Topics to Cover Today! - Rock Hill School District

Topics to Cover Today!
A Review of Co-Teaching Basics
Roles and Responsibilities
Instructional Arrangements
Getting Organized: Team Processes
Why are we doing this?
The Short Course
GenEd: What would you like most from a special education coteacher”?
SpEd and Admin.: What skills, abilities, and resources do you
have to offer?
There’s More Than One Way To Do Inclusion!
Collaborative Planning
Systems of Information Sharing and
Resource/Pull out Support
Coaching and Modeling
Staff development
Peer tutoring/buddy system
Cooperative Learning
Student Improvement Teams
Instructional Assistants
Accommodations and Modification
Differentiated Instruction
Models of Student Support Service Delivery
Consultation - Student support services personnel provide indirect, out-of-class
support to general classroom staff or students.
Supported Instruction - Student support services personnel provide direct in-class
support to students as they participate in the general education classroom. The special
educator assists the general classroom teacher who assumes the lead in planning and
Co-Taught Classroom - Student support services personnel provide direct in-class
support to students as they participate in the general education classroom. Both teacher
share equally in the planning, delivery of instruction, and assessment of student learning.
Pull-out - Student support services personnel provide direct instruction, support or
modifications to student with special needs outside the general classroom, in a different
instructional space – typically a special classroom.
W. Fetner Dover, 2006
What Is The Difference Between
Co-teaching and Supported Instruction?
Certified teachers or therapists only
Both teachers plan together
o Regular, scheduled time
o Both teachers come prepared
o Format for planning
Instruction is shared
Both teachers are actively engaged
throughout instructional and class time
Use of a variety of definable instructional
More of an equal partnership
Supported Instruction
May be 2 certified teachers/ therapists OR
a certified teacher/ therapist and an
Less planning or ongoing communication may
be evident
One teacher is obviously in an assisting role
General education has primary responsibility
for all instruction and direction
Teach and Support/Assist is prevailing
instructional arrangement
Less of an equal partnership
Co-Teaching At Our School
Co-teaching is
Key Components
(Friend & Cook, 2000)
Planning and delivering instruction
Through a blend of direct and indirect
support and services
In a subject content area
To students with diverse needs
Primarily in a single general classroom
Co-teaching SHOULD BE:
of Successful Co-Teaching
Defined roles and responsibilities
Varied instructional arrangements
Starting with a plan and commitment to
ongoing co-planning
Formal information sharing
Administrative understanding and support
Appropriate levels of modification
Co-teaching SHOULD NOT BE:
Be sure to review these guidelines every semester!
W. Dover Balough, 2012
W. Dover Balough, 2012