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FCE: Caring for Others”
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“A” is for Apple
By Janie Williams, KAFCE State EPC
►Apples have been around since beginning of
time. People all around the world enjoy eating f
 EDUCATIONAL GOALS: Participants will learn
the history, nutritional value, growing
techniques and varieties, popular uses, and
facts about apples.
Present program and give out a compiled
handout with apple crafts. Give teachers an
apple during National Education Week,
November 17-21. Combine program material
with a school’s project on Johnny Appleseed.
Sponsor apple pie bake-off at local community
fall festival.
“Caring for our Community: Recycling eWaste”
Written by Judy Fullmer, KAFCE State EPC
►Every day we throw out an enormous amount of
precious metals that are inside our old electronics.
Where does it all end up? How can we manage the
disposal of electronic?
 EDUCATIONAL GOALS: Participants will learn
Identify e-waste and learn where to recycle ewaste. Understand the importance of
responsible recycling and be motivated to
recycle e-waste. Gain ideas on how to
advocate for needed changes in their
community. Increase understanding of how ewaste affects human health
 Community Awareness Activity: Celebrate
Earth Day April 22, 2015. Collect e-waste to
recycle, find a local recycler and/or work with
community groups to set up e-waste recycling.
Sponsor a workshop on e-waste crafting. Invite
a speaker and/or present the lesson to another
group or organization. Attend meetings of local
government agencies to advocate for e-waste
recycling. Write a letter to the editor promoting
e-waste recycling
“Is There a Move in your Future?”
Written by Faye Spencer, KAFCE State VP
►Do you want to go? Or do you want stay? Most
people would rather remain in their homes as long
as possible. But there may be time when new
living accommodations must be considered for a
variety of reasons.
EDUCATIONAL GOALS: Understanding the
motivations to sell or not to sell. Identify home
components for preventive maintenance and
preparation to sell. Identify the process of selling
a home.
Provide educational sessions to the general
public who might be considering selling their
home. Invite guest speakers from real estate
agencies, financial institutions and/or residential
real estate attorneys.
“What is Chronic Pain?”
Written by Edith McClain, KAFCE State EPC
► How many times have you said, “Oh, my
aching back,” With chronic pain, signals of pain
remain active in the nervous system for weeks,
months, or even years. This can take both a physical
and emotional toll on a person. This lesson is
intended to assist individuals with the understanding
of chronic pain and assist with the management of
that pain.
Learn how to identify chronic pain. Learn the
difference between chronic pain and acute pain.
Learn how to talk with your doctor about treatment
Host a panel discussion including physicians,
physical therapist, and/or dietician. This would be
considered an Anti-pain Team. Set up a display
booth at Health and County Fairs. Create a brochure
on the tips and tools for living with chronic pain.
Write news articles on this subject. Share lesson
materials with others and then lead them to share
Responsibility” CHARACTER COUNTS!
Essay and Artwork Contest►.Responsibility requires a person to recognize that
they are morally responsible for the action/decisions
(or lack of) and the consequences.
 EDUCATIONAL GOALS: Learn that there are
four parts of responsibility-duty, accountability,
perseverance, and self control. Learn that one
can choose how to deal with life issues.
Present and encourage 4th graders to participate
in Essay and Art contest. Encourage
organizations to support and incorporate
character building activities.