Name Bozeman- Speciation and Extinction

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Bozeman- Speciation and Extinction
Watch the Bozeman video on speciation and extinction, using the website provided.
Answer the following questions.
1. How can you tell from a cladogram (family tree) when a new species has
come about in time?
2. How can you tell when a species has gone extinct?
3. Where would you find the ancestor of all life on the cladogram?
4. What is the effect on biodiversity when speciation occurs? What is the effect
on biodiversity when extinction occurs?
5. Describe how speciation is occurring within the stickleback populations in
Loberg Lake?
6. What is the cause (selection pressure) for the change in sticklebacks?
7. How will we know when the fully armored and low-armored sticklebacks are
considered two separate species?
8. The founding population of honeycreepers arrived on the Hawaiian Islands.
Explain how adaptive radiation occurred?
9. Give another example of adaptive radiation.
10. Name three species that have gone extinct.
11. What does “The Great Dying” mean? What may have caused it?
12. What happened in the “K-T Extinction”? What evidence suggests that an
asteroid caused it?