RNA Polymerase Chromatin Immunoprecipitation on chip (RPCC): a

<Supporting information>
Table S1. TR and RA values for the experiment. Normalization to real units was done as
explained elsewhere [Pelechano et al., 2010 (submitted)]
Table S2. Relative contribution of TR to the RA changes
Table S3. Complete lists of functional groups with a significant deviation from the steady
state during exponential growth
Figure S1. Correlation between the different time points for the mRNA amount (RA) and the
transcription rate (TR). The five time points correspond to OD600 = 0.36, 0.38, 0.41, 0.44 and
0.47 (spanning 40 min, at 10 min intervals). Each data point is the result of three independent
replicates. Data are represented in the log2 scale, with median = 0. A linear squared
correlation is shown