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Firebird Ensemble
Repertoire List
ADES, Thomas: Court Studies for violin, cello, piano and clarinet
ALBRIGHT, William: Sphaera for piano and tape
ALBRIGHT, William: Four Fancies for solo harpsichord
BALEY, Virko: Lament for solo cello
BANQUART, Alain: Grand Melodie for solo flute (US Premiere)
BELA, Marcin: Szela for mixed ensemble (Firebird Commission and World Premiere)
BERIO, Luciano: Naturale for solo viola, percussion and tape (NY Premiere)
BIELAWA, Lisa: Synopsis #1:It’s Over (but it was fun) for solo piano (World Premiere)
BIELAWA, Lisa: Synopsis #2: In the Eye of the Beholder for solo percussion (World Premiere)
BIELAWA, Lisa: Synopsis #9 :I Don’t Even Play the Bassoon for solo viola (World Premiere)
BIRTWISTLE, Sir Harrison: Nine Setting of Lorine Niedecker for soprano and cello
BROWN, Elizabeth: Party of Two for flute, viola and kitchen utensils
CAGE, John: Living Room Music for mixed ensemble
CALLAHAN, Moiya: Magnify for piano and percussion
CARTER, Eliot: Elegy for viola and piano
CARTER, Eliot: Gra for solo clarinet
CHEN-YI: Qi for flute, cello, piano and percussion
CLARKE, Ian: Zoom Tube for solo flute
CROCKETT, Donald: Night Scenes for violin, cello and piano
CROCKETT, Donald: To Be Sung On The Water for violin and viola
CROCKETT, Donald: Wet Ink for violin and piano (NY, NH and MA Premieres)
CROCKETT, Donald: Scree for cello, piano and percussion
CROCKETT, Donald: To Airy Thinness Beat for solo viola & six instruments (Firebird Ensemble
Commission and World Premiere
CRUMB, George: Eleven echoes of autumn for flute, clarinet, violin and piano
CRUMB, George: Vox Balaenae for flute, cello and piano
DAVIDOVSKY, Mario: Flashbacks for Pierrot Ensemble
DEAK, Jon: Lady Chatterley’s Dream for violin, viola, cello, bass and piano
DEAK, Jon: BB Wolf for solo bass
DEAK, Jon: The Passion of Scrooge for baritone and mixed ensemble
DIESENDRUCK, Tamar: The What Of The How X 6 for mixed ensemble
DISTURBED: Remember arranged by Fred Sladkey
DRUCKMAN, Jacob: Valentine for solo bass
EATON, John: Footnotes for two bass clarinets (World Premiere)
ECKARDT, Jason: Flux for alto flute and cello
ETEZADY, Roshanne: Unsafe at Any Speed for piano and percussion
GARFEIN, Herschel: Cumbia from String Quartet
GYGER, Elliot: The Face of Nature for soprano and mixed ensemble (Firebird Commission and
World Premiere)
GOLIJOV: Two Songs for soprano and string quartet
GRISEY, Gerard: Prologue (from Les espaces acoustiques) for viola and electronics
HARBISON, John: Twilight Music for violin, horn and piano
HARBISON, John: Four Songs of Solitude for solo violin
HARRISON, Lou: Concerto for flute and percussion, No. 1
HARRISON, Lou: Varied Trio for violin, piano and percussion
HARTKE, Stephen: King of the Sun for piano quartet
HARTKE, Stephen: Oh Them Rats Is Mean In My Kitchen for two violins
HENDRIX, Jimi: Long Hot Summer Night, arranged by David Claman
HIGDON, Jennifer: Zaka for pierrot ensemble plus percussion
HOLLAND, Jonathan Bailey: Ashmont Train for mixed ensemble
HOLLAND, Jonathan Bailey: For Two for piano and percussion
HOLLAND, Jonathan Bailey: Lovin’ Is Really My Game by Womak/Woods arr. for sop. & ens. by JB Holland.
HUGHES, Curtis: Beck Journals, Vol. 1 for mixed ensemble
HUGHES, Curtis: Beck Journals, Vol. 2 for soprano and mixed ensemble (Firebird Ensemble
Commission and World Premiere)
HUGHES, Curtis: Avoidance Tactics #1 for piano and percussion
HUGHES, Curtis: Salt in the Wound for vibraphone
HUGHES, Curtis: Danger Garden for mixed ensemble (NY Premiere)
HUGHES, Curtis: Flagrant for snare drum
HURST, Derek: ai tempi, i distanzi... for piano and electronics
HURST, Derek: Reticulate Strands for double ensemble (Commission and World Premiere)
HURST, Derek: CLADES, Concerto for Firebird/BMOP (Funded by Fromm Foundation for
Firebird Ensemble. World Premiere given by Firebird Ensemble and BMOP)
HYLA, Lee: My Life on the Plains for mixed ensemble (Firebird Ensemble and JFNMC commission
and World Premiere)
HYLA, Lee: Field Guide for mixed ensemble (Firebird Commission and World Premiere)
HYLA, Lee: Polish Folk Songs for mixed ensemble (NY Premiere)
HYLA, Lee: Mythic Birds of Saugerties for solo bass clarinet
HYLA, Lee: We Speak Etruscan for bass clarinet and baritone saxophone
HYLA, Lee: In Double Light for viola, bass clarinet, piano and percussion
HYLA, Lee: Amnesia Variance for mixed ensemble and hammer dulcimer
HYLA, Lee: Wilson’s Ivory Bill for baritone, piano and field recording
HYLA, Lee: How Was Your Weekend? for viola and cello
IVES, Charles: Like a sick eagle for soprano and piano
JALBERT, Pierre: String Trio for violin, viola and cello
JARVINEN, Arthur: Goldbeaters Skin for mixed ensemble
KATS-CHERNIN, Elena: Beautiful Ramifications for soprano, clar, cello, harp (Firebird
and World Premiere)
KELLEY, Michael: Dumpster Music for viola, cello and bass
KIM, Earl: Now and Then for soprano, viola and harp
KORDE, Shirish: Tenderness of Cranes for solo flute
KORDE, Shirish: Nesting Cranes for flute and string quartet
KORDE, Shirish: Dancing Cranes for violin and string quartet
KORDE, Shirish: Flamenco Piece for soprano and mixed ensemble
KORVITZ, Tonu: Solano for flute, cello and piano (US Premiere)
LACHENMANN, Helmut: Pression for solo cello
LANN, Vanessa: Inner Piece for solo piano
LARSEN, Libby: Four on the Floor for violin, cello, bass and piano
MACKEY Steven: Physical Property for string quartet and electric guitar
MACKEY Steven: Troubadour Songs for string quartet and electric guitar
MACKEY Steven: Indigenous Instruments for mixed ensemble
MALLIA, John: Peripheral Gain for string trio (Firebird Commission and World Premiere)
MARTINO, Donald: Cannonball, Cathy and Threeway for clarinet, bass, piano and percussion
MARTINO, Donald: From the Other Side for flute, cello, piano and percussion
MARTINO, Donald: Rhapsody for cello, piano and vibraphone (Boston Premiere)
MARTINO, Donald: Soliloquy for solo vibraphone
MANERI, Joseph Gabriel: Osanji Tzohlharw for solo viola (World Premiere)
McCAFFREY, A.J: Worst of all is to begin for solo piano
McDONALD, Eric: Mithrandar for string orchestra
McDONALD, John: Parallel Play, Op.411 for double ensemble (Firebird Ensemble and Brave New
Works Co-commission and World Premiere)
McKAY, Diedre: Ice Etchings for violin, piano and percussion (US Premiere)
MOE, Eric: Dead Elf Tugboat for solo flute
MOE, Eric: Hey Mr. Drummachine Man for keyboard and tape
MOE, Eric: Grand Prismatic for clarinet and piano
MOE, Eric: Riprap for flute, cello, piano and percussion
MOE, Eric: And life like love doth throb for viola and cello
MOE, Eric: And Let Me Tell U About R Specials for flute and tape
MOE, Eric: Frozen Hours Melt Melodiously into the Past for cello & ensemble (Firebird Ensemble
Commission and World Premiere)
MORRISON, John: Allman Brothers Suite arranged for SQ & drums
MURAIL, Tristan: Treize couleurs du soleil couchant for mixed ensemble
NEAL, Kate: Gogonasus for soprano & mixed ensemble (Firebird Commission & World Premiere)
ORFE, John: Dragon for three percussionists
PAGE, Rosalind: Floreana for soprano & ensemble (Firebird Commission & World Premiere)
PAPE, Gerard: Two Electro-Acoustic Songs for soprano and flute (US Premiere)
PAPADOR, Nick: Variable Rates for snare drum
PART, Arvo: Fratres for violin and piano
PART, Arvo: Stabat Mater for 3 voices and string trio
PART, Arvo: Spiegel im Spiegel for cello and piano
PIAZZOLA, Astor: Le Grand Tango for viola and piano
PIAZZOLA, Astor: The Four Seasons arranged for String Quartet and Accordion
PIERCE, Forrest: Artifacts for viola and cello
POPPER KEIZER, Rafael: Triage for solo cello
RABSON, Mimi: King Street Tango and Funk #1
RAGE AGAINST the MACHINE: Know Your Enemy arranged by Fred Sladkey
ROI, Micheline: Courting the Will of Dread for mixed ensemble (US Premiere)
ROUSTOM, Kareem: Work for Oud, violin and percussion
RULON, C. Bryon: Divine Detours for mixed ensemble
SATOH, Somei: The Heavenly Spheres Are Illuminated by Lights
SAARIAHO, Kaija: Lonh
SCHOENBERG, Arnold: Brettl Leider for soprano and mixed ensemble
SCHOENBERG, Arnold: Pierot Lunaire
SCHOENBERG, Arnold: String Trio
SCHOENFIELD, Paul: Café Music for piano trio
SCULTHORPE, Peter: Sonata for viola and percussion
SIMS, Ezra: Duo for violin and cello
SISKIND, Paul: Claptrap for multiple performers
SKYNYRD, Lynyrd: Free Bird arranged by Jonathan Holland
SLADKEY, Fred: Lake in Fall and Latitude
SLADKEY, Fred: Just by Radiohead arranged for mixed ensemble
SLADKEY, Fred: Master of Puppets by Metallica arranged for String Quartet by Fred Sladkey
SLADKEY, Fred: Until the End by Breaking Benjamin for String Quartet (arr. by Sladkey )
SLADKEY, Fred: Master of Puppets by Metallica for String Quartet and percussion (arr. by Sladkey)
SLADKEY, Fred: Vicarious by Tool for String Quartet and percussion (arr. Sladkey)
SMYTHE, Cory: Improvisation
SNIDER, Sarah Kirkland: Thread and Fray for viola, clarinet and marimba
SPARR, DJ: The Glam Seduction for mixed ensemble
SRNKA, Myroslav: Surprises in the Dark for mixed ensemble (US Premiere)
STANHOPE, Paul: Contemplate an entangled bank for soprano & ensemble (Firebird Commission and
World Premiere)
STOCKHAUSEN, Karlheinz: Xi for solo flute (US Premiere)
STUCKY, Steven: Dust Devil for solo marimba
STUCKY, Steven: Piano Quartet
SULLIVAN, Kate: Pinocchio for narrator, oboe and string trio
SUMMER, Mark: Lo, How a Rose E’er Bloomin for solo cello
SUMMER, Mark: Julie-O for solo cello
TIERNEY, Justin: The God Script by Justin Tierney for mixed ensemble (Firebird Commission
and World Premiere)
TOOL: Vicarious arranged by Fred Sladkey
TORRAS, Monserrat: Impromptus for Ensemble (Firebird Ensemble Commission /World Premiere)
TOSCANO, Robert: and if you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you for soprano,
viola, cello, percussion (Firebird Ensemble Commission and World Premiere)
TOWER , Joan: Petrouskates for violin, cello, flute, clarinet and piano
TRANT, Aaron: Dictit for flute and violin
TRANT, Aaron: Spiral for three percussionists
TRANT, Aaron: Rubix for three instruments
TRANT, Aaron: Song 4 for violin, cello, guitar and drum kit (World Premiere)
TRANT, Aaron: It’s Over for keyboard and drum kit
TRANT, Aaron: Father Robbie for violin, guitar, cello and drum set (Firebird Ensemble Commission
and World Premiere)
TRANT, Aaron & VINCENT, Kate: The four suits for viola, percussion & dancer (Firebird Ensemble
Commission and World Premiere)
TRANT, Aaron: UNspoken NOthingness for clarinet, viola and cello (Firebird Ensemble
Commission and World Premiere)
UN, Ekrem Zeki: Turkish Quartet for string quartet
VALI, Reza: Folk Songs Set #9 for flute and cello
TER VELDHUIS, Jacob: Lipstick for solo flute and tape
VINES, Nicholas: The Mysterious Demise of One Brody-Marie for bar., clar., perc., pf (US Premiere)
VINES, Nicholas: Economy of Wax for soprano, flute, viola and harp (Firebird Commission and
World Premiere)
VINES, Nicholas: Torrid Nature Scenes for mezzo, soprano and mixed ensemble (Firebird Ensemble
commission & World Premiere)
WADE, Liam: Peaches en regalia by Frank Zappa arranged for mixed ensemble
WADE, Liam: Eat that question by Frank Zappa arranged for mixed ensemble
WADE, Liam: Genius in France by Weird Al arranged for mixed ensemble
WALKER, Daniel: The Silurian for soprano and mixed ensemble (Firebird Ensemble Commission & World
WALLIN, Rolf: The Age of Wire and String for mixed ensemble (US Premiere)
WERNTZ, Julia: Orientale for viola and dancer (World Premiere)
WERNTZ, Julia: Group Dance for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and percussion (Firebird Ensemble
Commission and World Premiere)
WEILL, Kurt: Frauentanz for soprano and mixed ensemble
WHITE, Frances: A Veil Barely Seen for viola and tape
WILSON, Cameron: A Not-So Traditional Christmas Medley for String Quintet
WOMAK/WOODS: Lovin’ Is Really My Game arranged by Jonathan Holland
XENNAKIS, Iannis: Kottos for solo cello
ZAGAR, Peter: Quintet for clarinet and strings (US Premiere)
ZAPPA, Frank: Black Page arr. by Aaron Trant
Active Firebird Ensemble Commissions include new works by: Eric Moe, Jonathan Holland,
Vache Sharafyan, John McDonald, Eric Guinivan and John Morrison. Additional commissions currently
under negotiation include works by Pierre Jalbert, Mathew Rosenblum and Kurt Rhode.
This list reflects performances Firebird Ensemble has given of 181 works by 111 composers (81 US composers),
including 27 Firebird Commissions/World Premieres and an additional 19 US and World Premieres of noncommissioned works.
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