I have learned that the thesis statement in an essay is like the topic

What I have learned about reading and writing:
I have learned that the thesis statement in an essay is like the topic sentence in a paragraph.
I' ve learned more vocabularies through reading. After I know the meanings of the words, I can use them in my
essay easily. Reading is a good way to increase new words, and writing is a good way to test whether I know
how to use them in a correct way.
English is my second language and there's lots of words that I don't know, so the foreign words I write them
down with repetition to remember the new words.
Probably the most important thing I have learned about writing prior to taking your class, was from Andy Lack.
He said, "If you have to choose between being understood and and saying what you want and how you would
want to say it, choose to be understood."
I've learned that reading and writing can take you any where you want it to go. You can explore your mind to
go anywhere by imagination, by reading and writing.
1 thing i've learned your structure,expressing my idea's, writing in a way that other people understand.
Writing came to me very slowly untill i found out about my fathers unfinished major in journalism. Directing
me a little as possible he condenced my run on sentences, helped me to become a better speller, and gave me
pointers on how to identify a fragmented sentence.
Seeing i havent been to school in the past 3 years all the skills ive learned have become rusty. I find it harder to
write as time drifts away from the time my father helped me on my papers.
One thing that i have learned from reading are the vocabulary and grammar structure. I constantly learn
something new when i am reading, phrase, words, etc.
I really learned a lot about reading and writing since i came in to the Unitied States, one of the most important
thing that a learned about writing is how to write an essay format and how read in a way the makes you
interested in reading and should look up a word that dont know while reading.
one thing that i know about reading is to highlight the important information while i am reading it and one
thing i know about writing is to know what is your main idea of writing an essay.
One thing I have learned about reading and writing is that, I use it on a daily basis. Reading and writing is very
important, and the more I read the better my vocabulary gets.
One thing I learned in reading would be enagaging in the reading and one for writing you need subject and
verb to have complete sentence.
I have learned about some new vocabulary from reading. Sometimes, when i saw some new vocabulary when i
was reading, i wrote it down in my notebooks and looked for the defination, so i can use them for my future
when i need, such as when i write assey, small talk with my friends , etc..
I learned that writting is a learning process. And reading is a great source of knowledge.
I learned when I am writing, I am very relax and my mind is at ease. When I have problems sometimes I write
to put them away for a minute. There have been times when I have just wrote about my problems. This way I
can understand them better or I can find a solution by writing them on paper.
I learned in writing is to learn how to write a grammer, and used a sentence corretly. But then when I writing a
word you have to forcus on a word to used to write on a piece of paper, and i need to get my mind to forcus on
the paper and write it about what i am writing about.
As a child I learned reading and writing were not very important. I wasn't read to as a child. However, as an
adult I'm learning reading and writing can open doors. Reading and writing is knowledge! Reading and
writing is empowerment! Reading and writing is self-confidence! It also gives an individual the ability and a
place to express their feelings through journaling.
I have learned how to work with real books. Also I learned how to find the meaning of some words without
using a dictionary. It was hard but I had one of the most wonderful teachers that always supported me to feel
comfortable with big books.
Last year my teacher thought me how to compare poetry with ourselves and everything around us, like trees,
tables, pencils or anything that we can touch or feel. I think that it is the best way to get the concept of every
poetry or verse.
I learned by reading how to come up with the main idea and a thesis. Reading helped me to avoid runon. Writing helped me with lots of things. The more i write i notice something in my writing is changing. I
developed skills to write in standard way.
For reading and writing, I have learned to look at the first sentence of every paragraph as the topic sentences for
a brief summary to its following paragraph. For reading, I have learned that authors are usual to bring their
introduction and main ideas in the first paragraph. And then, it comes the supporting body which
contains authors' points of view and ideas by giving evidences and further details to convince readers. Lastly,
all articles end up with a conclusion that simply sums up all the author's ideas by repeating the points that were
For writing, I follow the way as mentioned that many of the writers are using. So, i write my first paragraph as
an introduction, and then two or three paragraphs for expressing my opinions before ending up with a
conclusion at the end.
The thing i have learn through reading is that you become informed , impowered, full of knoweledge and it
keeps you upto date on the world events.This is a tool that will open up many opputunity's for a better and
brighter furture.Its sad that many people dont take this subject reading serious, because once you learn it no one
can take it away from you .
During my years in grade school, I learned many things that involved essay writing, forming thesis statments,
creative writing/plays, alot of reading and anything else that fits the category of a "English Class".
i learned many things in reading and writing such as expanding my vocabulary, and reading more often. As for
writing how to start a paper, writing the introduction, body and conclusion. And in the intro were the thesis
belong and how to get all my ideas together.Thats all :)
One thing I have learned about writting is that you can always express yourself in writting. I love to write many
different things, from essays to poems, and no matter what I express myself first then go over it to correct my
grammer or other mistakes. That way ill be able to say exactly what I intended to
If i read, then question will be sometime be easy, and writing makes easy to remmember.
one thing i have learned about reading is to make comments while you are reading. it helps you to understand
what the articles or essays are talking about.
I learned some much from reading from what is going on in the world to how to be a mother. I love reading a
good book.