Miss Cascio`s science class - Sun Prairie Area School District

Late Work
Mrs. Leatherman’s
7th grade Science Class
The grading scale is as follows and is based on total points:
A =
A- =
B+ =
B =
B- =
C+ =
100 – 93
92 - 90
89 - 87
86 - 83
82 - 80
79 - 77
Each homework/class work assignment will be assigned one point
for responsibility. For each assignment that is turned in on time,
you will receive one point for responsibility. If an assignment is
late, you will not receive the point for that assignment. So, at the
end of a quarter, if we have 25 homework assignments, you can
earn 25 out of 25 points for the responsibility grade. If you turn in
4 assignments late, you will have earned 21 out of 25 points.
C =
C- =
D+ =
D =
D- =
F =
76 - 73
72 - 70
69 - 67
66 - 63
62 - 60
59 and below
There are extra credit opportunities given each Monday and due
Friday. On Monday of each week, I will write one extra credit
question on the board. If you choose, you may answer the
question, and it is due on Fridays at the beginning of the class
period. You may turn it in earlier than Friday if you finish it. If
you choose to take advantage of these opportunities, you must
write down the question and the answer, both of which must be
written in complete sentences. You can choose to do the extra
credit question as often as you like; it will be available each week.
As a result of this, no other extra credit opportunities are available
to you. Also, if you have any missing work, extra credit cannot be
turned in until the missing assignments have been taken care of.
At the beginning of each class period every day, you will be
writing a warm-up. You will receive a warm-up packet at the
beginning of each quarter. I will collect it and grade it twice per
quarter; once at mid-quarter and once the last week of the quarter.
If you lose your packet, use notebook paper to do your warm-ups!
If you are absent a day, you write the date and underneath, you
write absent. I do not grade the warm-ups for their correctness,
only for completeness.
Composition Notebook
You will keep a composition notebook in this class.
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see the homework
supervisor for the missed work. I cannot stress this enough—it is
much easier for you to find out what you missed than it is for
others to try and figure out which day(s) you were gone and get
the assignments. You will be given twice as many days as absent
to turn in missed assignments for excused absences.
Class Expectations
1. Bring your materials to class each day. The materials you
need to have every day are black or blue pens and pencils,
composition notebook, folder with loose-leaf paper, and a book
for silent reading. This also includes any homework that was due.
2. Be courteous and respectful to others as well as school
property. This includes substitutes and guests.
3. You will not use profanity, inappropriate behavior or
put-downs. This is a respectful environment.
4. When you come into class, you will begin doing your
warm-up immediately.
5. You will not chew gum in class.
*Willful disobedience will not be tolerated.
There are a few other details that I need to mention:
You may only write in blue ink, black ink, or pencil!
No other colors except in special situations.
 If you need extra help, I am available at lunchtime
every day. I also arrive at school at 7:00 a.m. If you
need to meet with me after school, just let me know.
 Proper heading on all papers that you turn in:
Your name, date and period go in the upper right-hand
corner of all papers. In the center of the paper, write
the title of the assignment: You will lose points if the
heading is incomplete or missing.
Please read the above information with your child. Please
sign this page and return with your child by Tuesday,
September 8th. If this is returned tomorrow, your child will
receive 3 extra credit points. Thank you—I am looking
forward to a terrific year! 
Mrs. Leatherman
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