Curriculum vitae

CV- Nina Heiberg
Curriculum vitae
Dr. Nina Heiberg
Seberg 20, N-6863 Leikanger, Norway
Occupation: Assistant Scientific director at the The Norwegian Crop
Research Institute.
Planteforsk Njøs, Post Box: 42, N-5842 Leikanger
Home: 47 57 65 32 04
Work: 47 57 65 60 65
Work 47 57 65 60 61
Date of birth: 1955
Nationality: Norwegian
Dr. scient (Ph.D.) in Agriculture. Main topic: Fruit production.
Supporting topics: Statistics and biochemistry. Title of thesis: A study
of quality properties, yield components, bud dormancy and root
developement in black currants (Ribes nigrum L.).
University Graduate with Diploma in Horticulture (Cand. Agric),
Norwegian University of Agriculture, Ås.
Agricultural school, Vefsn landbruksskole, Norway
General Certificate of Education (A-level), Sogndal Gymnas, Sogndal.
Up grading courses:
Scholarship from NORFA for one year as guest scientist at The Royal
Veterinary and Agricultural University of Denmark, Dept. of Plant
Biology, Plant pathology Section, working with Biological control of
Plant diseases. 1.8.1993-30.6.1994 and 23.10-12.11.1994.
CV- Nina Heiberg
Nordic graduate course in Plant pathology "Biocontrol of plant
pathogens". Forestry Centre in Honne, Norway 17.-24. March.
Laboratory course for Ph.D. students in Plant pathology, The
Norwegian Institute of crop Protection, Ås. (1 month).
Nordic graduate course in fruit crops at Alnarp, Sweden. Feb.27 Mar.2.
01.05.96-31.05 .99
Assistant scientific director in The Norwegian Crop Research Institute
and senior scientist at Ullensvang research Centre div. Njøs,
responsible for soft fruit research.
Senior Scientist (professor) at Ullensvang Research Centre, div. Njøs,
responsible for soft fruit research.
Research officer at Ullensvang Research Centre, div. Njøs,
Research officer, responsible for a project financied by Agricultural
Research Council of Norway about Phytophthora problems and crop
research in raspberries.
Executive officer at Ullensvang Research Centre, div. Njøs and
engagement as Research officer in project from Agricultural Research
Council of Norway about Phytophthora problems in raspberries.
Research assistant at Dept of Horticulture, NLH, Ås.
Graduate Scholarship from Agricultural Research Council of Norway,
working at Dept of Horticulture, The Norwegian Agricultural
University (NLH), Ås.
Horticultural advicer in Luster County, Norway.
Research technician at Vågønes Research Station.
International activities
2004 8th International Symposium on Vaccinium Culture, Portugal/ Spain 5.-9. May,
presenting paper “. Effect of growth media on highbush blueberry plants grown in pots
2003 Study tour to The Netherlands and Belgium, supervisor for a farmer group
studying blackberry and raspberry production 01-03 April
2002 Member of Cost 836 WG6 (cane and bush fruit). Meetings in Dublin, Ireland 2002,
Graz, Austria, and Lisboa, Portugal 2001, presenting papers from raspberry research in
2001 8th International Rubus and Ribes symposium, Dundee, UK, 9-11 july, presenting paper
“Effect of vegetation control and nitrogen fertilization in red raspberry”.
1998 Seventh International Rubus-Ribes symposium, Australia and New Zealand. 4.-19.
January. Presenting paper: “Effects of raised beds, black soil mulch and
oxadixyl on root rot (Phytophthora fragariae var. rubi) in red raspberry”.
1997 Lectures at a one day course about raspberry growing in Hallstad, Sweden 3.March.
1997 Study tour to Mexico, including visit to CIMMYT in El Batan and Obregon.
18.- 29. March.
1997 Course supervisor for one week course ‘Management of Plant Genetic Resources’ in
Norway, for SADEC students visiting Norway. Lectures about «Production and
maintenance of disease and virusfree plant material».
CV Nina Heiberg
1997 Study tour to The Netherland and Belgium, supervisor for a farmer group
studying blackberry production, 22.-26. October.
1996. Study tour to Holland, glasshouse production of raspberries. 4-9. juni.
1996 Study tour to Thailand og Laos. Including visits to Kasetsar University, Asian
Institute of Technology and Pachong Research Station in Thailand, Ministry of
Agriculture and Forestry; Vientianne and Thong Khang Research Station,
Luang Prabang in Laos.30. June-14. July.
1995 NJF-seminarium nr 254: Integrated production of fruit and berries.Mariehamn,
Åland, Finland. 20.- 23. august. Presenting paper: «Integrated growing system
in raspberries including growing on black plastic mulches and fertigation».
1993 Study tour to Tonga including visit to Vaini Research Station and Quarantene Station.
129. Dec. 1992-18. Jan. 1993.
1992 Study tour to Thailand, including visit to Kasetsar University, Bangkok, Angkhang
Research Station, North Thailand, Chiang Mai Research Station, Chiang Mai, incl. a
lecture with title: «Fruit production and Fruit Science in Norway». 13.-27 Oct.
1992 2nd International Strawberry Symposium, Baltimore, USA. Sept.13-20.
1991 EFPP/IOBC Workshop; "New approaches in biological control of soil-borne
diseases", presenting paper. Copenhagen, Denmark. June 30 - July 4.
1991 IVth. International Trichoderma and Gliocladium Workshop. Beligrate, Italy. July 1721.
1986 British Council Course "Recent advances in fruit science and technology, Kent, UK
April 6-18.
1985 Secretary for 4th Int. Ribes & Rubus Symposium, ISHS, Scandinavia, July 28 - Aug.3,
Participating, presenting paper.
1980 Period of residence for studying at Scottish Crop Research Institute, UK. Feb.14 Apr.14.
1994. Member of censor comittee for evaluating Ph.D thesis at The Royal Veterinary and
Agricultural University of Denmark, Dept. of Plant Biology.
1998 Member of censor comittee for evaluating Ph.D thesis Agricultural University of
Norway, Dept. of Food Science
1999 External examiner in food technology courses at The Norwegian Agricultural
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CV Nina Heiberg
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CV Nina Heiberg