Skin Care Facial Form - Best Hair Salon & Day Spa in Orlando, Florida

List any Allergies or skin Reaction
Skin Reactions_______________________________________
Products used________________________________________
Skin Care Facial Form
List all medications you are currently taking in the
Last 30days Includes (hormones, birth control,
pills, vitamins, herbal supplements etc.)
Name: _________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________
Length of Use
City: ____________________ St: ________ Zip: _______________
Cell Phone: _________________ Bus Phone: __________________
Email: _________________________________________________
Date of Birth: _______________________ Age: _______________
Occupation: ____________________________________________
Have you had cosmetic surgery/non-surgical?
When? _________________ What Type? __________________
Please Circle Skin conditions you are experiencing
(Hands or Face)
-Sun spots
(Around Lips)
-Fine lines
Additional Comments:
(Face or Neck)
-Fine lines
(Around Eyes)
-Fine lines
(Face, Chest or Back) -Acne Scars
-Dark Circles
-Acne Breakout
Referred By_______________________________________
-Clogged Pores
-Loss of Skin Elasticity
-Excess Facial Hair
(Friend, Ad, Internet, Walk-in etc)
-Dry Chapped Lips
Below is the list of enhancers available to your during
your scheduled facial service. Please check your
selection for anything you wish to add.
Eye Treatment-$15
Kissable Lip Treatments-$15
Décolleté Treatment-$15
Eyebrow Tint-$16
Eyelash Tint-$25
Eyebrow Waxing/Threading -$17
Lip Waxing/Threading-$15
Glycolic Peel Add on - $25
Antioxidant Add on - $25
Acne Control - $25
Extractions - $25
Speciality Mask $20
What is the end result you are expecting for your
skin? ___________________________________________
Please list facial products used
Cleanser_________________ Toner___________________
Moisturizer_______________ Night Cream______________
Make up_________________
Other ___________________
Circle any health conditions which you are now
-High/Low Blood Pressure
-Herpes Simplex
I acknowledge that the questions answered above are true
-Active Sores
and Skin Care Specialist and Sanctuary Salon cannot be held
Circle which applies to your daily routine
responsible for any reactions that would otherwise be
-Topical Creams
-Retin A
-Metal Implants
-Contact lens
-Hormone Therapy
-Birth Control
Please indicate the services that best interest you
Chemical peels - Light Therapy - Microdermabrasion
What is your water intake? ____ cups per day