Impact of urban growth on late 19th century industrialization/impact

Impact of urban growth on late 19th century industrialization/impact of mass
transit/public health regulations
Immigration in 1880’s – from?/family focus of/ religious focus/Padrone/ ghetto’s and
African Americans/ Black churches/ Chinese Exclusion Act/ Geary Act of 1892/
Women in late 1800’s/ economics/their rights/ black women & reform/
Urban Poverty/ view of by middle and upper class/poverty and the environment/
City government in late 19th century/ characteristics of/ political machines – structure and
goals and survival of/political bosses/
City engineers/ clean water/
Urban reform and efficiency/ Settlement Workers – Jane Addams/ Jane Hunter/ City
Beautiful movement/
Impact on Birthrate of wage-based urban economy/age and peer consciousness
Leisure time and activities/ baseball/ women and sports/ Vaudeville/Birth of a Nation /
politics and recreation
Yellow Journalism
Politics in the Gilded Age/ distribution of political allegiances/ Mugwumps/ Waving the
Bloody Shirt/
Pendleton Civil Service Act/
Railroads and rates/ Munn v Illinois/ Wabash Case/
Coinage of Silver and motivation of/ Farmers and money in circulation/Sherman Silver
Purchase Act of 1890/ Bland-Allison Act/
Rutherford B. Hayes and national harmony
Chester A. Arthur – Civil Service Reform
Grover Cleveland – tariff reform/& Sherman Siler Purchase Act/Election of 1888/Terms
in office
Benjamin Harrison, and the election of 1888
A Red Record by Ida Wells/
Poll Taxes/
Plessy v Ferguson and Cummins v. County Board of Education/ Separate but equal/ Jim
Crow laws/
Women’s Suffrage/ Women’s Suffrage Amendment/ opposition to/
Crop Lien System/
The Grange/
Populist Party/ the coinage of silver/ William Jennings Bryan and principle issues/failure
Depression of 1893 – causes and effects
Eugene V. Debs – who, why, and what