Dietetics Course - Central Michigan University

Foods & Nutrition Monitored Enrollment Application
CHM 342 (22295543 CRN for CHM)
DEADLINE – Tuesday, October 13 – 4 p.m.
Applications will be accepted October 12 and 13 in EHS 2288:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
Spring 2016
Applications accepted 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. ONLY
1. Students will not be able to use Centralink to register for CHM 342 (section 22295543 ONLY). Centralink may be used to drop a course.
2. Access the application at on the right side click “For Students”, then click on Monitored Enrollment and fill out the
appropriate form.
3. Complete the application for CHM 342 section 22295543 ONLY.
4. Type your information directly into the application form. Un-typed applications will not be accepted.
5. From the Centralink, print a personalized unofficial copy of your CMU transcript that includes your current class schedule. Attach the
personalized transcript to this application.
6. Transfer Students complete steps 6a and 6ba. If you do not have a CMU GPA yet, attach a personalized unofficial copy of your transcript from the other school(s) you have
attended. Without this information, your GPA score will be “0” (see scoring box below).
b. Attach a copy of your transfer credit evaluation. This document would have been provided to you by the Registrar.
7. Please highlight all the courses you have completed that are required for the dietetics major. This includes FNS, STA, CHM, BIO, and possibly
HSC. Required courses are listed on your signed major, in the undergraduate bulletin, or the dietetics hand book posted at
8. Attach a copy of your signed dietetics major form. If you do not have a copy, please call the HEV Department at 774-3218 and we will send
you one electronically.
9. Turn the completed application in to EHS 228 by the deadline stated above.
10. Notificationa. You will be notified by email if you did receive a seat in CHM 342 (CRN 22295543).
b. You will be notified by email if you did not receive a seat in the course in which you are completing this application. You may check
the online registration site to see if any seats become available after monitored enrollment ends. If you did not receive a seat, you
should to meet with your advisor to discuss your progress in the dietetics program.
Name __________________________________________________ Student Number _____________________________________
CMU Global I.D. ________________________@cmich.edu_______ Local Phone _______________________________________
Date of signed Dietetics major ___________ (Include copy with application)
Overall GPA ____________ (Not including current semester; include personalized transcript with application)
Total number of semester hours completed _____________ (Not including current semester; include personalized transcript with application; transfer
students include credits that transferred)
I have read and understand the above conditions. I understand that I will be notified ONLY by e-mail to my CMU email account and if I do not receive
an e-mail it is my responsibility to call 774-5486 and check on the status of my application. I understand that I must not have any holds on my Central
Michigan University Account, otherwise I will lose my spot to another student on the waiting list.
Scoring Criteria-Official Use Only
4.0 – 3.5 = 7 points
3.49 – 3.26 = 6 points
3.25 – 3.39 = 5 points
3.38 – 3.25 = 4 points
3.24 – 3.0 = 3 points
2.99 – 2.25 = 2 points (advising require)
2.49 – 2.0 = 0 points (advising required)
Cumulative Credit Hours*
>75 hours = 6 points
60-74 hours = 5 points
45-59 hours = 4 points
30-44 hours = 3 point
<30 hours = 0 points
* note: current semester not included
Signed Major
3 or more semesters = 5 points
2 semesters = 4 points
1 semester = 3 points
current semester = 2 points
unsigned = 0 points
Total Score ___________