Resolution of the Minister of Social Affairs No. 6 of 2012 on the

Resolution of the Minister of Social Affairs
No. 6 of 2012 on the Rules and Restrictions of
Rendering Assistance during Catastrophes 6 /
Number of Articles: 13
Table of Content
Articles (1-13)
The Minister of Social Affairs,
Having reviewed law No. 38 of 1995 on social security,
Emiri Resolution No. 29 of 1996 on the resolutions of the Council of
Ministers submitted to the Emir for ratification and issuance,
Emiri Resolution No. 40 of 2009 regarding the organizational structure of
the Ministry of Social Affairs,
Resolution of the Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs No. 50 of 1998
on the rules for giving aid in disaster situations,
And the adoption by the Council of Ministers of the draft of this resolution
at its regular meeting No. 21 of 2010, held on 9 June 2010,
Hereby resolves as follows:
Article 1
In the application of the provisions of this Resolution, the following words and expressions
shall have the meanings assigned to each, unless the context requires otherwise.
means the Department of Social Security.
means all accidents that result from emergency conditions, or that are
beyond control, which result in death, serious injuries, loss of persons and property.
means the rendering of cash or in-kind assistance, such as shelter, food and
clothes, as well as all other necessary services of all forms.
“Committee”: means a relief committee in the event of a catastrophe, constituted under the
provisions of Article 6 of this Resolution.
Article 2
In the event of a catastrophe, the Department shall undertake, within not more than two days
from the date of occurrence, to make arrangements for appropriate shelter, and to render cash
assistance to affected citizens and families provided that the daily cash assistance shall be no
less than Two Hundred (200) Riyals per person and no more than One Thousand (1,000) Riyals
per family.
Article 3
Cash assistance shall continue for fifteen days, with the option of the extension of such cash
assistanceup to a total of forty days in accordance with a resolution of the Minister on
recommendation by the Department, in accordance with the needs in each case until the
circumstances of each case, and the consequences thereof, have been resolved.
Article 4
For eligibility for assistance in accordance with the provisions hereof, it is provided that:
An individual affected by a catastrophe shall be subject to the provisions of social
security law;
Such damage as has occurred shall be consequent on the contingent emergency
circumstances over which the affected party has no control;
The damage that has occurred to a citizen and their family results in death, serious
injury to persons, or loss of property;
The affected property or sustained loss shall not be subject to any insurance
arrangement by an insurance company, or, other than where it exists outside the State, rented
to third parties, unless the owner is able to establish that such rent is his only source of income;
The affected party should not have received any compensation for the same damage
from any other entity.
Article 5
In the event of property loss, the amount of assistance shall not be less than 50 per cent and
not more than 80 per cent of the value of the actual loss. Emergency rendered assistance shall
not be deducted from the final amount of assistance.
Assistance in the event of casualties and death shall be determined on a case-by-case basis on
presentation to the Ministry.
Article 6
The Ministry shall form a Catastrophe Relief Committee (hereinafter referred to as ‘the
Committee’), to be located at the headquarters of the Ministry, under the chairmanship of the
Assistant Undersecretary(Social Security), a representative of the Housing Department at the
Ministry as Deputy Chairman, and a membership comprisingthe following:
Two representatives of the Department;
Two representatives for the Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs
at the Ministry;
One representative of the Legal Department.
A resolution by the Minister shall nominate the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the
Article 7
The functions of the Committee shall be as follows:
To give prompt consideration to applications submitted by those seeking assistance and
to submit an urgent report on the same to the Ministry;
To inspect damage and estimate losses resulting from a catastrophe, as the case may
To ensure the fulfilment of conditions provided for under Article 5 hereof, and to
propose an estimate of assistance in accordance therewith;
To propose relief arrangements, provide cash and in-kind assistance to affected families
and individuals, in coordination with the Department;
To recommend an increase in the amount of assistance provided in Article 2 of this
resolution, based on the circumstances of each case;
To recommend extending the urgent cash assistance period, whenever this is urgently
To make recommendations to determine the amount of final assistance provided in
Article 5 hereof;
To provide recommendations as to the support and settlement of affected families.
Article 8
The Committee shall convene as necessary on the invitation of the Chairman. Meetings of the
Committee shall not be considered valid unless attended by the majority of the membership,
provided that the Chairman or his Deputy shall be among the attendees. The resolutions and
recommendations of the Committee shall be issued by the majority of attending members. In
the event of a tied vote, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.
The Committee shall establish a frame work for its activities, including the venue and the time
at which to convene, as well as such other rules as are necessary for functioning.
Article 9
The Committee may seek assistance from competent and experience individuals whom the
committee may call to attend committee meetings and provide counselling, data or
clarification. Such visiting attendees shall not have the right to vote.
Article 10
The Committee shall present recommendations and the conclusions of proceedings to the
Minister for necessary action.
Article 11
Without prejudice to the provisions related to criminal responsibility, the Ministry shall have
the right to recover rendered assistance in the event that the recipient has resorted to cheating,
fraud, the use of a false identity, falsified data or incorrect information in order to obtain such
Article 12
Ministerial Resolution No. 50 of 1998 is hereby rescinded.
Article 13
All competent authorities, each within its jurisdiction, shall enforce this law from the date of
its publication in the Official Gazette.
Please do not consider the material presented above Official
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