Real Zone IT Firm donates a computer lab, a theory classroom and a

Real Zone IT Firm donates a computer lab, a theory classroom and a staff room to
Magugu Primary School
Real Zone is an IT Firm (Real Zone) based in Midrand, Johannesburg. On the 28th of
November 2012 Real Zone donated a computer laboratory, a learners’ classroom and a
staff room to Magugu Primary School (Magugu). Magugu opened their doors to Real
Zone to refurbish an old building that was used for the implementation of a learnership
programme. The programme was already in its simulation phase.
About the Learnership Programme
Learners were on a learnership programme called “The National Certificate in IT: End
User Computing at NQF Level 3”. This is an MICT SETA one-year programme which is
divided into two (2) phases. The first phase is the theoretical training. In this phase
learners’ focus is mainly on the learning material. The second phase is simulation. This
is the phase where learners do practicals using a computer. Learners are given the
activities that are similar to work activities done in the workplace. The objective is to
give learners the opportunity to get a “feel” of the workplace. By the time learners
complete the 12 months, their skills have developed enough for them to be employable
as Office Administrators.
The monumental building (which is believed to have been built in the 19 th century) was
a special experience for Real Zone. Mr Muzi Msibi (Managing Director of Real Zone) is
quoted as saying, “We ensured that the renovations do not change the external, artistic
features of the building for they are priceless”.
The renovations included tiling the whole floor area of the classroom, computer
laboratory as well as the staff room. The interior walls of all the three rooms were
freshly painted. A new and freshly painted ceiling was installed. The roof exterior was
given a face-lift where old congregated were replaced with new congregated iron
sheets, the rest of the sheets were painted. The old rusted gutters were also replaced
and painted. All windows and doors in the computer lab were fitted with burglar-proofs
(which were also painted).
Other improvements included a fence dividing the existing Magugu Primary School with
the newly revamped building as well as donation of a 4000 litres Jojo water tank. Over
and above all this, Real Zone also decided to renovate the toilets which were previously
used by the teachers from the primary school. These toilets were given to Real Zone to
use by the principal and they were painted and fitted with new doors.
The newly renovated staff room was then fully furnished with desks and chairs for 3
facilitators, a computer (with monitor) as well as filing cabinets. The classroom was
furnished with 25 desks with chairs and a chalkboard. The computer laboratory had 25
desks with chairs and 25 computers for each learner. The facilitators were also given
stationery and other items like an urn for boiling water for tea.
Real Zone’s Mission and Vision
“This donation is at the heart of our mission and vision. We believe in promoting
science and technology literacy not just to the privileged, but our main focus is also to
the under-privileged and disadvantaged communities like Ingwavuma in the KwaZulu
Natal Province” says Mr Msibi.
The donation was received by the principal of Magugu Primary School, Mr Sifiso
Mngomezulu together with the School Governing Body (SGB). Mr Mngomezulu who is
also a member of the SGB worked closely with the SGB and as the governing body they
were very instrumental in ensuring that not only the learnership programme became a
reality, but also the Real Zone donation.
The newly renovated building will now be used as a Community Centre which is aimed
at up skilling the youth of the Ingwavuma area.
Words of Thanks
The Management of Real Zone would like to thank the Media, Information and
Communication Technologies (MICT) Sector Education and Training Authority
(SETA) for funding the learnership programme. Without the SETA, this donation would
not have been possible.
We would also like to extend our special thanks to Mr Thandanani Manyathi and
Nasirah Govindsamy for their support throughout the implementation of the renovations.
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