Modern Terror: Space and Violence in British and Irish Fictions 1883-1922
Sarah K. McLemore
English, UC Santa Barbara
My project examines textual and pictorial representations of the Fenian Dynamite War in
London and the Anglo-Irish War in Dublin. In the chapter I will present at the
dissertation seminar I focus on writers and artists documenting instances of architectural
destruction in Dublin such as the burning of the Custom House and bombings of
tenement flats. I also discuss representations of changes to Dublin’s cityscape such as the
imposition of check-points, the building of new fences and barricades, and the presence
of tanks and convoys of soldiers within the city. Consequently, I suggest that the desire
to represent Dublin’s besiegement allegorically signifies the destabilization of Dublin as
a modern, post-colonial state center and national home.
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Political writings of Eamon de Valera, David Lloyd George, etc. from collections at the
Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, the National Library of Ireland and the State
Paper Office, Dublin Castle.
Secondary Texts/Criticism Related to the Project:
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London: MIT Press, 1992.
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