Marine Geology Open Notes Quiz Name:

Marine Geology Open Book Study Guide
1. What is the difference between a sea and a gulf?
2. What are the characteristics a sea and a gulf have in common?
3. Give an example of a sea, gulf and an ocean.
4. According to your book, how old is the oceanic crust? Continental crust?
5. According to your book, how old is our solar system? Do you agree or disagree
with this proposal? Why or why not?
6. What are the four main basins of the ocean? Which are the largest and the
7. How big is the ocean?
8. How much of the earth does the ocean take up?
9. What is believed to be the oldest known fossil?
10. How long ago do scientists think the answer to number 9 lived?
11. What is primordial soup?
12. Describe Primitive Earth. How can scientists know this? Can it be proven? Why
or why not?