Leamer, editor, International Economics, Worth Series in Outstanding
Contributions, Worth Publishers, 2001.
Chang, Ha-Joon, Kicking Away the Ladder: Development Strategy in Historical
Perspective, London: Anthem Press, 2002.
Anderson, S., Cavanagh, J., Lee, T., Field Guide to the Global Economy, Institute for
Policy Studies, 2000.
Giovanni Dosi, Keith Pavitt, & Luc Soete, The Economics of Technical Change and
International Trade 1990.
1. Introduction of International Trade
2. The basic Analysis Tools
3. why everybody trades: Comparative advantage
4. Factor Endowment Theory
5. Who gains and who loses from trade
6. Scale economies, imperfect competition and Trade
7. Growth and trade
8. Instruments of Trade Policy
9. Arguments for and against protection
10. Trade policies for developing countries
11. International Factor Movement
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