Crystal Sheehan - Kinship carer - video transcript (doc 68.5 KB)

Robin Clark Protecting Children Awards 2015
Crystal Sheehan - Kinship carer - video transcript
So my brother is 12 years old, he is going into High School next year, which is quite scary. So
some of the challenges that Daniel’s been through, we’ve had our Mum who’s been quite sick
for many years. He was living with my Mum and acting as her full-time carer, and then
unfortunately my Mum got really sick and she passed away.
So Daniel’s been living with us for about a year and a half now. It’s not that hard, I don’t think it’s
that hard. We were very close, I think that was the most difficult thing that we were so close,
and now I have to act as a parent towards him, and you know, that’s a bit of a shock. So I want
to have that brother/sister bond, but if I’m too lenient he pushes and sees what he can get away
It gets difficult, tiring, I see people who can just go out and do things and here I am organising a
baby sitter and not regular things. But I try to look at it as when I have my own kids I’ll be a bit
more experienced, Daniel’s bad habits I’ll probably drill out of them quite early. We’ll see how
we go with that though.
So he’s gotten more confident and on track with school, he was quite far behind but now he’s
getting on-board with it which is good, and you know hanging out with new people at basketball
and football and he loves that and it’s good. It seems him making friends that he’ll have for a
very long time.
Just be a good boy. Be kind to your sister. Just be kind, don’t be nasty, be happy, do what you
want, make Mum proud, make me proud and live a happy life.
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Crystal Sheehan - Kinship carer - video transcript