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Topic Test - example
Practical English-Integrated Skills
Year I
Illustrate the meaning of the following phrases and collocations in the context.
1) To be densely populated
2) To live in close proximity to sth/sbd.
3) At the summit of sth.
4) To be half-way between sth. and sth. else
5) To be heavily forested
6) A remote and unspoiled place
7) To be located on the edge of sth.
8) As the crow flies
9) To describe sth. as different from sth. else
10) To post messages
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Give the words which usually go with the following expressions: e.g. RUN a temperature.
1. Would you ever consider _____________ cosmetic surgery?
2. Artists _________________ copyright on their songs, so you are stealing from them.
3. Some musicians have to ________________ a fortune on things like record companies or managers.
4. The main thing is to put money into making sure you have a decent _______________ transport system.
5. Statistics __________________ that good-looking people earn 10-15% more than plain-looking people
in the same job.
6. Some people want to have cosmetic surgery to _________________ their appearance. They want to look
7. I’m in favour of _______________ smoking in all public places.
8. ________________ smoking can be very bad for you especially when you spend most of your free time
in public places.
9. Thousands of people watch films which involve violence, but only a few people ____________________
10. If this town is anything to go by, it looks as if Red Nose Day is set to ________________ all records
this year.
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Fill in the blanks with only one word
“(Extra) ordinary Things”
I was very anxious and I think animals can sense it when you are nervous and worried. It was OK when we
were going 1) _________ a walk, but then we went faster and I found it difficult to stay 2) _________ .
Actually, I was extremely relieved when the lesson finished and I could get 3) _________ .
My experience was different. I was really thrilled. It is a fascinating experience to see how different people
behave when they get in front 4) _________ the microphone.
I got really annoyed and frustrated because I couldn’t make it straight. Eventually, I put the books 5)
_________ the shelf and it looked great. I felt really satisfied because it was the first time I had ever put 6)
_________ the shelf on my own.
I was really impressed 7) _________ how quickly most people learnt the steps, but I was useless. I felt
embarrassed because I kept treading 8) _________ her toes. She was very patient, but you could 9)
_________ she was getting annoyed. So it was a bit 10) _________ a disaster.
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