Leaving SMSU Checklist file - Southwest Minnesota State University

Leaving Southwest Minnesota State
University – Checklist
□ While on Optional Practical Training
1. Copy of approved OPT (Employment Authorization Card/Document or EAD). Immigration has been slow to
update SEVIS and some information has been incorrectly entered by USCIS. If we have a copy of the card,
we can update your SEVIS record to reflect your approved OPT status.
2. Update of your employment/volunteer activities in your field of study. F-1 regulations now request
information on your activities while on OPT to ensure you are utilizing the OPT benefit for enhancing your
degree program. Immigration states that more than 90 days of unemployment could be problematic for
your F-1 status. Therefore please report any paid or unpaid employment to our office:
3. You may only request an insurance refund while on OPT if you provide proof of employer insurance to
confirm such a benefit. MnSCU and SMSU insurance will continue until current year end date.
□ Transferring to Another University
1. Transfer In Form – Some colleges/universities request information on your present SEVIS status and other
records. You may need to submit a “Transfer In” or Advisor’s Verification form to our office which will be
completed/ sent by one of our “Designated School Officials”.
2. Transfer Out Form - Our office requests for you to designate in writing where you wish to transfer your
SEVIS record. Note: you may be accepted to many schools, but you may only have your SEVIS record
transferred once. You may find the Transfer Decision Form under “forms” at our website link:
3. Health Insurance Refund - Once accepted and your SEVIS transfer is in process, you may request a refund if
NOT moving to a MnSCU institution.
□ Returning to Your Home Country or Departing the U.S.
1. Provide proof of intended departure (for example, copy of plane ticket). Inform the International Center of
the dates you intend to depart and re-enter. Procedures in the SEVIS system differ if the departure is less
than or greater than five months. It would be a good idea to make an appointment to discuss your specific
2. Health insurance refund if leaving after fall semester.
3. Check with business services and registration. Be sure all bills are paid and if you have registered for classes
for the next semester, drop your courses. Inform registration that you will be leaving the university.
□ Changing Status from F-1
1. Provide proof of approved change of status. USCIS will provide receipts usually on a form I-797 Notice of
Action/Approval. ISSS can enter that information in the SEVIS system to update your record which may
prevent travel issues in the future.
2. Health insurance refund. Once the change of status is approved, you may request a refund if you paid in
advance for a year of insurance and you will not require insurance for the next semester.
□ Graduation
1. Be certain you have met the requirements for your degree and Southwest Minnesota State
University. Make sure you have made adequate academic progress to meet the GPA requirements
of your program and SMSU. If you are uncertain, see Don Robertson at least one month prior to
2. Be sure your I-20 is up to date. Check your I-20 to see if it reflects the term you are graduating. If not, see
Don Robertson to have him shorten your program (this should have been done when you applied for OPT).
3. Complete Southwest Minnesota State University requirements. Go to the registration website and
complete the necessary forms and checklists:
http://smsu.edu/CampusLife/RegistrationRecords/Index.cfm?Id=2206 .
Revised: 01/2010