Sample preparation for E17.5-P0

Sample preparation for E17.5-P0
1. Cut off upper limbs at the shoulder.
2. Remove all skin from the thorax and neck.
3. Using scissors or forceps, cut away the anterior rib cage and clavicles
to expose the heart, lungs, and thymus .
Fixation & Dehydration:
1. Wash sample in PBS to remove excess blood.
2. Before fixation, ensure the spine of the sample is in a straight line.
Often the back becomes arched during the dissection process and this
disrupts the orientation of subsequent sections.)
3. Place sample in a glass vial with 10% formalin or 4%
paraformaldehyde. Again, ensure the spine remains straight during the
fixation process.
4. Fix at 4 oC for 24-48 hours.
5. Wash 1 minute with PBS.
6. Wash 30 minutes x4 with PBS at 4 oC.
7. Dehydrate: 30% ethanol 2 hours, 50% ethanol 2 hours, 70% ethanol
overnight, 95% ethanol 3 hours x2, 100% ethanol 1 hour x2 (all at
4 oC). Store at -20 degrees in 100% ethanol.
Prepare for submission:
1. Using a sharp razor blade, cut off the head relatively high in the neck
to leave the aortic arch arteries intact. It is important that this cut is
perpendicular to the spine. This makes it easier to embed and section
at a reproducible orientation.
2. Slice through the sample at the level of the diaphragm. Carefully peel
away the thymus. Removing thymus will help subsequent embedding
and sectioning.
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