13th CFC Youth International Leader`s Conference - CFC-FFL

“Basura Treasure Hunt”
One of the most crucial tasks of the WKC is waste management. Without proper waste
management, the venue will be filled with scattered trashes and will destroy the beauty of the
place. Our Creator has clearly given us the task to be STEWARDS of His creation and as KFL
members and coordinators we have to take an active role in the task assigned to us.
Being a dynamic, hip, and creative generation, we re-packaged waste management and present
it as BASURA INC. This year one of our goals is to make sure that BASURA INC. will be
embedded in the minds of our kids. In line with the theme of this year’s WKC, BASURA INC.
has decided to present itself as “BASURA TREASURE HUNT”.
“Basura Treasure Hunt” Guidelines
Please appoint one (1) YOUTH Basura Manager for your district. Couple
coordinators can only partner with or assist the Youth Basura Manager.
a) Educate the delegation of the practice of waste management
b) Constantly reminds everyone not to throw trash anywhere but to throw in it the
right trash bins
c) Leads the team in their tasks
d) Assures the cleanliness of his/her own district ’s eating, and sleeping area.
e) Reports to the head of delegation.
f) Create a “basura treasure hunter gimmick” for his team on how to rally
everyone to collecting trash properly.
g) Create a “basura treasure hunter” costume/look for his/her team, to be during
the event. (ex. Cape and/or face mask)
h) Register upon arrival at the site and make sure that their team is recognized by
the BASURA INC. personnel.
i) Make sure that all trash would be collected and counted properly before
depositing it to their island bin. (ex. No left-overs inside food packages, no
unfinished drinks)
j) Make sure that ALL TEAM MEMBERS will be picking up trash and influencing
the kids in the area to pick or collect them.
NOTE: Please fax the name and contact details(cellphone, email) of your BASURA
MANAGER on or before May 5, 2008 (02) 7182213 ** please see attached form for fax
form reply
1) All districts are eligible to join the hunt.
2) The hunt will start at 8:00am, Friday (May 09) and will end at 10:00am Sunday
(May 11)).
3) Basura Inc. Managers are required to register upon arrival. Kits will be given to
them. The kits would include:
a) Guidelines
b) Garbage bags
c) Plastic gloves
4) The district with the highest total in number of collected recyclables (empty pet
bottles, aluminum cans, and food packages) will receive gift packs.
NOTE: The Basura Inc. Committee will use a Point System format for the hunt
The POINT SYSTEM will be as follows: 10 points for an aluminum can, 5 points
for a pet bottle and 1 point for a food package.
5) A monitoring board will take account all the submitted pet bottles, aluminum cans
and food packages by each district.
1) ALL BASURA INC MANAGERS should register immediately upon arrival on site
at the registration area, Basura Inc. table, to get their kits and materials.
2) ALL TRASH given to Basura Inc. personnel should already be COUNTED and
cleaned from any left over juice, water, softdrink or food. They SHOULD be
properly placed in the trash bag.
3) In the kits given to Basura Inc. Managers, there’s already a specific number of
trash bags as well as gloves. Basura Inc. Managers should use these tools
wisely so as not out run out of supply throughout the duration of the conference.
Basura Teams MAY BRING additional trash bags and gloves if they want to
ensure that a lot of trash will be collected.
Basura Inc. Shop
Aside from the Basura Treasure Hunt, this year’s WKC will also have another Basura
Inc. bonus for our Kids.
Basura Inc. Shop wants the kids to see recycling as a responsibility and yet a fun
thing to do. In exchange of the trash collected, there will be prizes given for a specific
number of trash deposited – ala “arcade” style – at our booth. Prizes will be given
until supplies last. Redemption of these prizes will only be allowed on certain times:
Friday 2pm-5pm and Saturday 9-11am and 2-5pm.
WKC Merchandise
1 T-shirt = 100 water bottles, or 70 cans of softdrinks, or 70 food packages
1 sticker = 20 water bottles, or 10 cans of softdrinks, or 20 food packages
1 candies = 40 water bottles, or 20 cans of softdrinks, or 30 food packages
1 toys = 40 water bottles, or 20 cans of softdrinks, or 30 food packages
** Note: Basura Managers and their respective teams are not eligible to join this
promo and redemption of prizes.
ATTACHMENT FOR BASURA MANAGER: Please fill it up and FAX to 727-5777
District/Province: _________________________________
Name: ___________________________________
Contact Number (mobile and landline): ______________________
Email Address: _________________________________________
TEAM NAME: _________________________________
One statement of conviction about cleanliness:
(please fax this form at 718-2213) Thanks a lot and God Bless!
Tables – 4
Chairs - 6
Basura Treasure Hunt Tarpaulin – 1
2) Trash Cans
1 big bins with 3 slots (pet bottles, aluminum cans, food boxes)
Kits P3,000
- Garbage Bags
- Plastic Gloves
Miscellaneous P3,000
- pens
- folders
- printed materials ( posters, logs for basura inc team, small signages)
- printing
- straw
- scotch tape
- manila paper
- pentel pen
- flash light
Arcade Prizes P4000
- WKC merchandise
- Candies
- Toys
Suggested items/ prizes for sponsorships:
(Basura Inc.)
Garbage bags
Plastic gloves/ whistles
(for waste management purposes)
Garbage bags
Plastic gloves
Ajax Cleanser, Zonrox, toilet paper, brushes, gloves – for toilets and bath