Project Associate - Massachusetts Public Health Association

Project Associate for Health Policy and Research
UMASS Medical School – Shrewsbury
The Center for Health Policy and Research, a business unit of Commonwealth Medicine,
operated by UMass Medical School is seeking a Project Associate.
Under the general direction of the Senior Project Director with project-specific input from
Project Directors, the Project Associate provides high-level and diverse coordination and
support on multiple health policy and research projects undertaken with Massachusetts
state agencies.
 Masters degree, or equivalent, in public health, public policy, or policy
administration with coursework in quantitative and qualitative research methods
and analysis is required.
 Three years experience in project management and/or participation in relevant
public policy and health related research and evaluation projects.
 Previous experience working with vulnerable disabled and /or lower income
populations, especially Medicaid recipients, is strongly preferred.
 Demonstrated experience working with spreadsheet and database programs;
such as MS Access, MS Excel, SAS and/or SPSS
 Excellent oral and written skills, and the ability to work in groups.
 Familiarity and experience in any of the following areas is strongly preferred:
o Basic quantitative research methods, including statistics and
measurements, and survey instrument design
o Qualitative research methods and data collection, including experience
with interviewing and coordinating focus groups
o Assessment of health care quality e.g. HEDIS measures
Developed and operated by the University of Massachusetts Medical School,
Commonwealth Medicine (CM) offers access to an unparalleled depth and breadth of
academic, research, management and clinical resources. CM's programs have been
instrumental in assisting Massachusetts' health care agencies increase the value and
quality of health care expenditures, and improve access and delivery of care to at-risk
and uninsured populations. CM is made up of an array of programs that collaborate with
various state and local agencies on health care initiatives.
As an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer, UMMS recognizes the power of
a diverse community and encourages applications from individuals with varied
experiences, perspectives and backgrounds.
To apply on-line, use the following link:*EF7D2FB69F03458C
or contact:
[email protected]
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