Hasil Pemisahan Spermatozoa Kambing dengan Teknik Column

Hasil Pemisahan Spermatozoa Kambing dengan Teknik Column Albumin
(Y Spermatozoa) terhadap Kejadian Kebuntingan dan Sex Ratio Kelahiran
Author :
Abdul Samik(1), Herry Agoes Hermadi(2), dan Erma Safitri(1)
Abstract :
The aim of this research was to know the result of X and Y sperm separated by using column
albumin toward pregnancies rate and sex offspring ratio of goats. The research was used 12
goats consist of 10 does and 2 bucks. The 10 does divided into 2 groups of control (group I) and
experiment group (group II). The Oestrus were synchronized by using PGF2ï•¡ and PMSG before
artificial insemination. Each goat in the group I was inseminated with fresh semen which was
diluted by fresh milk as 1:9, group II was inseminated with fresh semen resulted from column
albumin methods of separation.
Semen were taken from bucks and observed of semen quality. Sperm concentration were 2,69
x 109/ ml, 82,75% of motility and 9,75% of abnormality. After separation of sperm by column
albumin methods, motility of spermatozoa were 76,50% and 20,75% of abnormality.
The result showed that pregnancy rate were 80% (group I) and 60% (group II). Total offspring
were 4 (44%) male and 5 (56%) female in group I and 5 (71%) male, 2 (29%) female in group II.
Separation of spermatozoa by column albumin showed that weight of Y spermatozoa was less
than X spermatozoa. Pregnancy rate depends on some factors, including quality of semen
(concentration, motility, abnormality), fertility of does, semen handling, time and technique of
artificial insemination.