Born Without a Chance Every child is not born into a family with a

Born Without a Chance
Every child is not born into a family with a mom, dad and a perfect lifestyle. Not only do
many believe that this occurs to every American but they believe it happens with no trouble.
Many strive to live the “The American Dream”, but this can be difficult to achieve, “The term
‘American dream’ is used in many ways, but it essentially is an idea that suggests that anyone in
the US can succeed through hard work and has the potential to lead a happy, successful life”
(Smith par. 1). This idea was not reflected upon those who are born into a family, who are trying
to survive without a home, and have strived for this dream, but it was never accomplished.
Homelessness is a subject where the majority of people believe needs to be focused on
more because of the consequences it has on our country. According to a study by the Department
of Housing and Urban Development, of the 1.6 million people who stayed in a homeless shelter
about 30% of them were families with children (Alcantara par. 1). Children are the main concern
for those who are living in homeless shelters or other private organizations. The future is in those
children’s hands and if they live in shelters their whole life with no education then they have no
possible way of making it through the real world. It is not right for the children of homeless
parents to live a lifestyle in which they were born into it and have no way out, unless there is
help from others.
In order for America to have a positive future, our government needs to step in to make a
difference in the lives of others. Specifically for homeless children, there are many different
situations when it comes to homelessness. Some are born into a family without a home, some
become homeless over the years, and some are born into a family in which they have been
abandoned which resulted in homeless. Regardless of the situation, an immense amount of
children are living in homeless shelters, and it is morally not right to sit back and watch these
kids not have a successful future. These children have no control over their future because they
were born into this lifestyle, not having any idea what is in store for their life. Our President
needs to set up programs to help these children have a proper education so that they can make a
difference in our future. There needs to be certain facilities where children in need can go to get
proper help with their living situation, education, and health. Not only do they need an education
but they need opportunities in life that they would never receive if they lived in a homeless
shelter. These children desperately need a chance at life because if not then they will end up like
their parents in homeless shelters, having children that will also not have a chance at life.
There is always a way to prevent something to happen, and the only way that can be done
is from the help of others. The whole cause of homeless children are the parents not being
successful in life and then bringing children into the world that have no option but to do the
same. If the government were to help the parents in need in the first place, then there will be no
problem for their children in the future. The most ethical way to help out children in need would
be to give them a bright future and let them know that with some help they can change their own
The littlest of things can make a biggest difference in one’s life. Someone who does not
have a home and does not have any money needs a person to step in and help them. There are
many organizations at my school that I can be a part of to help homeless people, anywhere from
giving food to homeless shelters to just spending time with kids in need. Shedding light on less
fortunate kids can make a huge difference in their life, giving them a look at a positive future if
they really work for it. To me, this is the right thing to do because these children were born into a
homeless family and had no control over that, and now have to live the lifestyle that their parents
chose to live. At such a young age children cannot change their future, but they need to know
that in time they can chose to do anything with their life if they set their mind to do so.
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