"Electronic descriptions and cataloguing of Slavic manuscripts and

"Electronic descriptions and cataloguing of Slavic manuscripts and Early
printed books in Swedish repositories"
Antoaneta Granberg and Per Ambrosiani
The paper presents the work in progress within the national infrastructural
project “Digitalized Descriptions of Slavic Cyrillic Manuscripts and Early
Printed Books at Swedish Libraries and Archives”, funded by Riksbankens
Jubileumsfond, 2010-2012. Four specialists from four Swedish universities
are involved in this project: Alexander Pereswetoff-Morath (Stockholm
University), Antoaneta Granberg (Gothenburg University), Irina Lysén
(Uppsala University) and Per Ambrosiani (Umeå University).
The introductory presentation of the existing Slavic manuscripts and early
printed books in Swedish repositories focuses both on different kinds of
collections and on single findings.
The discussion concentrates on the main principles of description used for
Slavic manuscripts and early printed books, including the need for a
standard for electronic description of early printed books. A particular
problem is here the descriptive terminology, which sometimes is not
sufficiently well established and also differs between schools and
scholarly traditions (for example, the problem of uniform designations for
less common types of manuscripts or books).
The theoretical discussion will be illustrated with examples from some of
the most interesting manuscripts and books in the Swedish repositories.
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