Building the resource saving type, environmental friendship type


Building the resource saving type, environmental friendship type societ


Living Green, Start Now !

A lifestyle revolution

The visiting of Singapore and Australia impresses me a lot in how can people get along with the environment harmoniously.

I’ll never forget the beautiful Singapore. The city is just like a garden. And I always remember the voluntary team composed by local residents in Australia. They protect their forest and other natural resources conscientiously. In my opinion, building the resource saving type, environmental friendship type society needs everyone’s effort. Everyone should join and enjoy in it.

Everyone is important


, here is my proposal:

Living green, start now!

It’s a lifestyle revolution.

Change your lifestyle and become to live a green life.

Influence your family, your friends

your community


The “front line” of this revolution——Community Activities

As a member of the Student’s Legal Aid Center of East

China University of Politics and Law, I have plenty of community service experiences. I really think the community is a great platform to promote activities of environmental protection.

Community is the place where people live, the closest place to people’s life, the best place “living green” to start. It’s the

“front line” of this revolution. Through various community activities, residents will begin to experience living green.

Community activities include:

Community Promotion:

Tell residents what is right method of environmental protection and how to make environmental protection performance in their own life.

Community Announcement Board:

Through the community announcement board, we can share the latest information of environmental protection and environmental activities.

Community Environmental Activity

: To promote “Living

Green” through different theme activities.

Multi-dimensional service:

The different backgrounds of volunteers enable us to provide multi-dimensional service in the community, like legal aid, volunteering training.

Example: “Are you living green?” Promotion

Community Promotion:

The presentation of “how to practice green living”

We insist: It’s an honor to save resource. It’s fashionable to protect our environment.

How to distribute different rubbish?

Select the energy-conserving product.

Take your own shopping bag while shopping.


Explanation of environmental knowledge

Introduce the latest environmental information, analyze the potential environmental crisis, the measure we should take to keep the problem from getting worse.

Everyone should treasure the natural resources and use it wisely.

Promote good habits in our life

Arrange theatrical performance to show correct green habits.

Games of environmental knowledge

The competition of rubbish distribution

Community Announcement Board :

Tips of living green, such as tips to save water and energy.

Introduce every commemorative day about environmental protection.

Community Environmental Activity


Set “Green Box” in community to collect batteries

Donation staffs to the poor

The “brain trust” of this revolution——Research of Living


Scientific Research

To promote the concept of living green needs not only our enthusiasm, but also the scientific guidance. A sizable proportion in the voluntary teams of environmental protection is composed by university students.

They have plentiful enthusiasm and certain theoretical level to do the scientific research. They also can get the specialized guidance from their professors.

Community activity founds a solid foundation for scientific research. It offers a lot of firsthand materials and is also great reference and research object. We can carry on research on different topics about living green regularly and release the research results to government, related departments, and citizens.

Lectures in living green and volunteering training

We can invite famous professors to give lectures in “living green” in order to motivate the environmental awareness of the public. Welcome everyone to be our volunteer, and take part in the regular volunteering training.

The “United Front” of this revolution——Cooperation with the Government

As a law school student, I would like to inject more rational factors into this revolution. The promotion of living green not merely needs folk strength but also needs support from the government. In fact, the government should be part of it.

The main reason of Singapore’s success is their complete environmental legislation which has stipulated the clear standard to all kinds of waste disposal. Every engineering construction, industrial and commercial activity and daily life should abide by the law. Their public health education and severe law enforcement also contribute a lot to environmental protections.

You can often fine the notice of "Littering will be fined 1000 Singapore dollars" in Singapore. The violator will also be called and served as a negative example by the related departments. They are asked to

sweep the street in

public with clothes of “the rubbish worm”. All these effective measures can’t work without support and assistance from the government.

While encouraging folk strength to be put into promoting the concept of “Living Green”, we should also seek the cooperation of the government. We can reflect scientific findings to them in order to influence their policies and regulations. We can also propose the government to be “Green Office”. With the support and assistance from the government, there is no doubt that we will inject strong strength into implementation of “Living


That’s my proposal to take part in building the resource saving type, environmental friendship type society. This is a lifestyle revolution. This is a green revolution. Everybody can be the hero of this revolution. I hope that everyone can try to live a green life

Everyone can have a green dream. Just like what Dr. Jane

Goodall said: Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. Only if we help shall all be saved !

East China University of Politics and Law Wang shihua