Academic Intervention Syllabus - East Aurora Union Free School

Academic Intervention Services
Ms. Piasecki
Room: C 141
Phone Number: 687-2300 X
[email protected]
What is the Academic Center?
The academic center was created to be a support service for students who are in need of
additional instruction that supplements their general curriculum, by providing extra time
for focused instruction or increased student teacher instructional contact time.
Who must attend?
Students in grades 9-12 are required to receive AIS if they score below the state
designated performance level (a 1 or 2) on one or more of the State intermediate
assessments in English Language Arts, math, social studies, and science, or score below
the State designated performance level on any of the State examinations required for
Other possible reasons for being assigned to this class may be: poor attendance, student
records, teacher recommendation, and continuous documented difficulty in specified
How is a student assigned to AIS?
If a student was previously receiving academic intervention services, their portfolio will
be reviewed and services will be reassigned if necessary. In grades where no state
assessments are given, students will receive AIS if they are determined to be at risk of not
meeting State standards according to criteria established by the District.
The Student Intervention Team (SIT) will generate a list of students at risk for
consideration of AIS services. The SIT will also consider students who are referred by a
teacher or a parent. Consideration for service will be based upon multiple measures.
Upon review of the data presented, the Sit will determine if the student needs AIS and the
level of service needed to meet State standards.
How does a student exit AIS?
Academic intervention services may be discontinued when a student is considered likely
to meet or is meeting the state standards. Discontinuation of the service should be
considered as a function of the Student Intervention Team. Multiple sources of
information will be examined, as evidence of improvement, such as: performance on
Regents, State, and standardized norm-referenced assessments; district developed
procedures; grades; attendance; and teacher observation.
How can I help my student?
Parental involvement is an important key to a student being successful in the academic
center. Parents are encouraged to stay in contact with the student’s teachers in order to
aid the student and teacher in a successful outcome. Attached you will find a handout that
will provide helpful information to the teachers in the academic center. This information
will help us provide your student with specifically tailored instruction that will help to
make them successful. Monitoring a student’s homework and grades, will also aid in
Things to remember
In the academic intervention center every day is a new beginning, and every day is an
opportunity to make a U turn in the right direction.
Every student has a candle just waiting to be lit. It is everyone's
responsibility to help light it.