September 16, 2008 - Harrison County Schools

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Liberty High School
Principal Pamela A. Knight
Assistant Principal Millie L. Swiger
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Brad A. Fittro
One Mountaineer Drive
Clarksburg, WV 26301
(304) 326-7470
(304) 623-3159 (fax)
OUR MISSION: Liberty High School perseveres as a bond among students, parents, staff,
and community to prepare students to lead a productive, peaceful, and purposeful life
Liberty High School Athletic Department
Athlete/Parent Contract
must have prior permission from the coach or a note from
The development of a well-rounded student is a major goal of all
a teacher to be excused. Students are expected to be in
educational institutions. At Liberty high School we encourage all
school on time, however, if a student must be late with an
students to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities to
acceptable excuse they must be in school by 11:00 a.m. in
promote positive school spirit and foster student responsibility.
order to participate in games, practices, etc. Remember
Participation in extra-curricular activities at Liberty High School is a
once you become a member of an athletic team, you made
privilege, not a basic right of all students. The school has the
a commitment for the season.
authority to revoke this privilege. Certain rules have been
o Acceptable Excuses: Sickness, Funerals,
established for all students who have become involved in the
Emergency Appointments, Religious
extracurricular program. This contract sets forth our expectations.
Obligations, College Visitations, Exams or other
Extra Academic Help.
o It is the responsibility of the athlete to inform the
All students must have a signed Physical and
coach in advance prior to missing a practice or a
Athlete/Parent Contract on file in the Athletic Office in
game. It should be noted that the Athletic
order to participate in extracurricular activities.
Department realizes that unusual situations may
All students must have and maintain a 2.0 GPA to be
arise, but communication is the key to
eligible to participate.
understanding the circumstances.
All injuries are to be reported immediately to your Coach
Try-out periods vary for each sport, but usually
and/or Athletic Trainer and if the coach or athletic trainer
last only a few days. The coach will inform the
deem it necessary a referral to appropriate medical
student athletes and parents of their sport
personnel or services.
specific requirements.
Team members must be present and on time for all
scheduled practice sessions and games. Any athlete who is
present in school but absent or late to the athletic activity
o Missing a day of try-outs may affect the students
chance of making a team.
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If a student athlete quits a team their equipment must be
all times must present themselves in a positive and
performance. Should a student athlete ask a coach for re-
sportsmanlike manner. All athletes, spectators and
instatement and the coach allows the athlete to return
coaches must show proper respect for teachers, staff,
after 48 hours, then the athlete must complete the
opposing teams, their coaches and officials alike.
expected number of practices as per WVSSAC policy as if
Everything that is said and/or done should be consistent
it is the beginning of the season to be eligible to
with six core ethical values comprising good character:
Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring,
If a student athlete is absent from school or in ISS, they
and Citizenship.
West Virginia Department of Education will not tolerate
event it is required all athletes and coaches will ride the
hazing of any kind to our student athletes. Students who
provided transportation to and from the contest. If a
disregard this rule are subject to suspension and/or
coach gives permission for a student athlete to be
expulsion from their team, as well as appropriate school
dismissed to their parent only to ride home from a contest
consequences set forth by the administration.
in writing from the parent to take their student.
All participants are financially responsible for all
equipment in reasonable condition will result in payment
Athletes and coaches alike are expected to win or lose
graciously and congratulate opponents after the game.
equipment checked out to them. Failure to return
Liberty High School, Harrison County Schools and the
If transportation is provided for the team to an athletic
then that is a coach’s decision. The coach must have a note
Athletes are representatives of Liberty High School and at
returned within 48 hours of the last practice or
may not participate in practice or game that day.
Athletes will not leave the bench or in any way get involved
in a fight or altercation between opposing teams or fans.
Student Athletes must be positive role models to all other
for the damaged/lost equipment.
students whether at Liberty High School or at visiting
It is the responsibility of the coach to decide which
student/athletes will participate and at which level of play,
Student Athletes are to adhere to additional rules
as well as the amount of playing time that the student will
established by the respective coaches that encompass the
have. Questions regarding this area will be addressed
expectations of this document as well as the sports specific
directly to the coach in a mutually acceptable timeframe
contract that will be established by the coach of their sport
and in an appropriate, professional manner. Parents are
and their specific requirements
asked to not approach coaches during or after any practice
Student Athletes are not to engage in any behavior inside
or team competition. To meet with a coach please schedule
or outside of school that is illegal or an embarrassment to
an appointment first by contacting the coach; if
the team/school.
unsuccessful, contact the Athletic Office at 304-326-7481.
Athletes are responsible for completing any and all school
work missed due to early releases, athletic events or other
athletic requirement or activity.
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An Athlete receiving disciplinary action according to
county, state and school policies is subject to suspension
from contests or depending on the severity of the
infraction possible removal from the team at the discretion
of the coach and/or administration.
Student Athletes will be automatically eliminated from a
team if they violate any Level III or Level IV policy
according to local and state discipline guidelines
(including, but not limited to: drugs, alcohol, weapons,
Student Athletes and Parents will refrain from using Social
Media Networks to say anything derogatory against
coaches, administrators, officials and other students and
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Liberty High School
One Mountaineer Drive
Clarksburg, WV 26301
(304) 326-7470
(304) 623-3159 (fax)
Principal Pamela A. Knight
Assistant Principal Millie L. Swiger
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Brad A. Fittro
OUR MISSION: Liberty High School perseveres as a bond among students, parents, staff,
and community to prepare students to lead a productive, peaceful, and purposeful life
To The Parent/Guardian and Student Athlete:
I have received, read and understand the Liberty High School Athlete/Parent
I/We also understand that if these policies are not upheld that my student athlete
may be suspended or dismissed from the team or possibly prohibited.
Also, I/We understand that the coach may enforce other rules and policies in
addition to the ones on the preceding page.
Student Printed Name:_____________________________________________________
Student Signature:_________________________________________________________
Parent Printed Name:______________________________________________________
Parent Signature:__________________________________________________________
*Coach will be responsible for submitting signed contracts to the Athletic Office and
then the Athletic Office will return a copy to keep at home and for the coach to keep
on file.