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International Montessori Training Institute: Theory Lectures for AMI Schools
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This is a tentative schedule of theory lectures for 2015-2016.
Please call to confirm time and date.
(Most lectures are scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m.)
September 10:
September 11:
September 15:
September 15:
September 16:
September 30:
October 1:
October 1:
October 14:
December 1:
December 4:
December 8:
December 14:
December 17:
January 12:
January 25:
February 19:
Human Tendencies
4 Planes of Development
Absorbent Mind
The Prepared Environment
Introduction to Practical Life
The Prepared Adult
Sensitive Periods
Introduction to Sensorial Area
Introduction to Language I (Spoken)
Introduction to Language II (Writing)
Freedom and Discipline
Introduction to Language III (Reading)
Introduction to Art
Deviations and Normalization
Introduction to Mathematics
Social Development
 $350.00 enclosed for entire series of 15 lectures (a savings of $25.00)
$25 x _____ number of sessions: $ _____________
Please note that all 3 parts of Language are one lecture price.
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